Genius Doctor Black Belly Miss Chapter 2084

"When did that fella Poppy come back? To think that he didn't even come say hello to this great lord me. All of you don't even touch him! Ay ay ay! You are still gonna fight? Ptui! Don't you know that only your great lord here is the only one that can beat him up! ?" A handsome muscle bound man shouted, and charged right onto the battlefield, his powerful limbs strong enough to crush all the enemies that came near him, the sharp blades slashing upon his body only making dull sounds, unable to hurt him at all.

In a blink, having just those few Plant Spirits join the fray brought about a huge turn in the tide of battle.

The number of Plant Spirits had always been the fewest in the Spirit World but just pull any single one of them out and they were all be demons who possess powers that could stand against a hundred. With them participating in the battle, the vigor of the human spirits and Weapon Spirits were quickly subdued, and the Beast Spirits finally got themselves some breathing space.

"Poppy, getting your face all battered and bruised by a bunch of such useless trash wouldn't look good on you as you know that that dumb looking face of yours can only be punched up by your great lord here." The towering man said as he charged to come beside Poppy, laughing haughtily.

Poppy was slightly taken aback, and he could not help but laughed a bitter laugh, but before he could say anything, another human spirit was already charging towards him.

"Wada!" The man delivered a heavy punch right onto the human spirit, making his see stars.

"Don't get distracted, once there's a chance, I will bash you up as well!" The man harrumphed derisively.

Poppy shrugged his shoulders and replied: "You wouldn't have that opportunity." And he embarked on another killing spree.

The situation on the battlefield took a turn for the better and Jun Wu Xie was finally able to pull herself away. She spotted the figure of Jiang Yun Long among the chaotic battle and suddenly went charging over.

As Wu Jiu's First Disciple, among all the human spirits, Jiang Yun Long's power was inferior only to Wu Jiu, and he had already attained the realm of Spirit Outflare. He carried out wanton slaughter upon the battlefield arrogantly as he reached his hand out to throttle a wolf type Beast Spirit, his eyes filled with cruelty.

"An animal who does not know its place." He tugged sharply with his hands, to tear the wolf type Beast Spirit apart into halves, the broken spirit of the wolf type Beast Spirit dissipating in his hands as the edges of his mouth curled into a bloodthirsty arc.

"Jiang Yun Long!"

Suddenly hearing his own name, Jiang Yun Long immediately turned his head and tried to focus his eyes. Before he could even see the person approaching clearly, he saw a black shadow hurtling right towards his face and he immediately raised his arms to block.

A powerful kick struck Jiang Yun Long right upon his arm, where even he was pushed back a few steps from the power of the strike.

"Jun Wu Xie!" Jiang Yun Long narrowed his eyes. When he saw Jun Wu Xie that had appeared before him, he gritted his teeth and cursed in a low voice.

" Haven't you always wanted to catch me? I am standing here right now, so you can give it a try." Jun Wu Xie said with a sneering smile, her eyes haughty.

Jiang Yun Long snorted contemptuously and he clenched his fists tight as he stared at Jun Wu Xie whose tricky escapes had caused him to suffer quite a bit of admonishment. Fiery rage then shot up with a swoosh in his heart.

"Jun Wu Xie, you have come courting death here. I have not taken the time out to deal with you yet and here you have come delivering yourself up to me. I will make you regret everything that you have done." Jiang Yun Long said and then suddenly pushed his power of the spirit to flare out from his body, as he stared at Jun Wu Xie arrogantly.

"I will soon make you realize your own stupidity. Spirit Outflare is not something mere trash like you would be able to stand against but unfortunately you already do not have the chance to regret it."

"Spirit Outflare?" The corners of Jun Wu Xie's mouth curled up derisively. She stretched out a hand, and grey mist immediately swirled around her body. She raised her chin up slightly to look at the arrogant Jiang Yun Long indifferently and said in such an highly aggravating tone: "Is it all that great?"
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