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  • Gate Guardian Song Of The Frozen Soul

  • Genres : romancecomedy -  funny lead -  modern fantasy
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Gate Guardian Song Of The Frozen Soul summary:

Since the beginning of time, the world has been the slaughtering ground of the Eidolons; mysterious beings from a parallel universe that contaminates the mind of the people to commit deadly sins. In an ambitious struggle to put an end to this evil corruption, warriors with extraordinary abilities; the Gate Guardians relentlessly fight these monsters.One day, Alaric ceases to become a regular high school student - He becomes trapped in the crevice of dimensions and suddenly attacked by an Eidolon. Coming to his rescue just in time is a Gate Guardian named Tiara, his weird new classmate.So now, he is stuck with this clumsy maiden who swore to protect him from these extradimensional monsters!A wacky romance between the two will start to unfold!But unbeknownst to them, a much darker force lurks in the shadows that will lead to Tiara’s brutal murder...This is a song of love.This is a song of hope.This is a song of laughters.This is a song of tears.This is the Song of the Frozen Soul.Donate Paypal paypal.me/https://www.paypal.me/archlordzero

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