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Fruitcake summary:

How would you react if you find out about someone who is being forced to live a life against their own will? A destiny that was supposed to be fulfilled, but circ.u.mstances and the people around her would not let her have that life. Know that the someone being referred to is only 11 years old.What would you do, if you come to know about the reason behind it? Would you jump in risking everything you love just to make sure the child is well protected or would you let time take its course and let the child suffer?Joe has been in the police force for about 3 years now, having seen lots of sadistic creeps and criminals during his career. But this case was different and personal. This case has been giving him nightmares since he was in the 9th standard. He cannot forget the happy smile of Geeta and the friendship band she tied on his wrist when he met her for the first time. Back then Geeta was only 11 years old, and Joe was 15.There was always this mystery and secrecy surrounding her. Her general demeanor and attitude always raised questions in his mindand forced him to consider that there is definite oddness about her which he cannot figure out. All his attempts at trying to get to the bottom of this seem to be thwarted by the walls and people keeping Geeta hiddenWhy is Geeta not allowed to leave her home?Why is she never left alone by her family?Where are her parents?Despite that happy smile of hers, why could not he stop feeling that she was surrounded by sadness?Was there more to Geeta than what meets the eye?Will he be able to figure out Geeta's secret?Follow the chapters to know this story about Geeta.(This story is based on a real incident)Narration will be through the eyes of Joe and a diary of Geeta, and various characters who will be introduced throughout the story.

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