Full Marks Hidden Marriage: Pick Up A Son Get A Free Husband Chapter 504

Chapter 504: Little Treasure Said Something!!!

Lu Chongshan emotionally tapped his walking stick on the floor and roared, "You bastard, what are you trying to say? You want to take Little Treasure away? I dare you!"

Lu Tingxiao remained cool and pointed out, "Father, Little Treasure is your grandson, but he's my son too."

Lu Chongshan spoke in a rush intimidatingly, "I'm your old man! You've been charmed over your head by this woman! The only way for you to dare take Little Treasure away today is to walk over my dead body!"

Lu Tingxiao replied, "If you must use your life to threaten me, I have nothing to say. But I insist on taking Little Treasure with me today."

Suddenly, the atmosphere between the father and son became intense. Everyone was silent and no one dared to say anything.

At this moment, Yan Ruyi was also completely on her husband's side. "Tingxiao, even if you're blaming us for not taking care of Little Treasure well enough, this time was truly an accident. We are Little Treasure's grandparents. Is there anyone else who would treat him better than we do? You would rather believe a woman you have just recently met than your own biological parents?"

"This has nothing to do with her."

What Lu Chongshan could not stand most was his son's protective behavior over that woman. He was extremely mad now and did not care that there were many others present. He lost control and roared, "Have you forgotten what happened two years ago? Have you forgotten how Little Treasure became like this? It was such a painful lesson. Is once not enough? How dare you believe a woman like this?! You are just...just..."

Yan Ruyi quickly went to hold him up when she saw that Lu Chongshan was getting increasingly agitated, "Tingxiao, please understand how your father and I feel. We are just too afraid!"

Lu Tingxiao squinted slightly and tried to explain, "I understand how you feel and I swear with my life that something like that will not happen for the second time. She's different. Ever since we have met, she has only nothing but love for Little Treasure. I'm sure you are also aware of the changes in Little Treasure even since he met her."

However, the two old Lu's were too stubborn, especially when the past incident was brought up. When they heard Lu Tingxiao's words, they were only momentarily persuaded for a few seconds before they went back to their headstrong opinions. No matter what Lu Tingxiao said at that moment would be considered by them; they just wouldn't let Lu Tingxiao take him away.

Lu Tingxiao wore a dark mask on his face. Even though he did not want to, he knew that it was best to suffer for the short term rather than in the long term. He knew it would hurt them but he still spat it out anyway, "The scariest thing is not that Little Treasure will be hurt by others, but by the ones closest to him in the name of love!"

"You..." Lu Chongshan's face instantly stiffened, and his body shook with rage when he heard this.

His son's words were akin to a huge rock bearing upon his heart. Even though he had always acted in Little Treasure's best interests since he was strictly kept at the old residence, all he had ever received was harm, and last night he almost...

What followed Lu Tingxiao's words was pin-drop silence in the living room, and the argument was a stalemate...

Now, the one who was in the most awkward position was Ning Xi. She knew that as long as she was here, they had many things that could not be said, so even though she did not want to leave the little bun, she still had to consider leaving first and letting the three family members have a proper discussion.

Due to the loud voices and tension in the air, the little bun who lay on Lu Tingxiao's shoulders started to frown and his eyelashes fluttered before he slowly opened his eyes...

Ning Xi was standing behind Lu Tingxiao and as soon as the little bun opened his eyes, he saw her.

Because the little guy had just woken up, he had an extremely cute sleepy look on his face. He blinked a few times and then when he saw Ning Xi, his gaze did not move away from her.

He thought his sight had failed him, so the little guy rubbed his eyes with his soft fists. Then, he opened up his short arms towards Ning Xi's direction without hesitation.

In the next moment, the quiet air was filled with a soft and slightly grainy voice, "Hug..."

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