Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 229

230 Life Balancing On A Line

To the south of Mt. Thirty Thousand was the Great Xia Kingdom's territory. Jiang Yi had Big Huang who was able to dig and travel underground; hence, he didn't even have to take the long route. He didn't even have to detour around the Soul Break Valley to enter the Great Xia Kingdom. It took him one day in a straight path to enter the Great Xia Kingdom's territory.

Every two hours, Jiang Yi would control Big Huang to approach the surface; and he would emerge to take a look. He used the map that Qian Wanguan provided him to analyze where he was.

Mt. Fire Cloud was in the most northern part of the Great Xia Kingdom; therefore, Jiang Yi only took one day and one night to arrive nearby.

"I have arrived at Clear Moon Lake, which means Mt. Fire Cloud is just nearby! I wonder how far the bridal escort army has reached. If they had yet to cross the Soul Break Valley, it would be the best place to intercept them!" Jiang Yi mumbled to himself as he thought of the ideaas he emerged from a small mountain during the evening time, glancing at the lake which resembled a bright moon.

Soul Break Valley was indeed the best location for an interception. Previously, he was nearly assassinated by the men that Zhangsun Wuji and Jiang Yiliu hired. That valley was extremely long and could only allow three carriages to pass through at any moment. Once Xia Wuhui's twenty-thousand escorts were going through there, the army would definitely stretch from one end to the other, giving him survivability if he was to raid and intercept there.

He was by himself and didn't have any information; hence, he could only make his speculations. Where exactly was the bridal escort army? He had no idea.

"Forget it, I shall go get some Earth Fire first! Without the Earth Fire, it would be useless even if they were waiting for me at the Soul Break Valley!"

Jiang Yi's eyes became resolved as he went back into the tunnel and landed on Big Huang, ordering it, "Use your fastest speed and head towards the west!"


Big Huang let out a deep voice and dashed downwards for hundreds of meters before hurrying towards the east.

One hour later, Jiang Yi emerged from underground and looked at the giant mountain peak ahead. When he felt the blazing heat in the air, the edge of his mouth revealed a trace of wryness.

A few months ago, he came to this place by himself and snatched a priceless Fire Lingzhi from a young master and a group of Soul Travel Realm experts that came from the Great Xia Kingdom. Now that he had returned to this place, he didn't feel any excitement and even felt a subtle disappointment.

Mt. Fire Cloud was still Mt. Fire Cloud, and those two Fire Phoenixes were probably still within it. Then again, he was no longer the 'him' in the past; and everything couldn't be turned back in time.


He kept Big Huang into the spirit beast talisman and burst straight ahead towards Mt. Fire Cloud, using just one hour to ascend to the peak of Mt. Fire Cloud. Looking down at the black vent, Jiang Yi didn't feel any fear this time. He took out a long rope from the Fire Spirit Pearl and threw it down, tying the rope on a giant boulder before jumping into the vent.

There were two Fire Phoenixes below, but Jiang Yi had the Fire Dragon Sword in his hands and also the Fire Spirit Pearl which gave him immunity to flames. With the oppression from the Massacre Intent and the presence of the Fire Spirit Rock as his last resort, he was entirely fearless towards those two Fire Phoenixes.


Grabbing onto the rope, Jiang Yi took out the Fire Dragon Sword, poured the essence force in before thrusting it into the stone wall. Without any surprises, the stone walls which were tough as steel was easily penetrated by the Fire Dragon Sword. The Black Scale Sword was just a spirit artifact which couldn't break the stone wall, but the sharpness of a saint artifact was certainly competent enough.

"Let's go!"

Jiang Yi held onto the ropes and flew down, descending over thousands of meters in a blink of the eye. A red spot appeared from the bottom, and a flush of pungent lime sulfur assaulted his nostrils.


Two loud and clear voices echoed while two red spots suddenly appeared and grew bigger as a heat wave surged upwards. The Fire Dragon Sword and Fire Spirit Pearl immediately lit up, forming transparent protection over Jiang Yi's body, isolating him from the terrifying temperature.


Jiang Yi originally wanted to throw a piece of the Fire Spirit Rock down, but when he felt that the intense flames from the Fire Phoenix could do nothing to him, he naturally didn't want to waste it. He circulated the essence force in his body frenziedly while the Fire Dragon Sword instantly radiated with brilliance, launching out two fire dragons.


The two Fire Phoenix initially prepared fire breaths, but once the two fire dragons appeared, they immediately flew down with fear as they felt mortal danger from the fire dragons.


How fast were the fire dragons again?

The two Fire Phoenix flew up with lightning speed one after the other; how could they abruptly retreat fast enough? Therefore, these two fire dragons easily caught up with the Fire Phoenix on top.

"Chirp-Chirp!" for visiting.

That Fire Phoenix let out a desperate roar, spitting out intense flames from the mouth which clashed with the two fire dragons.


An alarming sound echoed as the fire dragons and the flames clashed, causing a violent explosion. Even the volcano shook for a moment while a heat wave surge in both upward and downward. Jiang Yi's body was sent flying out of the volcano by the powerful shock wave while Fire Phoenix's body was gradually turned into dust at a speed visible to the eye. The other Fire Phoenix was a bit more fortunate, but it was also forced into the lava at the bottom by the powerful shock wave, which gave rise to the surging lava waves.


Jiang Yi flipped a few rounds in mid-air before crash-landing at the vent of the volcano. He was the one who initiated the offense, and the fire dragons were definitely superior to the flames spat out by the Fire Phoenix, which actually suppressed the beast. However, he was still damaged by the powerful shock wave, proving how strong the explosion was.

Of course, this was mainly due to Jiang Yi's strength. The stronger a martial artist's cultivation stage was, the stronger a martial artist's body, speed, and defenses were. If Jiang Yi was now at the Soul Travel Realm, he would definitely not suffer any damage.

The ropes were burst into smithereens by the shock wave. After consuming a recuperation elixir, Jiang Yi had to throw down another rope before jumping into the volcano. The other Fire Phoenix might not be dead, but it certainly suffered severe injuries; therefore, he didn't have any fear.

As expected!

When Jiang Yi leaped down to the lava pit, he saw that the Fire Phoenix was covered in fresh blood while many of the fiery red feathers had fallen off. It was entrenched in the lava and closing its eyes while its body was glowing with red light, absorbing the nearby flames and seemingly using the flames to recuperate.


Jiang Yi's eye turned icy cold, brandishing the Fire Dragon Sword and preparing to slay this Fire Phoenix. He suddenly recalled the scene when he tamed Big Huang. He had an idea after seeing this severely-injured Fire Phoenix. Could he tame it?

He still had two more spirit beast talismans, and this Fire Phoenix could spit flames, which was also a tier-three demonic beast. It might be a lower-graded beast among the tier-three beasts, but if he was to tame it, it would certainly boost his combat strength.

"Tame it?"

As Jiang Yi considered, his eyes glowed brighter while he immediately released his Massacre Intent and utilized the Fire Dragon Sword to put double suppression. He then took out a spirit beast talisman to begin the taming process.

If Jiang Yi's current actions were to be witnessed by the Mt. Spirit Beast College's mentors and elites, they would be extremely shocked before they would scold him as an idiot!

Jiang Yi secluded himself in the college and didn't have much of any common sense or knowledge that only one spirit beast could be tamed. If he was to tame two spirit beasts, the soul essence from the two spirit beasts could clash and have a conflict in Jiang Yi's soul spirit, ultimately causing Jiang Yi's soul spirit to crumble.

When Jiang Yi requested for three spirit beast talisman from Qian Wanguan, he already had the idea of taming a few spirit beasts. Qian Wanguan thought Jiang Yi knew of this general knowledge as no one possessed two spirit beasts in the college, right? Qian Wanguan thought that Jiang Yi was just keeping some backup; hence, he didn't remind him.
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