Ghost Emperor Wild Wife Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1095

“I understand,” After Milk Tea replied, he turned toward those people before him. “Hey, why aren’t you leaving? I’ve never seen people so shameless like you in my entire life. My lord has asked you to leave several times but you’re still here.”

Ou Ya furrowed her brows and spoke impatiently, “You’re merely a child, yet you dare to be so disrespectful towards me? Get lost since there’s no place for you to interrupt when adults are talking.”

In Ou Ya’s eyes, since Milk Tea was so respectful to Yun Luofeng she thought that he must be her plaything. She felt defiled just from talking to him.

Rage and fury emerged in Milk Tea’s eyes and a gale abruptly rose. His thin body was standing at the center of the gale and seemed to be getting thinner.


Suddenly, Milk Tea opened his mouth and gave a loud shout. In that instant, Ou Lin’s expression suddenly paled, as if receiving a strong blow on his chest and his footsteps retreated.

In any case, Ou Lin was a god-level low-ranked cultivator and so he did not suffer any injuries, but Ou Ya was not as fortunate. She directly flew up and was flung out, crashing among the crowd outside with a bang.

There were many people in Endless City who recognized Ou Ya. Currently, after witnessing Ou Ya flying out from the courtyard, they unconsciously stood beside her and pointed while softly whispering.

“Isn’t this the young miss of the Ou Family? Why is she here?”

“I heard that Nangong Yunyi recently lost interest in the Ou Family’s miss and changed to like the master of this house! Could it be that the Ou Family’s miss is here to get even with her?”

“I doubt it. I heard that the Ou Family’s miss has always disdained Nangong Yunyi.”

“You wouldn’t understand. It’s her affair if she doesn’t like Nangong Yunyi but that doesn’t mean she would be willing for the man chasing her to have a change of affection!”

Hearing these discussions, Ou Ya nearly spat out blood due to rage. Yet against all expectations, Milk Tea came out at this moment and spat at her.

“Pui. It was you who didn’t want Nangong Yunyi at the start and right now, because the Nangong Family’s young master is getting close to my master, you’re here to force them to end their relationship?” Milk Tea spoke emotionally, as if this was true. “Everyone, this young lady of the Ou Family is extremely ruthless. She came to find my master and declared that if my master didn’t cut off her relationship with the Nangong young master, she would kill my master. Please be the judge between right and wrong! This young lady of the Ou Family is extremely shameless!”

Ou Ya furiously shouted. “Don’t spout nonsense. When have I ever come here because of Nangong Yunyi?!”

Milk Tea chuckled. “Then why are you here to look for my master?” Having heard what was said, Ou Ya was suddenly unable to speak.

Could it be that she had to say she came here to try to recruit Yun Luofeng and had failed, so she was thrown out?

If this matter were to be spread, the Ou Family would definitely be reduced to a laughing stock! Thinking of this, Ou Ya clenched her teeth without speaking.

Yet at this moment, she spotted Nangong Yunyi among the crowd and felt joy as she hurriedly asked, “Young Master Nangong, please stand out and explain for me. This matter isn’t as what they are saying!”

In that instant, everyone’s gaze gathered on Nangong Yunyi.

Nangong Yunyi was confused, not understanding what had happened. He scratched the back of his head. “I came here to look for Yun Luofeng and what are you all doing here? Oh right, Ou Ya, why are you on the ground? Could it be that you came looking for trouble with Yun Luofeng but got beaten up?”

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