Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 143

144 This Isnt Eye Catching Enough

The massacre ended quickly. Jiang Yi's Massacre Intent seemed like the natural bane for these demonic beasts. Since it was able to oppress a ferocious demonic beast like the Ice Beast, there wasn't a need to mention these dozens of demonic beasts. With the suppression from the Massacre Intent, these demonic beasts had no choice but to obediently wait for their turn to be slaughtered. They didn't even have the opportunity to release their demonic arts.

The only pity was Jiang Yi's incomplete control of the Massacre Intent. He might be able to activate the Massacre Intent at any moment, but he didn't know how to withdraw from this state. Finally, it was Zhan Wushuang who went down to knock him out and brought him back.

Despite so, Zhan Wushuang and Qian Wanguan could felt the endless supply of purple gold that was falling from the sky. Jiang Yi's hunting speed was extremely fastwhich only a Soul Travel Realm expert could match. Then again, Soul Travel Realm experts would most often receive preferential treatment in any clan they went to. There wasn't a need for them to come out and hunt demonic beasts.

Jiang Yi slept for half a day before coming back to his senses. Qian Wanguan had already instructed his men to gather the materials and brought those corpses to incinerate. They even used a special perfume to conceal the blood stench of the demonic beasts. They picked some delicious demonic beast flesh to grill for lunch.

Jiang Yi wasn't injured but just weak from releasing the Massacre Intent. After finishing his meal, he cultivated for two hours and recovered. When Jiang Yi made sure he was able to fight again, Qian Wanguan asked Qian Kun to burn the Ambergris and attract those demonic beasts.

According to Zhan Wushuang's explanations, these low-tier demonic beasts had almost negligent intelligence and were easily attracted by these unusual smells, like the stench of blood or the Ambergris. Of course, Qian Wanguan used the top-class perfume that could swiftly spread with a radius of a hundred miles, luring all the demonic beasts towards them.

Jiang Yi didn't ask Qian Wanguan how much these pieces of Ambergris were worth. Qian Wanguan didn't even have the intention to mention the cost, which made Zhan Wushuang change his perspective on Qian Wanguan again. Most of the young masters from the other six great clans didn't like to hang around with the members from the Qian Clan because they were too shrewd and were calculative. They were afraid that after playing around with the Qian clansmen, they would be sold; and these merchants still had to count their money.

It was obvious that Qian Wanguan wasn't such a scum; perhaps his vision was further out and looked towards the long-term benefits. After getting along for such a long time, he wasn't even a bit calculative towards the two of them. He was always contributing without expecting any repayment. This was also how he won Jiang Yi and Zhan Wushuang's friendship.


Shouts from demonic beasts echoed from the outside again. Jiang Yi strode out while the two secret guards came out from their freshly excavated rooms.

This time, Qian Kun used a lot more Ambergris and had attracted a lot more demonic beasts as wellas many as over a hundred. Approaching from the sky was a ten-foot long goshawk which looked like a black cloud blocking a patch of the sky.

"Wushuang, Wanguan, this goshawk is quite good! I think it is at the tier-two high-grade. Why not tame it?"

Jiang Yi's brows raised as he turned to speak with Qian Wanguan and Zhan Wushuang. With the suppression from Jiang Yi's Massacre Intent, they would have an easy time taming the demonic beast.

"Too weak; I don't want it!" Zhan Wushuang shook his head and denied. If he wanted a demonic beast of such grade, he would have already gotten one.

"I don't want it, too!"

Qian Wanguan shook his head, too. "If it was a dragon, I might be able to consider. This isn't eye-catching enough!"


The goshawk had clearly spotted their hiding area. Its gigantic wings fanned, and the beast dove with a gust of wind. Before it was even near, the ferocious aura enveloped everyone; and the icy cold eyes made Qian Wanguan's fat jiggle non-stop.

"Bastard! Die!"

Jiang Yi burst out shouting and released his Massacre Intent. Stomping on the surface with both his legs, he launched himself towards the ferocious beast. The red dagger was glowing with a black light in his hands as it slashed at the gigantic goshawk's skull.


After the goshawk was entrapped by the Massacre Intent, its ferocious aura was immediately withdrawn. The huge bell-like eyes were alarmed and suddenly kept its wings, dropping straight down.


Jiang Yi's blood red dagger stabbed ruthlessly at the skull of the goshawk. He didn't expect the skull to be so tough, causing the dagger to bounce off after penetrating for half a foot.

Jiang Yi used his hand to grabbed onto the neck of the goshawk while consecutively brandishing and stabbing his dagger at the skull of the goshawk. It was only after the appearance of a few dozens of blood wounds that the goshawk was affirmatively dead before Jiang Yi stopped. He leaped off from the corpse of the goshawk and continued onwards to the other demonic beasts, beginning another round of massacre.

"Boss is too wicked! He is just like a human-massacre machine!"

Qian Wanguan lamented and Zhan Wushuang sighed slightly, too. They were thinking of how terrifying it would be if they weren't his friends but his foes.


After a short moment, there was a signal flare shot into the sky from the distant forest. Qian Kun saw it and immediately reported: "Young Clan Head, someone is approaching. What should we do?"

This Mt. Black Clouds wasn't within the territory of the Mt. Spirit Beast College. It was natural that there were adventurers that came here to hunt demonic beasts. Qian Wanguan had already placed men to patrol the surrounding area and ordered them to use the signal flare if anyone was approaching.

His tiny eyes looked far away, and his expression turned grave before yelling out with fury, "Send a signal to them. Ask them to inform them of my identity. If anyone dares to come to this area, kill them without any negotiation!"

Qian Kun promptly sent out the signal while Zhan Wushuang gave a thumbs-up. Qian Wanguan's treatment towards Jiang Yi was considered total devotion.

Right now, Jiang Yi was still hunting those demonic beasts; if this operation was to leak out, it would definitely invite the attention of those ambitious individuals. With the reputation as the Qian Clan's Young Clan Head, it was likely that no adventurer would dare to get near. It also meant that the risk of Jiang Yi being noticed would be brought to the lowest probability.

Qian Wanguan grinned and didn't say anything. His straightforward manner didn't seem to be fitting for a Young Clan Head of a great clan. After waiting for a moment, Jiang Yi had finally slain the last demonic beast; Qian Wanguan then spoke, "Done. Brother Wushuang, please make the move. Boss had it hard. He should get a good rest!"

"Yes, slaying nearly 200 demonic beasts in a single day. These materials are worth tens of thousands of purple gold, right? It seems like it will only take half a year to gather ten million purple gold!"

Zhan Wushuang knew of Jiang Yi's situation. In fact if he was to ask the Zhan Clan for five million purple gold, they wouldn't even ask a single question. But he knew Jiang Yi well enough and decided not to ask. His motive of tagging along was actually to assist Jiang Yi in another way. After all, if he was here, his clan's secret guard would definitely follow suit.


Zhan Wushuang leaped down and swiftly got close to Jiang Yi. Jiang Yi looked over with his blood red eyes and didn't evade when Zhan Wushuang used his hand blade to chop at him. Jiang Yi was chopped dead on by Zhan Wushuang. His eyes rolled before collapsing on the ground.

"Do it!"

With a wave of Qian Wanguan's hand, the Qian clansmen rapidly ran down and began to dissect the demonic beasts' corpses while clearing the place at the same time. From their agile movements, it was obvious that these people had done their homework and were very knowledgeable about what demonic beast materials were valuable. If they weren't around and if it was just Jiang Yi by himselfbefore these demonic beasts had been dissected, the stench of blood would have attracted more demonic beasts.

Once the people below completed sorting out the demonic beast materials, Qian Wanguan gestured with a huge wave. "Bring all these materials to the Spirit Beast City through the night. Get the most purple gold out of these materials and bring me 1000 Earth Dragon Elixirs. This young master is going to cultivate!"

"Earth Dragon Elixir?"

Zhan Wushuang had just brought Jiang Yi back to his room to rest. When he heard this statement, he walked out silently with surprise. Earth Dragon Elixirs were the best elixirs of the earth-tier. The Qian clansmen had always abhorred cultivating, and Qian Wanguan was only at the sixth stage of the Cast Tripod Realm after cultivating for so many years. It was bullshit that he was going to cultivate; the elixirs were obviously prepared for Jiang Yi.

He looked at Qian Wanguan suspiciously and whispered, "Fatty Qian, why are you giving Jiang Yi such treatment? Could it be you fell in love with him? Are you homosexual?"


Qian Wanguan was startled and immediately posed his hand like a flower by joining his middle finger and thumb while extending the rest of the fingers. He then gave Zhan Wushuang a coquettish look while speaking like a sissy, "You are so bad~! Brother Wushuang, why would you criticize me like this~? Even if I am a man, I will also love the bold and powerful type like you! Why not come over to my room tonight and let me serve you~?"


Zhan Wushuang didn't hesitate to kick Qian Wanguan and sent him flying.
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