Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 228

Chapter 228: Let Me Hold You For A Little While

Ahhhhhhhh! OMG!

What was this situation?

It was as if Ning Xis brain had been invaded by a virus, throwing the coding into wild disarray. When she finally came back to her senses, her first reaction was to push him away quickly.

But Lu Tingxiao tightened his arms, and the voice in her ear sounded a little pitiful. "Dont move, alright? Let me hold you for a little while"

Ning Xi: "..."

How was she supposed to respond to this request?

Damn it! What the hell was Lu Tingxiao playing at?

She had been avoiding him these two days, and had been very careful not to stir him up. Why was he suddenly

Ten seconds passed

Thirty seconds passed

One minute passed

Three minutes passed

It was supposed to be a little while only!!! Too untrustworthy!

The moment Ning Xi couldnt bear it anymore, Lu Tingxiao released her. "Sorry. I forgot myself."

Ning Xi swallowed. "Uh hehe, its fine, its fine"

F*** it! He almost scared her into a heart attack, and he thought he could make it alright with just a "forgot myself"?

What made her even more miserable was that she couldnt say "no"!

Seeing the sullen look on the girls face, there was an imperceptible flash of amusement in his eyes. "Go to bed a little earlier. Good night."

"Hehe, goodnight, goodnight, goodnight to you too"

Good night her butt, she didnt need to sleep tonight!

The next morning, Ning Xi, who as expected had tossed and turned in bed the whole night, didnt dare to get up.

Finally, she covertly gave Wan Wan a phone call.

"Wan Wan, has your Eldest Young Master gone to work yet?"

"No! But I think Eldest Young Master is very busy. His phone hasnt stopped ringing since he got up and came downstairs. Assistant Cheng also came over in a hurry, and it seems he asked Eldest Young Master when would they be heading out"

"And then?"

"Then Eldest Young Master hasnt left! Hes been downstairs all this time! I dont know what hes waiting for"

Ning Xi: ""

It looked like she couldnt avoid him!

Ning Xi took several deep breaths, adjusted her mindset, put on an impenetrable mask, and went downstairs with a calm, natural expression.

She saw Lu Tingxiao sitting leisurely on the sofa. Nearby, Assistant Cheng was holding a stack of documents in his hands, looking very anxious but not daring to urge him to hurry.

Ning Xi stretched as she came down the stairs. When she saw Lu Tingxiao, she deliberately showed an astonished expression. "Ehh? Lu Tingxiao, its already this time, why havent you gone to work yet?"

Lu Tingxiao heard the girl's voice, and raised his eyes to look at her with a soft expression. His eyes were like yarn, warmly and gently twining around her

"I was waiting for you," Lu Tingxiao said.

Ning Xi was lifeless: ""

Why was she suddenly unable to speak properly with him?

While Ning Xi had a foolish look on her face, Lu Tingxiao had already stood up and walked towards her.

Ning Xis instinctive reflex was to retreat, but as if they had some intangible power, the mans eyes held her in place, and she couldnt move.

Within a moment, Lu Tingxiao was already in front of her. He rubbed her head with his large palm. "If I dont wait for you now, then Ill be unable to see you for the whole day again."

Ning Xi was still lifeless: ""

"Im going to work." Saying that, Lu Tingxiao leaned forward to kiss her forehead.

Ning Xi: "" She was now totally dead.

Behind them, Cheng Feng startled as if he had been blinded, then looked away with a flushed face, as if he had seen something inappropriate.

This was too inhumane, he had not only almost gone crazy with anxiety so early in the morning, he was also being oppressed as a single man!

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