Fury Towards The Burning Heaven Chapter 487

488 Ominous Man


The Great Xia Kingdom army was shimmering with excitement. The 500,000 West Garrison Troops surrendered? This was nearly half of the army of the Divine Martial Kingdom, and the West Garrison Army was known to be valiant.

Jiang Rentu!

General Su and the rest looked at one another and suddenly realized something.

Jiang Yi, however, was hesitant. Jiang Rentu didn't report his military position or call Jiang Yi master. Instead, he said 'Regent'. The rest of the sentence also looked like he was surrendering to the Great Xia Kingdom, but not to Jiang Yi.

Most importantly, they killed those generals who were Soul Travel Realm martial artists and clearly were not the descendants of great clans in the Divine Martial Kingdom. They were either from the Taishi Clan or the Long Clan. Jiang Rentu's surrender was thorough; he didn't leave any room to fall back.

If it was other people or another army, Jiang Yi might not worry so much. The problem was this was the army of Jiang Bieli!

Jiang Bieli disappeared mysteriously, followed by the Jiang Clan. He was a master of incredible wisdom. What if he was plotting something? Jiang Yi might be killed by him.

"Young Master!"

Jiang Rentu suddenly said, "When the Liege Lord went away, he left a word. He said he had wronged you and your mother, and he would never blame you no matter how you resent, hate, or even want to kill him. He has done a lot of things wrong over these years, and so he wants to make up for it. He took the Jiang Clansmen with him to arrange the way to escape. These 500,000 West Garrison Troops were a gift to you."

Jiang Yi was stumped for words. In retrospect, during the battle in the Monarch Citywhen Xia Tingwei was about to execute him, Jiang Bieli rushed from the royal palace; and his face was full of misery and torment. When Jiang Yi killed Eunuch Lin, Jiang Bieli didn't take any action but mutilated himself in the end. For no reason, Jiang Yi believed that Jiang Bieli would not hurt him this time.


He decided to trust Jiang Bieli. He shouted in a deep voice, "I, representing the Great Xia Kingdom, accept the surrender of General Rentu!"

Without shedding any blood, Jiang Yi took over the Divine Night City. Emboldened by his ability, Jiang Yi asked the 100,000 troops to camp outside the city. He entered the city and spent the night there alone. The next day, the 500,000 West Garrison Troops marched towards the east side of the city from five directions. Jiang Yi's 600,000 troops were also divided into five subdivisions. All headed to the north like ten mad dragons.

The Divine Martial Kingdom was shaken by the news. There was also an earthquake in Monarch City.

Xia Tian burst out cursing and was completely desperate. He asked the rest of the kingdoms, the Azure Dragon Empire, and the Martial Arts Hall for help, but he never heard of the replies. No one responded to his call.

The West Garrison Army seemed to surrender to Jiang Yi wholeheartedly. They seized cities and took territories along the way. In only ten days, they swept across nearly 100 cities in the east of the Divine Martial Kingdom. If the city failed to surrender, they killed everyone there without further negotiations.

In 19 days!

In only 19 days, the east, south, and central parts of the Divine Martial Kingdom all fell into Jiang Yi's hands. Very few cities fought back. Basically, most cities surrendered the moment that the army arrived. Jiang Yi's 600,000 troops had turned into 1.3 million.

Xia Tian ordered the remaining small army of the Divine Martial Kingdom to gather back at the Monarch City, waiting for the final battle.

On the 25th day, the ten subdivisions conquered all the cities of the Divine Martial Kingdom and assembled in the Monarch City.

Jiang Yi was riding on the Yazi Beast and looking at the army below. Though he appeared to be indifferent and calm, he was experiencing a lot of emotions deep down.

Back then, when the Summer Rain City was besieged by an army of one million soldiers, he stood against them all by himself. Now, the tables had turned. Today, he led the one million troops to the Monarch City.

"Jiang Yi, bastard traitor! Even if I have to risk the lives of all my men, I will fight you to the end! Kill!"

Xia Tian still had some dignity and didn't run away. Instead, he went onto the south gate wall with Zhangsun Yan, the Taishi Clansmen, and the Long Clansmen. In a dragon robe, he held the Imperial Sword on his hand, full of heroic spirit.

"Kill, kill, kill!"

The men who stayed in the Monarch City were loyal to the Divine Martial Kingdom and were under the command of the Xia Clan, the Taishi Clan, and the Long clan. Thus, they would naturally never surrender. Right now, they roared, bearing the determination to die.


Jiang Yi didn't persuade them to surrender; he didn't even bother to say another word. He waved his hand to signal Grandma Silver Flower who was suspended in mid-air. She followed the army and flew into the Monarch City slowly. With Jiang Yi on her back, she had absolutely no fear.


Jiang Rentu burst into shouting. The West Garrison Army rushed forward like a swarm of locusts. Both sides didn't release any essence force attack and chose to engage in hand-to-hand combat.

Soon, the two armies entangled with each other. Weapons started to yield, and blood started to be spilled. The Monarch City turned into a slaughterhouse.


At this moment, a sudden scream broke out inside the city. Thousands of crack troops rushed out from several courtyards. They marched to the back of Xia Tian and his group like a sharp sword.

Jiang Yi was not surprised at all. He only nodded at Grandma Silver Flower who instantly raised her aura and sprinted to Xia Tian like a goshawk.

The men within the city were obviously from the Zhan Clan, the Qian Clan, and the Ying clan. Jiang Yi had already received the information that as soon as the fight broke out, the three clans would defect; and the hidden elite forces would surge out.

There was no suspense in the battle, and nothing accidental happened!

When Grandma Silver Flower stroke, Xia Tian and the group had no choice but to wait for their death. Zhangsun Yan and the Clan Heads of the Taishi Clan and the Long Clan didn't flee. They had already made arrangement for their descendants to escape. Jiang Yi would never let them go, and so instead of fleeing like dogs, they preferred to fight till the last moment, with pride and dignity.

"Jiang Yi, I'll haunt you even if I have to turn into an evil spirit!"

Xia Tian's awful shriek at his dying moment echoed in the field. Jiang Yi looked apathetic as if he never heard it. After Xia Tian died, the remaining 400,000 troops finally became scared. One general yelled, "Stop! We surrender!"

Jiang Yi didn't say a word. Jiang Rentu grinned; the scars wriggled on his face like a centipede. He shouted, "Kill! Spare no man!"


Grandma Silver Flower continued to let out palm strikes in mid-air. Hundreds of men died every time. If Jiang Yi didn't say anything, all of these troops had to die.

The battle went on for six hours.

All the 400,000 troops who stayed in the Monarch City of the Divine Martial Kingdom were slaughtered, with no exception. Jiang Yi didn't move or speak throughout the process. He stood erect on the Yazi Beast in the sky like a statue.

He was not a man who enjoyed killing.

However, he was extremely ruthless this time. The Divine Martial Kingdom's army begged for mercy many times, but he didn't say anything. Jiang Rentu and the rest had no choice but to continue the massacre.

It was clear to Jiang Rentu, Grandma Silver Flower, and many generals. Jiang Yi wanted to send a message to the world; with these 400,000 heads, he showed his wrath.

Just like how dragons had reverse scales which would cause death upon contact, one would definitely get themselves killed if they rubbed them in the wrong way!

Su Ruoxue, Jiang Xiaonu, and Jiang Yunhai were his reverse scales. If they were not released, Jiang Yi didn't mind letting more people die and turning the whole continent into bloody red.

The Monarch City was conquered, and all of Xia Clansmen who remained in the city were killed. Still, many descendants of the Xia Clan were missing, including Xia Feiyu. All the Taishi Clansmen, Long Clansmen, and Zhangsun Clansmen who remained in the city were killed. The Divine Martial Kingdom was overthrown, and it vanished from history.

Jiang Yi announced that the Saint Spirit Kingdom was his next target. If there was still no news on Jiang Xiaonu and the group, he would dispatch troops to attack the Saint Spirit Kingdom. This time, he wouldn't accept any surrender. He wouldn't murder any civilians, but he would kill all the Saint Spirit Kingdom troops without questions!

The founding abbot of the Great Zen Monastery once said: his alms bowl was embedded with the Nine Yang Buddha Seal. Whoever could destroy this alms bowl would either be an ominous man or a man of virtue.

Obviously, Jiang Yi was the former!

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