Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 313

314 Su Ruoxue Is Still Alive?


After the alliance army withdrew, the old monk prepared to withdraw as well. He formed a prayer hand and looked at Jiang Yi, speaking in a solemn voice, "Benefactor Jiang, we shall meet three years later. If you are to enter the demon dao three years later, this Abbot will kill you even if I have to die. I hope you have the heart to persevere and not make a mistake!"


After finishing his statement, Abbot Yanshe bowed lightly to Shui Youlan, Zhuge Qingyun, and the others before walking towards the northwest direction. He must have comprehended a kind of incredible earth attribute dao pattern, which gave him the ability to instant shift. He merely took a few steps to travel over ten miles before he quickly vanished from everyone's sights.

"Jiang Yi, if you have the time, come over to Starfall Island for a chat!" Shui Youlan's projection spoke in the mid-air. Before she finished her statement, her projected image was already gradually vanishing.


The little fox flew down from the Demon Empress and rushed into the Jiang Yi's hands. There was a flash of white light as it sent a message: "Big Brother, are you okay? You nearly scared Xia Fei to death. Fortunately, we made it in time!"

"Young Master!"

Jiang Xiaonu also wanted to come down, but the Demon King was over tens of meters tall. How was she supposed to come down?

When the Demon Empress saw how imperative Jiang Xiaonu was, she smiled and used a single hand to toss Jiang Xiaonu over to Jiang Yi. Her lips moved slightly as she sent a message: "Jiang Yi, this Empress will return first. After you finish settling the things here, quickly go back to Fairy Peak and cultivate. Three years later, I will be leaving the Stellarsky Continent. If you do not have a drastic increase in your strength in three years, and if you do not have the ability to save yourself, then no one in the world can save you!"


The Demon Empress left, but she didn't bring the little fox away while the eighteen Demon Kings didn't follow the Demon Empress either. It was apparent that they were staying behind to protect the little fox. She was confident that no one in this continent dared to harm the little fox anymore.

"Xiaonu, Xiao Fei, wait for a moment!"

Jiang Yi caught Jiang Xiaonu with one hand and handed the little fox to her before he moved towards the giant pit. He wasn't looking good, and his steps staggered as he walked. When he stood at the edge of the deep pit, he closed his eye as though he couldn't bear to take a good look.

Eunuch Wei's palm strike was extremely powerful, and everyone from the Su Clan was extremely frail. Apart from Vajra Realm martial experts, anyone below the fifth stage of Soul Travel Realm would be killed, right? Furthermore, Su Ruoxue was only at the Purple Mansion Realm! If no one came back up after such a long time, it was obvious that everyone had perished.


Jiang Yi bit his lips and took two deep breaths. He stood at the edge of the deep pit and looked down.


After taking a look down, Jiang Yi knitted his brows. This pit was very deep, and even with his insane vision, he was only able to see a blurry image. He could vaguely see many corpses, but there seemed to be a few survivors, and a few of the experts were helping them recuperate?

Could it be that Ruoxue is still alive? How is this possible? for visiting.

Jiang Yi was so emotional that his body shook violently. He could still feel the extreme pain in his chest, but he couldn't be bothered anymore. He leaped and descended.

Alive, alive Ruoxue is still alive!

After flying halfway down, Jiang Yi saw Su Ruoxue seated cross-legged; and a Soul Travel Realm martial artist was transferring essence force to help her recuperate by placing his palms on her back. When Jiang Yi felt the weak aura presence from Su Ruoxue's body, he was instantly ecstatic while his face was filled with disbelief. How was Su Ruoxue still alive after such a formidable attack?


His body landed on the ground as he was looking at Su Ruoxue who still had blood dripping from her mouth, but she was obviously still breathing. His body couldn't stop trembling as he took slow steps towards Su Ruoxue until he stood in front of her and personally touched her delicate face. Only then was he sure that this wasn't a dream.

"Lord Jiang. Her Highness is still alive. She must have been protected by a few of the elderly consecrators at the final moment. Of course she is wearing heaven-artifact armor; otherwise, the princess would already be dead!"

A Soul Travel Realm expert by the side explained in a soft voice while looking at Jiang Yi with eyes of worship and admiration.


There were plenty of Su clansmen who were not dead yet, but Jiang Yi didn't care about them. He gently carried Su Ruoxue and burst upwards as he stepped on the mud walls to borrow strength and fly out. Once he was out of the pit, he immediately looked at the old general and shouted, "Is there any royal physician in the royal palace?"

"Yes! Please follow me, my Lord!"

The Great Xia Kingdom's old general with ash-gray hair nodded quickly. He gave a general beside him some instructions, and that general immediately carried Jiang Xiaonu and followed Jiang Yi into the city.

"That's right"

Jiang Yi ran for a few steps and realized something, as he looked towards Zhuge Qingyun who was in midair. The latter smiled and said, "Jiang Yi, you don't have to bother about me. Go help with Su Ruoxue's treatment. After the things are settled, then bring Ruoxue back to the college. This old man shall return first."

Roar! Roar!

The golden dragon at the bottom seemed to have recovered some of its essence force. It roared out twice and let Zhuge Qingyun rode it as it flew towards Mt. Spirit Beast College. They quickly turned into a small black dot and vanished.

Jiang Xiaonu, who was carrying the little fox, followed Jiang Yi and flew into Summer Rain City. The eighteen Demon Kings were actually not afraid of any mishaps happening to the little fox as they quietly waited outside the city. The remaining generals of the Great Xia Kingdom began to arrange the clean up of the battlefield and treatment of the injured. They also collected the corpses to bury and cremate.

There weren't a lot of soldiers left in the Great Xia Kingdom, which were around 100,000. Many of them were injured, but everyone's faces were brimming with joythe kind of happiness that came from deep within the heart. Many of them looked at Jiang Yi's back view, which was rushing towards Summer Rain City, with eyes that were filled with zealotry and respect.

Jiang Yi had just saved the entire Great Xia Kingdom and everyone present. He was the benefactor of the Great Xia Kingdom, a hero a generational prodigy that was destined to live his name in the history!


There were still some guards left in Summer Rain City, and when they saw the old general sprinting in with Jiang Yi and the others, one of the commanders shouted. There were countless citizens at the north city gate, who all knelt on one knee or both knees. The soldiers all placed a hand on their chest and looked at Jiang Yi with passionate admiration. All of them burst out, shouting without prior arrangements. "Greetings to Lord Jiang!"

"Greetings to Lord Jiang!"

Jiang Yi and the others were still running frantically towards the royal palace. Along the way, all the citizens would kneel and greet with respect. Jiang Yi wasn't a member of the Great Xia Kingdomneither did he have any position, but they were all greeting Jiang Yi as a lord, which were their innermost feelings.

Jiang Yi initially nodded slightly but ignored the others later on. His heart was feeling so urgent that he didn't have the heart to bother about such minor issues. Jiang Xiaonu was being carried by a general and rapidly sprinting, her face was bright red from the emotional sight while the little fox in her hands was extremely happy as it looked around with curiosity.

Soon enough, Jiang Yi and the group rushed into the royal palace, heading straight into Su Ruoxue's Drifting Snow Palace. A few of the royal physicians were already waiting in there. Su Diwang was still in a daze, and so the palace was only guarded by a chief eunuch and a team of guards.

When the royal physicians did a detailed check, they gave the verdict that Su Ruoxue was doing fine but had plenty of broken bonesher inner organs were ruptured as well. She simply needed several months to recover.

After getting the answer from the royal physicians, Jiang Yi sat down on the floor with his butt and immediately fainted. He was severely injured today and had released his Massacre Intent to kill plenty of people. His body was extremely frail, and it was already praiseworthy for him to persevere for such a long time.

The royal physicians quickly began treatment for Jiang Yi. After he was stabilized, Jiang Xiaonu and the little fox were finally relieved. The little fox then sent a message to ask: "Big Sister Xiaonu. Who was that lady that Big Brother was carrying? Why did it feel like they have a very good relationship? Would Big Brother get together with her and don't want us anymore?"

Jiang Xiaonu's eyes turned dark as she quickly forced a smile and replied, "Sister Su must be Young Master's beloved woman. Don't worry, Xiao Fei, even if Young Master has someone he loves, he will not ignore us."

Even though the face was smiling, there was still an indistinct worry on Jiang Xiaonu's brows. It was unconcealable even when the skies in the north of the city were filled with the stench of blood.
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