Fishing The Myriad Heavens Chapter 530

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Chi Lin followed behind Shui Yuntian. His face was completely devoid of emotion, just like a block of ice.

As they reached the exit of the cave, Chi Lin suddenly asked, “Master, we don’t have to care about that man and that beast anymore?”

His voice was strange, like metal grinding against metal.

“Forget it. Originally, I was quite interested in them since they were great talents. But then, I realized that I was mistaken.” Shui Yuntian allowed the clothes on his body to flutter gently in the wind as he spoke in a light voice.

Chi Lin did not say anything, only looking at Shui Yuntian with confusion.

“There are countless talents in the world, but how many can truly grow to achieve their true potential? Take yourself for example. If you hadn’t been invaded by the Red Phosphorus Powder, how would you know the expanse of your talent?”

Shui Yuntian sighed, and continued, “Previously, I had the intention of roping the two of them in to work for me. However, I only had enough resources to groom one of them. Although my family is strong, the struggle for resources is greater. Without sufficient resources, even the so-called geniuses will just be a little stronger than normal people. I may as well focus those resources on you rather than splitting them into three shares.

“You may be evenly matched with that rabbit now, but the next time you meet, it will be the difference between Heaven and Earth.” Shui Yuntian stopped, and did not speak anymore. With a flash of his body, he kicked out lightly against a tree branch and disappeared from view.

Chi Lin did not ask any further, and followed after him without a word.

Bei Feng and the others followed the path, travelling for a total of five days before reaching the exit of the valley.

“We greet the family head!”

Before Bei Feng and the rest exited the valley, two shadows had already arrived before them, bowing respectfully.

“En. Looks like the few of you haven’t slacked off in this few days.”

Bei Feng pulled Gu Qi back. When the two of them had appeared so suddenly, Gu Qi had nearly attacked them by mistake. After looking at them for a moment, Bei Feng was pleased to find that the two of them had already broken through to the Hundred Year realm Fourth Layer.

“This is all because of Vice Captain. However” one of the guards said hesitantly.

“Hm? What is it?” Bei Feng asked.

Gritting his teeth, the guard reported, “Vice Captain Lu Bing has been heavily wounded, and she hasn’t woken up yet.”

Bei Feng furrowed his brows lightly and waved his hand. “Lead the way.”

The ten of them were his most loyal subordinates. He didn’t wish to see anything bad happening to any one of them.

Bei Feng and the rest entered the gorge, arriving at a cave.

Lu Bing’s face was completely pale, and her Blood Qi energy had dipped to extreme levels. However, a peculiar aura could be felt in the cave.

“Family Head, Vice Captain fell unconscious, and hasn’t woken up ever since she saved us. The wounds on her body are clearly healed, but, somehow, her Blood Qi has been dipping steadily by the day, and even the large amount of spirit herbs we gave her was only useful in slowing down the process,” another person reported respectfully.

Bei Feng waved his hand, and said lightly, “I understand, you all can go out first.”


The other guards all left the stone chamber and waited outside.

By the side, Lu Bu asked hesitantly, “Family Head, Lu Bing’s condition seems as if she’d comprehended a Martial Dao Will that belongs to her?”

Bei Feng nodded and smiled. “Indeed. I felt this aura as soon as I entered this stone chamber. After seeing her, I’m now certain.”

“But even if Lu Bing has comprehended a Martial Dao Will, it shouldn’t be like this?” Lu Bu scratched his head with confusion. He’d also comprehended his own Martial Dao Will, the will of battle!

But it was precisely because he’d experienced it before that he felt that Lu Bing’s condition was somewhat peculiar. When he’d comprehended his Martial Dao Will, it was quite smooth and natural, without any accidents at all.

“It’s not the same. The Martial Dao Will you comprehended is only at Grade 0, its beginner stage. My Martial Dao Will is roughly around Grade 1, but the Martial Dao Will that Lu Bing has comprehended is at least Grade 2!” Bei Feng said with a serious expression.

Truthfully, Bei Feng also felt extremely shocked in this moment. Lu Bing had only just comprehended a Martial Dao Will, and it was already at Grade 2. Such a startling thing could not even be described with the words “well prepared”.

“Family Head, does that mean that because Lu Bing’s Martial Dao Will is far stronger than mine, her body will be suppressed by the Martial Dao Will before she can assert control over it And right now, her Blood Qi energy is insufficient to control such a powerful Martial Dao Will, which is why her Blood Qi energy is slowly being drained?” Lu Bu asked with a shocked face.

“Exactly. We just need to supply her with large amounts of natural treasures, and this powerful Martial Dao Will will bend to her will before long.”

Bei Feng felt like a man who’d picked up a precious treasure. Within a single bodyguard squad, two good seedlings like Lu Bu and Lu Bing actually appeared.

With a flick of his hand, a large amount of spirit herbs popped out from his spatial ring, and were infused into Lu Bings body.

Although Lu Bing’s current cultivation was only at the peak of the Hundred Year realm primary stage, the moment she comprehended and mastered this Grade 2 Martial Dao Will, killing Hundred Year realm experts would be as simple as cutting through some fruit!

At that time, her offensive strength would rise to the equivalent of half-step Thousand Year King realm, and could even be compared to that of the best among half-step Thousand Year King realm experts!

After issuing a series of instructions, Bei Feng did not alert anyone as he made his way to the lake.

Gangster rabbit Gu Qi guarded Bei Feng at the side, preventing anyone from barging in.

A golden yellow fishing rod suddenly appeared in Bei Feng’s hand, and he cast the line into the lake with a practiced movement.


Gu Qi looked at Bei Feng’s movements with shock and disbelief. When it saw the sudden appearance of the black vortex, its heart was immediately filled with fear. The sense of danger that the hole gave it was too terrifying!

Bei Feng did not have any intention to explain, but he did not prevent Gu Qi from looking. In this world, the only one he could trust was Gu Qi. Their closeness had already exceeded the boundaries of things like a spirit contract, and had reached a vastly higher level.


Somewhere in the Myriad Worlds, a gargantuan landmass rotated slowly in the blackness of the universe. Although it seemed to be moving incredibly slowly because of its size, it was actually moving at an astronomical speed every second!

This landmass was incomparably huge, and was shaped like a mountain peak. However, this ‘mountain peak’ was so massive that three suns rotated around it.

Countless strange beasts could be seen on the landmass, each emanating incredibly powerful auras. The claws and teeth of some of these beasts were metallic black, glinting coldly.

“Peng! Peng!”

A small giant over 10 zhang tall slowly appeared, leaving huge footprints through the forest with every step it took. The giant’s enormous body caused powerful booming sounds with every step, startling the birds around it.

This little giant looked rather similar to a human, however, it was just the outline, and wasn’t very distinct.

The little giant’s body was entirely black, just as if it’d been formed together with metal.


The little giant held a huge club in its hands, seemingly made out of the same material as its body. Deep within the forest, a fierce howl rang out, seemingly warning the little giant to stay away.


“Peng! Peng!”

The little giant was seemingly undeterred. Raising its head to the sky, it roared and beat its chest with its left arm, causing loud banging sounds to ring out, accompanied by bright sparks made by the impact!



Seeing that the intruder had not left despite a warning cry, the beast instantly grew enraged. Roaring loudly again, it charged in the direction of the little giant, smashing several tall trees in its path.

The little giant roared and threw its club away, smashing a huge pit in the ground. After that, it strode towards a boulder several tens of meters tall.


The little giant’s muscles flexed impressively as it plunged its fists easily into the boulder. With the giant’s loud roar, the huge boulder slowly rose from the ground!


The little giant lifted the boulder that was over twice its own weight with its bare hands. Without any hesitation, it chucked the boulder towards the fallen trees!


The huge boulder soared several li across the sky before smashing down fiercely in the forest, creating a loud boom!

The place where the huge boulder landed was akin to the crash site of a meteorite. Not a single blade of grass could be found still intact within a thousand meters of it, and the shards from the shattered boulder even pierced through the heaven-reaching trees around!


The unknown beast which hadn’t yet shown itself suddenly roared like thunder. All the birds and beasts in the area immediately fell silent, not daring to make a single sound. In the next moment, a dark ball-like thing about about 10 meters wide abruptly flew over!

The energy of the round ball was condensed to an extreme, and everywhere it passed, the trees would topple!


The little giant’s features were not clear, but from the sound of its roars, it seemed to be extremely excited!


In the next moment, it picked up the club and swung it ruthlessly towards the huge energy ball!

A terrifying explosion rang out, and everything in a thousand meters’ radius was instantly decimated. Wispy black energy constantly zapped around the area.


A black shadow descended from the sky, smashing heavily into the ground. Numerous shock waves spread out far into the distance.

“Bang, bang, bang!”

As the shock waves swept outwards, all the trees they came in contact with shuddered and exploded into pieces!

Splinters and shredded leaves swirled in the air, and an austere aura permeated the area.


The little giant only felt as if there were millions of mosquitoes buzzing around its head, causing its eyes to spin and grow dizzy.

In the instant that the little giant was stunned, a pitch-black metallic tail instantly appeared in front of it!

The black tail was as fast as lightning and as precise as a peak-level assassin, almost impossible to defend against!


A light sound rang out, and the black tail suddenly disappeared. In the next instant, a 50-something meters tall gigantic beast appeared within a thousand meters of the little giant. A jet black tail swished gently behind it.

Shockingly, the moment it missed an attack, it’d already retreated a thousand li away!

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