Forever Your Boyfriend Chapter 141

Chapter 141: "I Was Wrong."

Both Nana and Min-jung watched each other on their laptop screens without saying a word to each other. Min-jung's lips quavered with emotion as she looked at Nana's face, she wanted to apologise but she knew that wasn't the reason Nana was calling.

for visiting.

Tan and Alex were in the background giving them room to talk while being there to listen to what was being discussed.

"How have you been?" Nana asked in a flat voice.

"Healthy. You? Alex said you found your grandfather, congratulations." Min-jung said looking for something to talk about.

"I'm fine and Thanks." Nana said and almost bit her tongue at the coldness with which she had responded.

"You changed your look.. It suits you." Min-jung said with a shaky smile.

"I want to hear about everything. I want to know all that transpired between you, Ji-tae and Jin-A." Nana said ignoring Min-jung's compliment.

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