Forced To Date A Big Shot Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Face Slap

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Appease them?

Qin Shuang was stunned. How could she appease them? She had already said that curve-wreckers were simply invincible! Its just that if they could not do it themselves, they refused to believe that others could do it What else could she do?

Could she even force those people to believe her?

Qin Shuang did not want to trouble Xue Xi, so she replied straightforwardly: "Then revoke my qualifications."

When she first joined this competition, she knew that her popularity was not as good as the other partys and that she definitely did not stand a chance.

However, after sending this message, the in-charge replied: "Alright. The official rules state that you have to apologize to the fans and admit that you lied to them."

Qin Shuang clenched her jaw when she saw this and found it ridiculous. She replied: "I didnt lie to my fans. Why should I apologize?"

The person-in-charge said: "If you keep up this bad attitude and you refuse to cooperate with our platform, we will shut down your live-stream."

Qin Shuang frowned.

Ever since shed left the Qin family, she had been earning money through live-streaming.

Old Liu had asked her to apply for the Capital Film and Television Academy. She needed to look for professional teachers to mold her body and talents. Those classes cost more than a thousand per lesson.

She wanted to work hard for herself, so this live-stream was very important to her.

However, the person-in-charge was being too much of a bully.

Qin Shuang replied word by word: "Why would you shut down my live-stream?"

The person-in-charge said: "Your live-stream has been reported by many people. We need to investigate if you lied to your fans. During this period, you cant continue your live-stream."

She was a streamer with only a few thousand fans. Even if she had tens of thousands now, to their platform, she was just a small-time streamer that was not worth mentioning.

Qin Shuang was furious. "Then when can you investigate it?"

The person-in-charge replied: "We cant give you an accurate time. Wait for our assessment results."

After saying that, the in-charge went offline and ignored her.

Qin Shuang took a deep breath and hoped that the live-stream room would only be sealed for a day. It should be fine by tomorrow. The rest of the streamers on their app were all like this.

However, in the afternoon, Qin Shuang logged on to the platforms app. When she wanted to see if the live-stream room had been unsealed, she realized that there was a statement on the first page:

"Due to the fact that this platforms streamer, White Light, has put on a show, we have made investigations and apologize to the fans. We have already punished the streamer and will shut down the White Light live-stream permanently."

Qin Shuangs pupils constricted when she saw this news.

White Light was the name Cen Bais fans used. It was also the name she chose during her live-stream.

But didnt the in-charge say that he would investigate the reason?

Did they even check it?

Qin Shuang immediately private-messaged the person-in-charge, but the message she sent had already sunk into the sea and the other party did not reply. She had no other choice but to realize that a single persons strength was really puny.

At this moment, Xue Xi and Ye Li were already on their way to the art exhibition.

At noon, Uncle Li drove and picked her up with Ye Li. The two then found a place to have lunch. After eating, they headed to the art exhibitions address.

On the way.

Ye Li held Xue Xis hand. Afraid that her daughter would not be able to take the blow that was coming soon, she comforted her preemptively. "There are many cheats on the Internet nowadays, and there are even some who specifically cheat other peoples feelings for money. However, even if some are cheated, as long as they are otherwise fine, they do not become afraid. Its fine if they are cheated of some money."

Xue Xi: "Oh."

As she spoke, her phone vibrated.

Xue Xi lowered her head to pick it up and realized that it was a message sent by Painter. "Are you here yet?"

Xue Xi replied: "Five more minutes."

Painter: "Alright. You can come in just by having the code scanned."

Xue Xi: "Okay."

After replying, she lifted her head and saw Ye Li looking at her in a speechless manner. She tried her best to speak in a euphemistic tone, "So this is the one hiding their identity?"

Xue Xi nodded.

Ye Li sighed.

This persons name was "Painter." Would a secluded scholar call just anyone by this name?

Xixi was indeed cheated.

The two of them arrived at the entrance of the art exhibition and realized that there were people queuing outside. They walked over and were about to line up when they heard a voice beside them. "Yo, Sister-in-law, Xixi, you guys are here?"

It was actually Liu Yiqiu.

Ye Li frowned when she saw her. "Why are you here?"

Liu Yiqiu smiled. "I was just afraid that you wouldnt be able to enter with a fake ticket, so I came to give you a real one."

After saying this, Liu Yiqiu took out the ticket from her bag and waved it in front of Ye Li. She then said, "I saw Xu Fang just now. You know her, right? The president of Bin Citys Art Association said that Im not allowed to sell it to you. But I spent a lot of effort in order to get this one. Sister-in-law, dont you want to go in and take a look? I heard that many foreign people have come to this art exhibition, so its filled with great and famous paintings!"

Ye Li frowned. "You dont have to worry."

Liu Yiqiu smiled. "Sister-in-law, Xixi, you guys are too serious. Sometimes, its easier to lower your heads and admit defeat."


Ye Li and Xue Xi pretended not to hear her and queued up with the crowd.

Those who could attend an international art exhibition like this were either people who became famous in the art world or wealthy ladies from wealthy families.

Seeing that they were ignoring her, Liu Yiqiu sneered and suddenly shouted, "Mrs. Li!"

The person walking in front was the wife of the wealthy Li family. When she heard the voice, she turned around and greeted her warmly. She pointed at Ye Li and said, "Mrs. Li, you havent met my sister-in-law, have you? Let me introduce her to you."

Mrs. Li smiled and said, "So this is CEO Xues wife. Mrs. Xue usually hides herself well so weve never met her before."

Ye Lis lips twitched as she glared at Liu Yiqiu.

She had brought Xue Xi here to give her daughter exposure and experience.

Moreover, she rarely went out to socialize with Xue Sheng, so she did not know many people. Even if it turned out that the tickets were fake and they were stopped, it would not be too embarrassing.

But now! Liu Yiqiu had made such a huge introduction. If her tickets were fake, she would make Xue Sheng lose his face in front of others!

If word got out that Xue Shengs wife took a fake ticket to enter an art exhibition and got blocked outside, it would be a huge joke in Bin City.

Liu Yiqiu was forcing her to lower her head and beg for a ticket. Her methods were simply terrible.

Mrs. Li was queuing up in front and had already entered the art exhibition with her ticket. She was a little far away and, out of courtesy, she waited at the entrance.

Liu Yiqiu moved closer to Ye Li and lowered her voice. "Sister-in-law, Mrs. Li is well-known for her big mouth. If your fake ticket is blocked, the entire Bin City will know by tomorrow. Are you sure you still dont want my ticket?"

Ye Li clenched her jaw and followed the crowd. They were already inside.

The security guard said, "Please show us your tickets. Thank you."

Liu Yiqiu held the ticket in her hand and smiled as she waited for Ye Li to lower her head. At this moment "Beep!"

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