Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 466

467 Come At Me If You Arent Convinced

Grandma Silver Flower actually came?

Not only Su Ruoxue was surprised, but even Xiao Longwang and the others were astonished. The alliance army was attacking the Great Xia Kingdom and came here to kill Jiang Yi. It was fine if the Heaven Mystics Kingdom didn't join the alliance army, but they actually openly assisted Jiang Yi? Weren't they afraid that the alliance army would kill Jiang Yi and conveniently eradicate the Heaven Mystics Kingdom as well?

It was known that this alliance wasn't merely the joint attack of the various factions; it was actually instigated by the Martial Arts Hall behind the scenes. The Martial Arts Hall might not have given the order for the kingdoms to attack; neither did they join the battle. They had provided the information that the Demon Empress had left and even pressured the Water Moon Observatory and the Great Zen Monastery. What did this mean? It meant that the Martial Arts Hall wanted Jiang Yi to die, right? Now that Grandma Silver Flower had appeared, they were in a pace to go against the Martial Arts Hall!

Grandma Silver Flower wasn't tremendously powerful, and her appearance wouldn't turn the tide. Instead, it would bring the Heaven Mystics Kingdom an imminent disaster. Hence, the reason why Xiao Longwang and the others were astonished and doubtful.

Xiao Longwang used his halberd to cleave at the Yazi Beast's sharp claw and repel it. He then sneered and said to Grandma Silver Flower, "Crazy old woman. Was your head kicked by a donkey? Get lost immediately, or else your Heaven Mystics Kingdom will be annihilated as well."


Grandma Silver Flower laughed faintly and said indifferently, "Xiao Longwang, you are mistaken. I am not from the Heaven Mystics Kingdom. Three days ago, this old one has already been banished from the Heaven Mystics Kingdom by Yun Qingtian. The Heaven Mystics Kingdom has already sent out the notice, and this old one is no longer related with the Heaven Mystics Kingdom anymore. Jiang Yi and this old one are on rather good terms, so this old one wants to help him kill a few brigands! There is no problem, right?"


Xiao Longwang, Sha Di, and Su Ruoxue were speechless while silently respecting Yun Qingtian's boldness. The Heaven Mystics Kingdom only had one Vajra Realm martial expert, and he had forsaken her just like this. Did he think that Jiang Yi was still able to win this time? In order to strike up good ties with Jiang Yi, they risked sending a Vajra Realm martial expert to die?

"Crazy old woman, if you aren't afraid of death, then come!" Xiao Longwang didn't want to talk so much. He pointed his halberd at Grandma Silver Flower while Sha Di continued the bitter struggle with the Yazi Beast.

"Xiao Longwang, I heard that you are quite formidable, but this old one didn't have the chance to experience it. Today, I will accompany you for a good battle!"

Grandma Silver Flower flew high into the sky. Her strength among the Vajra Realm martial experts wasn't considered strong. If she dared to fight against Xiao Longwang, it meant that she was obviously prepared to fall today.

"Hmph, if you wish to die, this King shall fulfill your wish!"

Xiao Longwang's body turned into a stream of light and burst up to a higher altitude. The two of them quickly turned into two black spots and vanished from everyone's vision. Sha Di yelled out and flew up as well while the Yazi Beast quickly followed behind. There were soldiers from both sides on the ground, and they were inevitably restrained to be fighting here. Right now, it was a solo fight; and it was better for them to go all out in the sky above.

Boom! Boom!

Once the martial experts vanished into higher altitude, the battle on the ground grew increasingly intense. The casualties on the Great Xia Kingdom's side got worst. The thousands of Soul Travel Realm experts from the alliance army were like ferocious tigers which were unstoppable. The Great Xia Kingdom 300,000-strong army was now left to less than 100,000. Their 3000 Soul Travel Realm experts were now left to a few hundred. These Soul Travel Realm experts who relied on the celestial stones were too weak.


One of the Soul Travel Realm experts released an essence force attack on a section of the city wall, which caused the thick and tall city walls to suddenly collapse. A huge gap was opened up, and a few Soul Travel Realm experts quickly rushed in to kill the leftover soldiers in the city.


Another section of the city wall was blasted apart, and numerous Soul Travel Realm experts rushed into the city. The city was finally broken through.

"Broken it's broken!"

Su Ruoxue looked at the Great Xia Kingdom's army which was constantly retreating yet getting killed. She looked at the enemy's army which was flocking in. Finally, she looked at the destroyed city walls and had this deep sorrow in her eyes. She was still unable to defend the Great Xia Kingdom, the Su Clan was ultimately unable to protect their citizens, and the Great Xia Kingdom was about to be vanquished.

"King Father, Su Clan's ancestors Ruoxue is incapable and unable to guard the Great Xia Kingdom. Ruoxue only choice is to go and accompany all of you. Jiang Lang I'm sorry! If there is a next life, Ruoxue will still be your wife."

Two streams of tears flowed down from Su Ruoxue's eyes. Summer Rain City had been destroyed; her heart was dead, too. Her eyes lit up with purple light as she shot out the Purple Charm Divine Light to kill some enemy troops.

Bang! Bang! Bang!


Tremors shook from the northeast as two muffled footsteps echoed. Two mountain-like giant figures appeared on the horizon, and it was actually two gigantic demonic beasts. Judging from their size, they were definitely of demon king class.

The two demon kings didn't fly and simply rushed over in large steps. Every step was enough to travel 300 meters, and after a few blinks of the eye, they arrived at the north of Summer Rain City. Their fierce and severe aura presences enveloped all the armies in the northern part of the city.

Demon kings from Mt. Thirty Thousand!

Su Ruoxue revealed a trace of ecstasy in her eyes. They didn't know that the Demon Empress had left, and when they saw the two familiar demon kings, they assumed that the Demon Empress was coming as well.

The armies which were locked in intensive battle suddenly stopped. These two demon kings could effortlessly kill everyone here, and most importantlyif the demon kings were here, would the Demon Empress be far away? Once the Demon Empress arrived, this battle would be ended.

Roar! Roar!

Of the two demon kings that arrived, one of them was completely blood red in color and had a bear's head with panther's body. It was the demon king that the little fox named 'Xiao Hong'. It came along with another demon king and didn't say anything as they simply rushed into the enemy with while sweeping their arms across, instantly ripping two Soul Travel Realm experts into pieces.

"All troops retreat and defend!"

Su Ruoxue was going to risk her life in a final struggle, but when she saw the turn of events, she immediately ordered the soldiers from the Great Xia Kingdom to retreatto avoid being accidentally killed by the two demon kings.

Swish! Swish!

When the Great Xia Kingdom's soldiers retreated back into the city walls, the alliance army had panicked. The two demon kings were powerful, and their defenses were so tough that peak-stage Soul Travel Realm experts found it hard to even damage them. If these two demon kings went on a rampage, all 4000 of the Soul Travel Realm experts would probably fall in less than 30 minutes.


Four figures appeared from the north. One of them was sitting on a wheelchair, and it was apparently Xia Tingwei. The other three were the Saint Spirit Kingdom's Old Marshal, Azure Dragon College's Principal Yu, and the flirtatious woman from the Centaurea College. When the two demon kings unexpectedly appeared, they couldn't conceal themselves anymore; otherwise, these thousands of Soul Travel Realm experts would be wiped out.

"You two beasts aren't going to stop? You are openly attacking the human race's army. Are you trying to ruin the vow? Are the demonic beasts in Mt. Thirty Thousand prepared to start a war with the human race?"

Principal Yu yelled out sternly from a distance. He had an extremely gloomy expression, and his body was bursting with ferocious presence. His speech was overwhelming and righteous.

The two demon kings didn't stop and continued their slaughter. That blood red demon king swept its eyes across the human martial experts; it then grinned and spoke in a muffled voice, "This king and the White Ape will not belong to Mt. Thirty Thousand from today onwards; neither do we represent the demon race in Mt. Thirty Thousand. Today's actions are purely voluntary. This King is just unhappy with you using numbers to overwhelm your enemy. Come at me if you aren't convinced."


Su Ruoxue and the Great Xia Kingdom's experts were moved and disappointed at the same time. If the two demon kings didn't represent Mt. Thirty Thousand's demon race, it meant that the Demon Empress didn't intend on showing herself. This two demon kings had broken off their ties with the demon race to help them, purely because of their relationship with Jiang Yi.

In fact, Su Ruoxue and her people didn't know that the Demon Empress had left, and Mt. Thirty Thousand was without a ruler. The 18 demon kings had each occupied a territory and declared themselves as kings. This time, when the alliance army attacked the Great Xia Kingdom, the other demon kings naturally didn't dare to act recklessly without the Demon Empress. These two demon kings were on good terms with the little fox, and right now, the little fox was following Jiang Yi. Thus, the reason why they were risking their lives to come provide assistance.


Xia Tingwei let out a cold grin. He was sitting on the wheelchair, and his lower body was covered by a long robe. However, it was obvious that his lower half was empty as his lower legs were gone. With a swing of both his arms, his wheelchair turned into an aurora as he rushed at the blood red demon king.

"Kill!" for visiting.

Since the battle was already at this phase; neither side could back away cowardly. Despite the fact that Jiang Yi had yet to appear, they still had to join the battle first.

Immediately after, the Old Marshal from the Saint Spirit Kingdom, Principal Yu, and the flirtatious woman from Centaurea Collegeall turned into three streams of light and rushed at the two demon kings.
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