Forever Your Boyfriend Chapter 142

Chapter 142: "She Is Dead."

Mrs Kim was sprawled on the bed looking completely sated as she waited for her husband to return from the bathroom.

for visiting.

"That was incredible." he said with a satisfied smile as he returned to the bed and gathered her in his arms. He couldn't believe just how much he still loved his crazy wife.

Mrs Kim blushed at the compliment. "There is more where that came from." Mrs Kim said with a suggestive smile.

"We need to check on the kids." She said sitting up immediately.

"They're no longer kids. Tan is a full grown man running a company. How can you still call him a kid?" Mr Kim asked as a smile twitched the corner of his lips.

This suddenly reminded him of the years before Mi Cha's adoption when they always travelled together on business trips... They had been unable to stay away from each other so they had always travelled together.

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