Finding Stardust Chapter 35

31 The Princess That Was Promised

The six of them took a photo together using a tripod. All their faces were adorned with smiles, including Emma's. She really felt very happy lately. Her memories of her parents' have returned; she could also remember their looks, and even had their faces painted.

She also had a good friend in Haoran who was always kind to her and wanted to help her find her parents. Really, Emma was very grateful. Alex was delighted to see their photo and immediately showed it off to his friends. The Eiffel Tower in the background looked magnificent and wondrous.

"Hey ... someone is secretly taking our picture," Haoran whispered subtlely while glancing to the left. Emma followed the young man's gaze and saw a student from class F taking their photo quietly with her cellphone.

Haoran and his friends were quite famous in school. Although they had a bad reputation as troublemakers, girls actually liked them. Haoran, Alex, and Eric especially had a lot of female fans.

Emma snorted softly. She could have guessed that the girl would upload their photo on social media because Emma was looking close with the five troublemakers from class F. With a subtle wave of her hand, she threw the girl's phone with a sweep of strong wind.

"Aaaahhh !!! My phoooone!!!" The girl squeaked in surprise when her phone was carried by the strong wind and slammed to the ground hard.

She was hysterical as she picked up her phone from the ground. The girl immediately cried when she saw the screen was broken and it couldn't be turned on. Her friends gathered in surprise. The strong wind did not hit them. It only accidentally threw the cellphone from her hand.

Accidentally? Emma smiled faintly at their words. She glanced at Haoran and acted as if nothing had happened. The young man stared at her without blinking for a few seconds.

"Gosh ..." That's all he said. "You're so cool."

Emma pretended not to hear Haoran's words and sat on the grass and closed her eyes. She had spontaneously used her power to control the wind to damage the girl's phone because she didn't like to be secretly photographed.

Ah, she remembered... usually, after she used her power, a flash of memory would show up before her, and she would be able to see her parents again.

"Do you remember the radio tower at the academy, General Stardust?" asked Arreya, smiling at Kaoshin. "When I ran away from the academy, you were the only one who thought of looking for me there. Doesn't this tower remind you of that one?"

Kaoshin looked at the Eiffel Tower in front of them and nodded. "They do look quite similar."

"I really like that tower, because that's where I first learned that you loved me." Arreya seemed overcome by nostalgia for a few moments, and her eyes wandered far away. "It's the only thing I remember from Akkadia that always made me happy."

"That's when I let you read my mind ..." Kaoshin gave a faint smile and his eyes wandered far away too.

"You're the only person who knows that I'm a telemancer," Arreya said quietly. "I can't imagine how many more people would hate me at the academy if they knew it. I already had too many powers."

"It's partly also your fault, you didn't want to reveal your identity as a royal in the academy and let them think you're an ordinary person," commented Kaoshin. He squeezed his wife's shoulder gently. "They didn't dare to hate you after the Crown Prince came to visit at that time."

"Hmm ..." Arreya looked away. "I just didn't like it after my identity was announced. There were so many sycophants who tried to be kind to me just because I was the future wife of the crown prince."

"It's not just because of that. They all learned that you were The Princess That Was Promised. Of course, it's only natural for you to have so many powers," Kaoshin added.

"Ah ... I'm not The Princess That Was Promised," Arreya closed her eyes for a moment. When she opened her eyes again, she and Kaoshin simultaneously glanced at little Emma who was sitting on the grass while playing with an apple in her hand. Arreya's voice sounded choked as she continued her words. "What if the prophecy came true?"

"Then we will leave Emma to fate," said Kaoshin in a soft but firm voice. "We can only try."

"But her face looked devastated..." said Arreya again. "I cry whenever I think about her expression. I don't understand why she was so sad to see us."

The woman suddenly fell silent. She approached little Emma, who was now watching them with her beautiful topaz eyes.

"Emma ... don't be sad, Sweetheart..." said Arreya in a soft voice. She stroked little Emma's hair lovingly. "We're fine. You have to live well for us."
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Kaoshin approached little Emma and pulled the boy into his lap. "Your mother is right. We are okay. There is nothing else we want in this life except to see you grow up and be happy."

Emma opened her eyes as she felt the sun ray was blocked by something. She saw Haoran standing next to her, blocking the sun behind him.

"I have asked Madame Delaval's permission not to come back to the hotel with the group. We can stay here and talk. You said you wanted to come here to confirm something, right?" said the young man, sitting beside Emma. He was taller than the girl, and his position was still blocking the sunray from falling on Emma's face.

"Thank you," Emma nodded. "I really still want to be here."

Emma saw her school friends walk away from them to the bus that would take them back to the hotel. She also noticed how Nadya looked astonished and repeatedly glanced at her and Haoran.

"I've got a reply from Goose. She will look for information about your parents. It's free. We don't need to pay," Haoran said after making sure everyone they knew had left. There were only foreign tourists around them who were still having a picnic on the grassy field, enjoying the sunny weather and the romantic atmosphere.

"She's very kind," Emma felt touched. She did not expect to meet good people in this world. Considering how expensive Goose's rate was, she felt greatly indebted to the hacker. "Tell Goose ... if there is anything I can help her with ... I will do anything to repay her kindness."

"Don't worry. I've said that too," Haoran said with a shrug. "I finally insisted on paying her services in six years after I inherited Lee Industries. I will give her anything she ever wanted in life. But she still said no. Goose finally told me that she had lost her parents when she was little, so she understood how we felt. She said she would be angry if I still forced her to accept payment. "

"Is it true?" Emma was stunned by Haoran's explanation. "She's very strange to refuse money."

"Maybe she is already very rich," Haoran said. "You know how much she charges."

Emma finally could only nod. "All right. I trust her."

"After Goose gets the information about your parents, I will ask her to investigate the capsule they left behind on the moon. We will tell her that your parents are researchers who were investigating the capsule before they disappeared," Haoran said again. "I think that's the only way, so we don't need to tell Goose about your true identity."

"Oh, Haoran! That's a great idea ...!" exclaimed Emma happily. Her face was beaming. "You're so smart."

"Ahh .. you only realize now that I'm very smart?" Haoran teased Emma with a small laugh. "I feel offended."

"Ishh ... you!" Emma grumbled. She changed her position so she could observe the Eiffel Tower more clearly. "I already know why my mother liked this tower so much."

"Why is that?" Haoran asked attentively.

"Because ..." Emma smiled faintly as she continued. "My father confessed to her on a tower that looked like this."

"Ahh ..." Haoran followed her eyes and looked at the Eiffel Tower with a smiling face. "That's very romantic."

"They harbored forbidden love for a very long time. My mother was a princess who was arranged to marry the crown prince. From what I heard, my mother kept her identity a secret when she entered the academy, where she met my father. She said, many people hated her because she had too many powers. They only found out who she really was when the crown prince came to the academy to see her. By then, my mother had already fallen in love with my father. " Emma told about her parents to Haoran, based on the conclusions she had withdrawn after listening to her parents' conversations.

"Wow ..." Haoran's eyes widened in surprise. He did not think the story about Emma's parents was that interesting. "Then what about your father?"

"They kept their love a secret by keeping a very formal attitude towards each other for a very long time. Finally, they eloped and came here." Emma's voice then filled with sorrow. "They talked several times about the Crown Prince, that he would not spare me ... That's why they deliberately left me and locked my memories."

"Do you think ... the crown prince chased your parents all the way here?" Haoran asked cautiously.

Now he could guess that this was indeed the case. That's why Emma was left alone at the orphanage. Maybe Emma's parents hoped that their daughter would be hidden forever and grow up as an ordinary child on earth.

"That's what I'm afraid of ..." Emma sighed softly. She was terrified that her parents were caught and brought back to Akkadia.
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