Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 155

156 Soul Spirit Martial Exper


Right as Jiang Yi was about to make his move on kill Shui Qianrou, a silver-haired old woman suddenly emerged from the forest at the side. This old woman didn't make any move and just let out a cold croon. Jiang Yi then felt as though he was struck by a thunderbolt, causing his body to jolt up; and his killing aura to vanish as well. His Massacre Intent had withdrawn.


Jiang Yi held his head with his hand and let out a miserable scream, with an expression that was filled with pain. His felt so much pain like his soul was being ripped apart. Had he not tenaciously held on to the horn of the demon wolf, he would have been thrown off.

"Soul spirit attack? Shui Qianrou's secret guard is actually a soul spirit martial expert!"

Liu Lao's sprint halted as he fearfully looked at the silver-hair old woman. He had already guessed Shui Qianrou's identity and knew she had a formidable secret guard. He didn't expect the guard to be a martial expert that was adept at the soul spirit. This type of martial experts was able to kill without any form and leave no trace.

"Haha! Jiang Yi, receive your death!"

When Shui Qianrou saw that Jiang Yi had been hit by the soul spirit attack by her clan's secret guard, she was instantly overwhelmed with delight. Due to the dispersion of Jiang Yi's Massacre Intent, her strength was now back at her prime.

She shouted out delicately, and one of the intricate rings lit up. A gorgeous red-colored artifact sword appeared in her hand. Her delicate body leaped up lightly with a single step on the ground while she poured her essence force into her longsword. The fiery red longsword spat out waves of qi while she slashed at Jiang Yi.

"Heaven-tier artifact? Boss, dodge!"

Qian Wanguan's eyes widened so much that it was about to split open. He was forcefully twisting body, but Liu Lao held onto him and quickly retreated. Shui Qianrou's secret guard was too strong. If they were to offend Shui Qianrou and her, both of them might not be able to leave anymore.


Jiang Yi was still holding on to his head while screaming out. It was apparent that the pain that derived from his soul spirit was causing abnormally unbearable. The demon wolf didn't have much of any spirit wisdom and didn't receive any orders from Jiang Yi either. It was still rushing forward like a fool and was about to be slain by Shui Qianrou!


Just as the longsword in Shui Qianrou's hand was cleaving down, Jiang Yi roared out. The pain in his face had disappeared and was replaced by an expression of killing aura and cold intent. It seemed like that pain was something of a pretense.

The painful look was naturally acted out by Jiang Yi earlier. His soul spirit merely felt and ache before his Fire Spirit Pearl transferred over some energy, causing his soul spirit to explode with golden light, eliminating the ripping pain.

He pretended to be in pain so that he could get near to Shui Qianrou. Right now, Shui Qianrou was so close to him; how could he give up such a good opportunity? His mouth let out a smirk with cold intent. The Fire Spirit Rock appeared out of nowhere and was blasted by his palm strike. The Fire Spirit Rock was shot towards Shui Qianrou like a shooting star.


Shui Qianrou's secret guard had a sudden change in expression. She rushed over with lightning speed while roaring out in mid-air, "Little bastard, you dare?"

It was a frightening voice. The moment she opened her mouth, the air in front of her shuddered as though there were ripples coming from all direction.

"Spirit-Absorbing Sound Wave!"

Liu Lao's expression changed again. He frantically backed off in an even faster speed while looking at Jiang Yi as though he was already a dead man. This Spirit-Absorbing Sound Wave was an extremely formidable soul spirit attack. Most of the regular martial artist's soul spirit would immediately collapse from the wave.

"Ah? Grandma Hun, save me!"

The instant when the Fire Spirit Rock appeared, Shui Qianrou felt a fatal danger. She thought that the piece of fiery red rock was just like the scythe of a death god that could easily claim her life. She had a green face from the fright, and her delicate body began to tremble with fear while giving off a pitiful yell.


When the Fire Spirit Rock made contact with Shui Qianrou's green light shield, it was immediately fuming with green flames. The green light shield that not even the God-Exterminating Crossbow could damage was scorched through, and the Fire Spirit Rock continued flying towards Shui Qianrou, finally hitting her beautiful green dress.


At this moment, the dress suddenly released a green radiance. The bells on it swiftly shook, giving off a crisp, tinkling sound.

What followed next was an incomparably bizarre incident!

Shui Qianrou's body suddenly vanished from where she was and suddenly reappeared hundreds of feet away. The dozens of bells on her green dress had all exploded. There were multiple tiny holes on it, and the originally brilliant dress was now dimmed and extremely hideous.


Concurrently, Jiang Yi's head had this splitting pain again. The silver-haired old womanGrandma Hun's Spirit Absorbing Sound Wave was obviously much more powerful than the previous croon. His soul spirit felt like it was about to collapse. If his soul spirit was to collapse, Jiang Yi would instantly be dead.


The Fire Spirit Pearl instantly lit up; unknown energy entered into Jiang Yi's soul spirit. The golden light in his soul spirit suddenly expanded, and the splitting sensation quickly disappeared. Even so, Jiang Yi still had a green expression with a bitter aftertaste in his mouth. He felt the excitement of balancing on the rope of life and death.

"The Spirit Sparrow Gown is ruined? Kid, you must die today!"Find authorized novels in Wuxiaworldfaster updates, better experiencePlease click for visiting.

A burst of roar gave a shock to Jiang Yi and woke him up. Grandma Hun had turned into an afterimage and was rushing at him in a frenzy. She seemed to have realized that Jiang Yi had an artifact that could protect his soul spirit. She didn't use anymore soul spirit attacks; instead, a black longsword appeared in her hand which was spurting with black waves, forcefully slashing at Jiang Yi.


Jiang Yi wasn't stupid, but he didn't know what kind of sorcery did Shui Qianrou use. Perhaps it was because of that mysterious green dress which had the magical power to instant teleport her to several hundreds of feet away. This Grandma Hun had such speed, completely taking away any opportunity for him to kill Shui Qianrou.

It was already good enough that he was able to slay a Black Qilin today and also ruined an absolute artifact that belonged to Shui Qianrou. If he didn't escape when going up against a Soul Travel Realm martial expert, he would only have death waiting for him!

"Demon wolf, release your demonic art! Then escape at full speed!"

He bellowed, and the demon wolf's horn immediately brightened up. It shot a purple ray straight at the Grandma Hun and then suddenly turned around to flee.


With a flash, Grandma Hun easily evaded the demon wolf's demonic art. The purple ray drew across the sky and was finally shot into the distant forest. Wherever the purple ray crossed over was turned into dust. It was an astounding display of power.

"Trying to flee? Die!"

When Grandma Hun saw the demon wolf turned into an afterimage running in the distance, she was instantly infuriated. She raised her hand and released a blade light that chased after Jiang Yi.

"Demon wolf, turn to the left!"

Sensing the biting cold murderous intent, Jiang Yi promptly issued his order to the demon wolf. Fortunately, the demon wolf was fast enough, narrowly dodging that crescent-shaped blade light from behind. Tier-three demonic beasts were obviously much more formidable than tier-two demonic beasts. It didn't really affect them after a release of the demonic artjust a slight loss of speed.


The blade light broke through the air and destroyed the whole patch forest ahead. Like the autumn wind that sweeps away all the fallen leaves, this blade light ran through hundreds of feet of the forest before being exhausted.

"What horror!"

His heart was in shock. He turned around and saw Grandma Hun rushing while ripping through the air like lightning. Her speed wasn't any inferior to the demon wolf. It seemed like this Grandma Hun was at least at the seventh or eighth stage of the Soul Travel Realm; otherwise, she wouldn't be able to move at the same speed as this demon wolf.

When he saw that Grandma Hun was about to release her essence force again, he suddenly thought of an idea. He suddenly shouted to the right side, "Zhangsun Wuji, why are you still hiding? Take someone and go kill Shui Qianrou, and her artifacts will all be ours!"
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