Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 364

365 Noxious Maggot Bewitchmen

Jiang Yi lay on the bed. Mistress Liu quickly climbed on top of him. She opened her legs and sat on Jiang Yi. Her amorous face came closer. Licking her lips, she was as sexy as a wild cat.

Gulp, Gulp!

Jiang Yi swallowed a few mouthfuls of saliva and stared at the glaring whiteness above his head. He raised one hand slightly. It seemed like he wanted to grab something but was too afraid to do so. Mistress Liu smiled gently and pressed Jiang Yi's hands towards herself.


When Jiang Yi's hands were in the middle of the air, his essence force shone all of a sudden. He clutched Mistress Liu by her neck with one hand while the other hand slammed against Mistress Liu's belly, directly shattering her dantian!


Mistress Liu's dantian was smashed. Before she spat out a mouthful of blood, Jiang Yi jumped up and lifted his hands slightly, tossing Mistress Liu into the air.


Mistress Liu smashed to the wall and bounced back to the ground. Her eyes were full of fear and panic. Then, she gave a shocked expression and looked at Jiang Yi timidly. "Regent, what are you doing? Why did you do such a cruel thing to Mistress Liu?"

Mistress Liu was at the first stage of Soul Travel Realm and at most 24 years old. She had had a promising future, which was destroyed as Jiang Yi shattered her dantian. She just wanted to serve Jiang Yi and did not expect that Jiang Yi would turn into a cold monster within such a short time. He was going to bed with her, but at the next moment, he disabled her with a single move.

"Keep acting!"

Jiang Yi sneered and stood up. He walked in front of Mistress Liu and stood there, looking down at her beautiful face. "Mistress Liu, do you know what discloses your flaws?"

"My flaws?"

Mistress Liu frowned miserably. She was puzzled and asked, "Regent, what're you talking about? Mistress Liu does not understand. Hehe Regent is a powerful person with great strength. If you want my life, I don't dare to resist. Kill me if you want."


Jiang Yi burst into laughter and shouted. "He Lao, come in, lest you accuse me of murdering people of your Zhan Clan indiscriminately."


He Lao had long been alarmed but did not dare to come in. When Jiang Yi said this, he broke in immediately. Seeing the bloody Mistress Liu lie on the ground, he asked in dismay, "Young Master Yi, what's going on?"


Mistress Liu showed a trace of bitterness and laughed grimly. "Nothing is going on. Mistress Liu wanted to serve my lord. Instead of rejecting, he smashed my dantian with one slap. Elder, please execute Mistress Liu. It's my fault. I angered the Regent. I deserve to die."


He Lao glanced at Mistress Liu unemotionally and gave her a kick straight away, sending her flying. She rolled on the wall and spat another mouthful of blood. He Lao said coldly, "Shut up. Did I ask you a question? Hehe pretending to be pitiful? Don't you think I know Young Master Yi? Are you trying to alienate among us?"

He Lao spent more than half of a month with Jiang Yi at the forbidden ground. He would die long ago if it was not for Jiang Yi. He knew Jiang Yi very well. Jiang Yi would not have done so if there was no reason. He Lao would kill an Elder of the Zhan Clam if he bad-mouthed Jiang Yilet alone a deaconess.

Jiang Yi smiled at He Lao faintly and walked in front of Mistress Liu again. He squatted down, looking at her with a smile. "You are still putting on the act till this moment. Though I am young, I am not one of those idiots who get easily seduced by women. You didn't give the map to He Lao, but came to me instead? In the middle of the night? Wearing so revealingly to show you are slutty?

"What's your position, and what's my position? I have told you to leave me alone since the beginning, but you stayed and begged to sleep with me? Will a normal deaconess dare to go against their superiors? The Zhan Clan has a long history and strict rules. You should have known these as you are raised in the Zhan Clan from a young age. These are your flaws."


Mistress Liu smiled sadly and closed her eyes. "He who has a mind to beat his dog will easily find his stick. Mistress Liu admires the Regent and is determined to have a good time with the Regent before she dies. So I took the liberty to do so. I didn't know it would be a crime. Never mind. The Regent can kill Mistress Liu. I will not hold any grudge."


Jiang Yi burst into laughter and said, "It seems like you don't shed tears until seeing the coffin. Your perfume is very magical. It must be given by your true master behind the scene. If I did not have some abilities, I'm afraid I would have fallen for your trick. However, you have not done sufficient homework and probably don't know that I do not fear soul spirit attacks at all!"


Mistress Liu's face turned pale instantly. It was obvious that Jiang Yi saw through her plots.

There were reasons for hitting Mistress Liu so hard. Just now, Jiang Yi's Fire Spirit Pearl suddenly lit up. Unknown energy entered his soul which brightened the golden light in his soul.

The Fire Spirit Pearl protected the master spontaneously. It must be Mistress Liu who was attacking his soul discreetly. He realized there was something wrong with Mistress Liu's perfume and naturally acted without hesitation!


He Lao rushed to Mistress Liu and poked her chin and throat with one hand. He held her mouth and took a transparent pill from inside. He sneered. "Want to commit suicide? No way!"

He lifted Mistress Liu single-handedly. He walked towards the door and said, "Young Master Yi, you have some rest first and wait for me to examine this matter. Please be assured. With Zhan Clan's unique Soul-Searching secret arts, I will find out everything in no time."


Jiang Yi nodded, but his face darkened.

Mistress Liu, who was the No.1 deaconess of the Zhan Clan in the Heaven Mystics Kingdom, was controlled by others? Their whereabouts were completely known to the people behind Mistress Liu. In other words if someone reported this to the King of Heaven Mystics Kingdom, there might be an army marching towards them at any time.

This isn't right!

He soon realized that the King of Heaven Mystics Kingdom shouldn't know about this; otherwise, the Grandma Silver Flower would have already been here.

The people behind Mistress Liu should belong to the evil sorcery lineage. That was why they were also afraid of letting the King of Heaven Mystics Kingdom knew about this matter. Otherwise, their plans of murdering Yun Fei and Yun Xian would be revealed as well. So, they sent Mistress Liu to secretly plot against him.

Since the people of the evil sorcery lineage did not dare to tell the King of Heaven Mystics Kingdom about their arrival at the Mystic Heaven City, tomorrow's plans could still be carried out. As long as the King of Heaven Mystics Kingdom would lead most of the martial experts out of the city and ask Grandma Silver Flower to go with him, Jiang Yi would not be frightened by the men of the evil sorcery lineage. In the waste case he would cleanse the Mystic Heaven City with blood. for visiting.

"Young Master Yi!"

When Jiang Yi was pondering, He Lao strode in before saying solemnly, "The results of the interrogation are clear. Mistress Liu was bewitched by noxious maggots two months ago. There is another subdeacon who is also bewitched. The rest are loyal. Thankfully, Young Master Yi is smart and perceptive. Otherwise, we won't even know what gets us killed!"

Jiang Yi felt lucky as well. If he did not have the Fire Spirit Pearl, he would have been fooled without knowing. He might be bewitched by the Witch Empress's noxious maggots and become her puppet.

"This is going to be troublesome"

He Lao scratched his head and sighed. "The Witch Empress has known all our whereabouts and plans. Even this plan was made by the Witch Empress in the first place. Clearly, it is a trap. It is likely that the Witch Empress deliberately leaked the information to our Zhan Clan and lured our martial experts to die. No way we need to leave this place immediately before it's too late."

"What are you panicking for?"

Jiang Yi shouted coldly and wave. "Don't be in a hurry. Let me think first. There may be a turn. Maybe we can turn the Witch Empress' trick to our own use"

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