Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 131

132 Greetings To Your Highness


Early in the morning, an intimidating sound echoed from outside of the Ten-Thousand Dragons Valley. It shocked everyone that was on guard. Principal Qi emerged from her tent with a grave expression as soon as she heard the sound.

The sound grew louder and louder. The surface of the ground began to shake, causing many dragon-type demonic beasts that were hidden in the deeper parts of the valley to flee with fear. They could instinctively fear the incoming danger.

"An army?"

Qian Wanguan, who was originally sleeping in the tent, rolled out and stood up. His round and chubby face was filled with shock and suspicion. The Ten-Thousand Dragons Valley only had a single entrance. If this massive and imposing army was to attack and surround them, no one would be able to escape.


A scout from the Qian Clan ran over at top speed. He knelt in front of Qian Wanguan and reported loudly, "Young Clan Head! There is a ten-thousand strong army on the outside, and it is the Western Garrison Army's Killer Divine Guards!"

"Killer Divine Guards?"

Qian Wanguan shifted his eyes around and soon let out a grin. He waved with a hand gesture and said, "Ask everyone to be at ease. If I didn't get it wrong, this group must be able to fetch Boss. But I wonder how Boss is doing inside?"

"Fetch Jiang Yi?"

The Qian Clan's scout seemed to have some doubt. He knew of Jiang Yi's identity, but would Jiang Bieli activate such a huge army for his illegitimate son? And the Western Garrison Army's strongest Killer Divine Guards?

"That's correct!"

Qian Wanguan was rather overwhelmed. "I didn't think that Yi Piaopiao still has such a high priority in the heart of Jiang Bieli? Jiang Bieli actually made such a huge commotion for Jiang Yi? This is to tell the world that anyone who dares to touch Jiang Yi will have to wait for his wrath!"


Soon enough, the ten thousand Killer Divine Guards rushed into the valley. They were all in the same color: black war horses, black battle armor, and black battle saber. They all held their red mechanized crossbow and looked their gaze at several hundreds of people that were in the valley. If anyone dared to do anything, they would instantly be turned into a beehive.

"What are you doing? I am the Vice Principal of Mt. Spirit Beast College. Lord Jiang and our Principal have close ties. You better not be reckless!"

Principal Qi saw that countless crossbows pointed at the three Vice Principals, and she gave an imposing glance at the Western Garrison Army. Jiang Bieli wouldn't dare disregard them with their esteemed status, right? These savage soldiers dared to treat them like this?

But they didn't dare to do anything either. Firstly, they were afraid they would incur the wrath of Jiang Bieli. Secondly, they were not confident they could survive if all the crossbows were released at the same time. These crossbows were the famed God-Exterminating Crossbows.


The soldiers suddenly split into two sides. A stalwart individual, who was equipped with general armor and a narrow long battle saber, steered his warhorse over to them. He glanced at everyone with cold eyes before fixing his gaze in Principal Qi's face. He spoke with a deep voice, "Where is Jiang Yi?"

"Jiang Yi?"

There was a sudden commotion in the crowd. Many of them didn't even know who Jiang Yi was. Many college's guards and mentors were surprised. Most of them knew that Jiang Yi and Jiang Yiliu had some grudges, but they didn't expect Jiang Bieli to send out such a large army to eliminate Jiang Yi?

Principal Qi had a bewildered expression but didn't say anything. The other two vice principals were obviously angered but gritted their teeth and said nothing.

"I know!"

A human meatball rolled out from the crowd. Qian Wanguan smiled with narrow eyes and spoke to the general of the Killer Divine Guards, "General Jiang Rentu, Jiang Yi is now inside the Tomb of the Heaven Monarch and would be out in another four hours or so. But no one could guarantee whether is he dead or alive."

"Four hours?"

Jiang Rentu's tiger eyes swept across before he shouted, "All soldiers, take my orders. Lock down the entire valley and remain vigilant. Kill anyone who dares to make any moves!"


Principal Qi was so angry that her white hair was flying around, but in the face of countless God Exterminating Crossbows, she ultimately didn't utter a single word and remained silent while she stood there.

'When a scholar meets a soldier, no reasoning is going to be good enough'. This Jiang Rentu was notorious for his ruthlessness. Apart from Jiang Bieli, he would defy even the Divine Martial Kingdom's Lord.

As time ticked slowly, countless individuals felt that these four hours were as slow as two years. Of course, no one would feel comfortable to be pointed by crossbows held by soldiers who were emitting their imposing murderous aura; everyone knew that they would lose their lives at any moment.


A trace of light finally appeared on the stone wall of the Tomb of the Heaven Monarch. Shortly after, the entire hill was glowing, too; and it continued to grow brighter exactly like the day when the Tomb of the Heaven Monarch was opened.


Suddenly, the empty space in front of the Tomb of the Heaven Monarch suddenly shook. Numerous figures suddenly appeared on the ground. The scene looked absolutely mystical: it was as though these figures came walking out from the void like a group of flashing apparitions.


Before all the figures were revealed, an Ancient Divine War Chariot appeared; and two shadows jumped onto the war chariot with shocking speed. The war chariot then immediately flew towards the sky.


Following closely behind was a green-robed youth that suddenly released an overbearing killing aura which instantly shrouded everyone who was teleported out of the Tomb of the Heaven Monarch. That green-robed youth rushed forward with lightning speed while his palm was shining with black radiance. He was going to slam his palm on a martial artist who was at the peak stage of Purple Mansion Realm.


The sudden change in situation shocked everyone. Principal Qi, the vice principals, and Jiang Rentu might not know what was going on, but they all burst out shouting at the same time, "Stop it!"

Principal Qi and her vice principals didn't care how chaotic it was inside of the tomb. But once the treasure seeking had ended, they now had the authority back in their hands.

The green-robed youth was naturally Jiang Yi. When he exited, he immediately searched for Jiang Yiliu and Zhangsun Wuji. However, the reactions of the two were too fast, and Jiang Yi didn't have an opportunity to kill them. This was why he used Commander Liu as a venting target.


When Jiang Yi heard the shouts from Principal Qi and the others, he could feel the strong murderous intent that locked onto him. His palm didn't slow down but got even more violent instead while patting down at Commander Liu.


A mind-blowing explosion echoed while Commander Liu's body was instantly blown away. The violent explosion blasted several people away, too. That shockwave forced the surround people to step several feet away.


Commander Liu, who took the full brunt of Jiang Yi's palm, had his robes blown into smithereens and his body turned into a miserable bloody mess. He tumbled for several feet and was obviously robbed of all life.

"How dare you!"

Jiang Rentu was infuriated, and murderous aura poured out from his body. It was easy to imagine how powerful the presence of a Soul Travel Realm expert was. This individual was a general who survived countless battles and killed countless enemies. He instantaneously caused everyone to tremble and turn paleeven having the feeling of suffocation.

"Uncle Rentu!"

When Jiang Yiliu clearly saw Jiang Rentu and the Killer Divine Guards, his expression immediately turned ecstatic. He steered the war chariot across the skies towards Jiang Rentu and yelled out in mid-air, "Uncle Rentu. Help me to quickly kill him. He has killed many of our Jiang clansmen."


Jiang Rentu finally realized it. He gave an indifferent glance to Jiang Yiliu. His body didn't move and locked his tiger eyes on Jiang Yi instead. "Are you Jiang Yi?"

After Jiang Yi had slain Commander Liu, his body was forced to take a few steps back. He exchanged looks with Jiang Rentu from a distance and spoke enthusiastically, "I am Jiang Yi. Why? Are you going to kill me?"


Zhangsun Wuji, who was on the Ancient Divine War Chariot, felt something was wrong; Jiang Yiliu realized it, too. Not only did Jiang Rentu's tone not have any murderous aura, but it also sounded rather intimate. What's more, it was weird that he and the Killer Divine Guards were here. His eyes shifted and had seemed to assume something. He immediately controlled his war chariot to hover in mid-air. His face was both green and pale as he looked Jiang Rentu nervously.


Jiang Rentu suddenly leaped off from the warhorse and knelt in front of Jiang Yi. He shouted seriously, "Jiang Rentu pays his respects to Your Highness. Under the orders of His Liege Lord, I am here to welcome Your Highness back to Jiang Yi City."

"Swish! Swish! Swish!"

The ten thousand Killer Divine Guards got down from their horses and knelt down before bursting out, "Greetings to Your Highness! Welcome Your Highness back to the city!"

How loud was it when ten thousand people shouted in unison?

It was loud enough to deafen everyone's ear and send fear into their hearts. But it was an even heavier shock to their spirits, especially those who knew Jiang Yiall were flabbergasted. Jiang Yiliu and Zhangsun Wuji's men were completely in a daze.

Jiang Rentu actually didn't kneel towards Jiang Yiliu and didn't welcome him back to the city. But it seemed like he was here specially to fetch Jiang Yi? What's more, they totally ignored Jiang Yiliu who was the true Royal Highness.
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