Fate’s Little Feral Consort Chapter 74

Chapter 74 Drama

Nanny Jia rushed out holding her head. In the hall, Hua Mei was surprised at what had happened. She remembered that Nanny Jia was fine before consuming the bowl of porridge.Was there something wrong with that bowl of porridge?

Hua Meis face became pale as she pointed at the broken bowl on the ground.

"Young miss, was there something wrong with this bowl of porridge?"

Yun Qianyu nodded and said slowly, "Yes, the porridge was poisoned."

"Who would do this? Im going to tell the Marquis, and ask him to investigate."

Yun Qianyu raised her eyebrows and glared at Hua Mei. Immediately, Hua Mei recalled that Marquis Yun Lei would be the first person that would want to kill the young miss.

Still angry at the fact, Hua Mei vented, "Who would hate young miss so much, to go to the extent of poisoning young miss."

After saying that Hua Mei widened her eyes and realized something.

"Its the second young miss. It must be her. Shes good at medicine and a disciple under the Ling Yun Sect. This poison must have come from her."

"Even if you know its from her, who are you going to report it to?"

Yun Qianyu took a small piece of cake and tasted it. She then said to Hua Mei, "dont be angry. What we have received will be returned soon."

"Pour me a glass of water, well just eat whats alright."

"Yes, young miss."

Hua Mei did not say a word more and got Yun Qianyu a cup of water.

After eating a few pieces of cake, Yun Qianyu felt full and motioned for Hua Mei to eat. Yun Qianyu walked out of the hall and took a walk in the yard.

Since the incident with Nanny Jia, the servants there did not dare to show any disrespect to Yun Qianyu any more. They were all extremely polite toward her.

While walking, Yun Qianyu thought about how to get the Essence Cleansing pill as soon as possible. Although Lord Phoenix said that there would be such an elixir pill in the Phoenix Ring, she would need to save a lot of people in order to get it. Even if she wanted to, how could she save so many people in a short amount of time?

It seemed only logical for her to find another way of getting the Essence Cleansing pill.

She needed to be strong as soon as possible and not rely on Xiao Jiuyuan to protect herself.

That was because after finding out who killed his fiances, he would surely cancel the marriage. By then who would Yun Qianyu ask for protection?

As Yun Qianyu thought about her bleak situation, a thought suddenly came to her mind; Xuantian Auction House.

This place auctioned things once a month. Many of the items they auctioned were treasures, such as spirit crystals, spirit weapons, and other items. Of course, they also auctioned all sorts of elixir pills and elixir recipes.

Every time the auction house opened, a large number of people would go to auction.

Although the Essence Cleansing pill was precious, it was not unique; the pill had been auctioned there a few times. Yun Qianyu thought maybe she could go and have a look,maybe I could get the pill there.

She did not dare to go to places like the Xuantian Auction House before, but now it was different. Having 500 thousand silver certificates from the Xuan Prince, but also the dowry, Yun Qianyu was now in a better position to do things.

Not only could she auction for the Essence Cleansing pill, but she could also get some other things as well.

Yun Qianyu felt relieved after thinking about the possibilities she had now.

Thinking about her weak body, Yun Qianyu suddenly felt the urge to exercise. She jogged, practiced boxing and kicking. Hua Mei came to see her once but walked away quietly without disturbing her.

Seeing that it was nearly noon, she stopped and wiped her sweat with a handkerchief. As she was about to return, a number of guards came toward her. In the blink of an eye, the guards had surrounded her. The head of the guard was Wei Zicheng, the lead guard in Eternal Peace Marquiss Residence

Wei Zicheng shook the blade in his hand once then yelled out, "Young miss, please come with us! The old madam and the Marquis are waiting for you in the main hall!"

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