Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 2003

Han Zixuan sent Ning Xueluo out of the club after comforting her, then shereturned and took out the hidden camera. She played the video under the dim light.

With Ning Xueluo's sobbing in the video, the wickedness in Han Zixuan's eyes burned.

"Ning Xi, I'm going to see that if you can turn this around!"

The next morning.

A phone call disturbed the morning peace. Ning Xi finally picked up the phone when she saw the name Xu Tao on the screen. She popped her head out of Lu Tingxiao's arms and picked up the phone in one hand. "Bro Tao, what's up this early in the morning?"

Before Ning Xi could finish her sentence, the other side of the phone went berserk.

"My queen! Go take a look on Weibo! Things are chaotic!"


Ning Xi was confused by Xu Tao's roaring, but she went to her computer with the phone still on the call. She then logged onto her Weibo.

The moment she logged in, a massiveamount of notifications bombarded the computer.

On the hot topic lists in Weibo, "Ning Xi Seduces Someone Else's Husband" topped the list.

"Who did I seduce again?!"

Ning Xi stared at those words. Rumors like these had never stopped ever since she entered the industry.

Ning Xi thought it was the same situation as before and just something small, but Xu Tao was really nervous.

"Ning Xi! It's really bad this time. Go and take a look. The video is up online. Liang Feixing and I have been trying to suppress it, but it's not effective. Obviously, someone is pulling the strings behind this!

"The topic has become more and more popular. We can't hide it anymore. Look at the video and come over to the company. We have to discuss how to deal with it!"

Xu Tao's long-winded orders were really quick. Things were really bad.

There was even a video?

What video?

Ning Xi frowned as she followed Xu Tao's advice and clicked on a status on the top. The video was in the link.

Ning Xi opened the video and she frowned harder.

The video clearly showed the faces of Han Zixuan and Ning Xueluo. The two of them were in some club. Atfirst, everything seemed normal, but things took an odd turn after that.

When Han Zixuan mentioned the name "Ning Xi", Ning Xueluo's tone changed. Everything she said sounded sad and lonely. She had even mentioned the past between Ning Xi and Su Yan ambiguously.

This status had a very impactful title:

"Renowned actress Ning Xi is so shameless that she seduced someone's husband. She doesn't care about the wife being pregnant and even caused the husband to neglect the pregnant wife. Now, the lady is in such astressful situation. How shameless!"

While the status did not mention the names of the couple, it was not difficult to spot that the crying woman in the video was the retired Ning Xueluo!

Weibo totally went crazy.

The comments under this status went past hundreds of thousands in just one night!

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