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  • Forsaken By Love

  • Genres : Romance -  handsome male lead -  Beautiful Female Lead -  Female Protagonist -  love -  sweet romance -  hacker -  no r.a.p.e -  spirity awards -  spirity
  • Status : Ongoing
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Forsaken By Love summary:

One was the apple in the eye of her parents; the other was an orphan. One was rich and spoiled, the other struggled to survive.Both were named He Lixue, and while one encountered a traffic accident that made her lay in a coma for three years, the other was stabbed in her back and died a miserable death alone.The orphan woke up in the body of the princess, her mind containing the memories of the body.Having gained a second lease on life, He Lixue fought back against the world with relentless fierceness, and she was never giving up.Want to make her look bad? Don't worry, even if she had to go down, she would take all her enemies down with her! She swore that she would never let the ones who had caused the accident go free.Lu Nanfeng, the most eligible bachelor in the capital, met He Lixue at the sanatorium.Here he felt as if he had picked up a small pet, and decided to take care of her. She was innocent, adorable and pitiful, unfortunately his feelings slowly changed from normal adoration to love.He was stubborn and used to having things his way, so he brought her home, but who would have guessed that the woman would be unmoved, even when he used his own body to seduce her.All rights to the novel and the cover belong to me. Please don't use it without permission.Release schedule:1 chapter a day at random timesPatreon patreon.com/tinalyngeJoin me on discord.gg/SrWNTb9

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