Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 142

143 Slaughtering Demonic Beasts

Two hours later, the members of the Qian clan gave a hand gesture. Qian Wanguan patted his butt and stood up, "Come, Boss. Let's take a look at our new home."


The trio shot up and easily caught hold of the suspended ropes. They took just a few leaps to get in the stone cave that was over a thousand feet high.

The trio went through a narrow stone door and entered the stone cave. The Qian clansmen were indeed efficient: there was a spacious area that was at least a hundred feet in radius. The walls even have luminous pearls that illuminated the interior of the cave like it was daytime.

"Alright. Qian Kun, go and make the arrangements!"

Qian Wanguan gestured with a wave. The clansman with the highest cultivation stage immediately leaped down from the cave entrance. Qian Wanguan scanned around and began to give orders: "When you get back, get some furniture and beds to fix up this place. We are going to stay here for months, and we can't be sleeping on the ground every day, right? Dig out a few more rooms for the three of us. Make one for Liu Lao and Zhan Wushuang's secret guard, too. They are already old, and we can't let them sleep and eat in the wilderness, right?"

Jiang Yi and Zhan Wushuang rolled their eyes. This Qian Wanguan was indeed an individual who knew how to enjoy. They estimated that after a few months of stay, this stone cave would become a luxurious palace.

The Qian clansmen didn't have any hint of surprise. A few of them asked to be excused, and it was obvious that they were going to make arrangements. Over a dozen of them began to use the artifacts to dig rooms and shift out the stone shards.


Suddenly, Jiang Yi could smell percolating fragrance. His nose twitched as he got alert from the smell. "What is that fragrance?"

Zhan Wushuang's brows raised up as he tried to get a proper smell. His eyes suddenly brightened up as he looked at Qian Wanguan. "Damn Fatty, you actually used the Ambergris?"


Qian Wanguan grinned and replied, "There were still some in the warehouse of the Spirit Beast City's stall, and I transferred it over. No problem! Those old goats will not know a thing."

"Man!" Zhan Wushuang was overwhelmed. When he saw Jiang Yi's puzzled expression, he laughed and said, "Jiang Yi, go out and take a look. I'm afraid your hands will go soft from all the killing."


Countless roars from demonic beasts could be heard indistinctly. Jiang Yi's eyes lit up and immediately rushed out of the cave. He stood on the protruding stone slab and glanced around. This glance gave him a trembling shock.

In the distant horizon, countless black shadows were flocking towards this direction. It might look like only a few dozens of demonic beasts, but even further away were more demonic beasts gathering towards this location.

Twin-Headed Tiger, Blue Fox, Long-Arm Ape, Devil Wolf, Tusked Wild Boar Three-Eyed Violent Lion

Jiang Yi's eyes were dazzled. The sight of so many demonic beasts surging towards him was some kind of extremely impactful scenery. Humans were instinctively fearful of demonic beasts. Right now, Jiang Yi felt suffocated by the presences of demonic beasts that came from all directions.

He finally understood Qian Wanguan's plan. This place was extremely high, and the stone peaks were steep which didn't allow the demonic beasts to scale it. Even if the rare aerial-type demonic beasts appeared, their naturally massive bodies would never be able to enter the narrow stone door. Qian Wanguan and the rest could leisurely observe the battle from here. As for Jiang Yi he could swiftly slay all the demonic beasts below and earn a huge amount of purple gold.

These demonic beasts were gathered here after the Qian clansmen ignited a kind of weird fragrance that attracted them. It seemed to be the 'Ambergris' that was mentioned by Zhan Wushuang. Jiang Yi didn't know how valuable this perfume was, but he knew that he owed Qian Wanguan another huge favor.

"Swish! Swish! "

Qian Kun and the members of the Qian clan quickly leaped up using the ropes. With their current strength, they certainly wouldn't dare to stay below. There were plenty of tier-two demonic beasts in the arriving demonic beast wave. If they were to continue staying below, they would surely become a meal for the demonic beasts.


From the forest in the distance, two black shadows shot towards them. The two of them had a strong presence and didn't even need the ropes to fly up the stone peaks with a single step. When Jiang Yi saw Qian Kun and the rest kneeling, he understood that these were the secret guards from the Qian and the Zhan Clans. With so many demonic beasts here, they were certainly worried about Qian Wanguan and Zhan Wushuang.

"Jiang Yi pays his respects to the esteemed elders!"

Jiang Yi bowed and greeted with respect. The two veterans didn't say anything and entered the cave.


Qian Wanguan and Zhan Wushuang came out. When they looked below and saw a gathered bunch of a few dozens of demonic beasts, they felt rather suffocated. Qian Wanguan spoke with a worried tone, "Boss. I didn't use too much of the perfume this time, and it is about to run out soon. Are you certain you can do it? If you aren't, then wait for the demonic beasts to disperse before making a move."

Demonic beasts were all amassed below them: they were all crouching and intoxicated, seemingly enjoying the fragrance from the Ambergris. But when some demonic beasts noticed Jiang Yi and the others on the stone peaks, two of them began to rush towards the stone peaks violently.

"I will give it a try!"

Jiang Yi had a grave expression, and his palms were sweating. Even though Su Ruoxue once said that his Massacre Intent could suppress demonic beasts and even made the Ice Beast immobilized, he was in a berserk state at that time and didn't know what happened.

But when he thought about the Fire Spirit Rock inside the Fire Spirit Pearl, Jiang Yi felt calm. If his Massacre Intent didn't work, he could use a few Fire Spirit Rocks to easily slaughter the demonic beasts below. He didn't notice any tier-two demonic beasts which were overly strong.


More and more demonic beasts began to crash at the stone peaks. The stone peaks might be massive, but the demonic beasts were powerful, too, causing the entire stone peaks to shake slightly.


Jiang Yi solidified his resolve and roared. He grabbed onto the rope and shot downwards. When he was in mid-air, his eyes began to radiate with red light; the killer aura that was like the winter's chilling wind that enveloped all the demonic beasts below.

An extremely strange scene occurred!

When Jiang Yi made his move, many of the demonic beasts widened their eyes; and they were filled with rage and viciousnesslike they were being interrupted from something they enjoy. Intense presences were emitted from their bodies as they couldn't wait to tear Jiang Yi into pieces.

However, when Jiang Yi's Massacre Intent shrouded them, ferociousness vanished from the demonic beasts' eyes. All the brutal beasts had turned into sheep as though Jiang Yi was a formidable demonic king. The Massacre Intent made them felt as though their souls were trembling.

Most of the demonic beasts which got up from their crouched position immediately prostrated obediently. Most of the tier-one demonic beasts were even shivering. Those demonic beasts crashing at the stone speaks had already stopped moving and were like kittens laying on the ground. The entire scene was so bizarre that it was frightening.

"Ss, ss"

Zhan Wushuang inhaled a breath of cold air. His shocked spirit when he first saw Jiang Yi using the Massacre Intent back at the Tomb of the Heaven Monarch was now reinstated. Qian Wanguan's round face was now with this gaped mouth. All the other members from the Qian Clan were flabbergasted, too.


The two veterans quietly appeared at the entrance of the cave. When they saw Jiang Yi leaped down and drew out a red dagger to slaughter with ease, their eyes were filled with shock. The Soul Travel Realm secret guard of the Qian Clan was deeply affected. "The Massacre Intent of the Heaven Monarch of Massacre is indeed overbearing. It seems like only Jiang Bieli's Overlord Intent can contend against it."

"That's correct!"

The secret guard of the Zhan Clan nodded and sighed. "I heard that the Massacre Intent has five stages. When this kid is in the berserk state, he only has traces of consciousness and is obviously only at the second stage. The killer aura is already so overwhelming in the second stage. If it was the fifth stage, even we will be involuntarily slaughtered by him"
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