God Emperor Chapter 340

The area surrounding the Dragon Tomb was permeated with weird power. It blocked out the powerful water pressure from the river water. Even though Yan Siming had died and lost the protection of his Celestial Bodyshield, his body was not smashed by the water pressure.

The Black Market warriors were frightened. Yan Siming had been famous for five years and was one of the leaders among the younger generation in the black market. And yet, he’d been killed by a young woman with just one sword stab.

When had the Internal Academy of the School of the Martial Market cultivated so many young masters?

One Zhang Ruochen was already very frightening. And now, there was one more.

If one were to compare Huang Yanchen to Yan Siming before she’d had the Dragon’s Blood, they were about the same.

As for now, Huang Yanchen’s cultivation was one realm higher than Yan Siming’s. And she had more talent than him as well, it certainly was not hard to kill Yan Siming.

Di Yi’s look turned cold as he watched her. He was preparing to rush over and kill her.


Zhang Ruochen’s figure flashed and stood face to face with Di Yi. He stopped him and said, “Di Yi, your opponent is me!”

“Zhang Ruochen, you really do have some ability. I underestimated you before!”

Di Yi clenched his ten fingers and suppressed his anger, trying hard to control his emotions.

Zhang Ruochen was no ordinary opponent. Di Yi did not dare to look down upon his enemy. He must be very careful otherwise he might fail miserably at a very easy task.

They stood facing each other, carefully watching each other’s every little movement. Their Spiritual Power were totally released and the momentum kept rising.

The Genuine Qi in their bodies rushed out of their heads, rising up like two tall mountains.

Both of them stepped out almost at the same time, slowly approaching each other.


Di Yi took a step forward. Suddenly the ground moved, and a wave came forth. The Heaven and Earth Spiritual Qi shook violently.

The Genuine Qi in his body had fused with the Spiritual Qi of heaven and earth. When he moved, the ground would shake violently.

Zhang Ruochen also took a step forward. It was not as powerful as Di Yi’s, but his footwork was in a wonderful and regular pattern, without any flaws.

When one’s cultivation had reached their realm, the key to success was one’s state when fighting.

If one was not in a good state, he or she might be defeated by an opponent in the same realm within a few movements.

They paid serious attention to each other. They had to be very careful and try their best to make the other reveal a flaw. Then one could then take the chance to have the upper hand.

While Zhang Ruochen and Di Yi stood face to face, Si Xingkong, Chang Qiqi, Duanmu Xingling, and Chen Xier made a Combined Attack formation. They had already clashed with the Black Market warriors’ formation of a Thousand Knives and Stars.

Among the 236 warriors of the Black Market, there were 18 masters at the Initial Stage of the Heaven Realm. The rest were all at the Completion of the Earth Realm.

So many masters gathered together. 236 light columns burst out from the array. Everyone’s power seemed to accumulate in the center of the light column.

“A Thousand Wind-making Knives!”

In their formation, the 236 warriors roared together, continuously infusing their Genuine Qi into the Formation Jade. Inscriptions of Array gathered together, making thousands of Qi knives.

Some of the Qi knives were more than 33 meters long, like knife waves. Some were only four inches long, like flying knives with white light. All of the Qi knives gathered together, forming a knife river. They slashed toward Si Xingkong and the others.

Si Xingkong stood in the formation, holding a golden dagger. With the combined power of four people, all the inscriptions on the golden dagger were activated.


He raised both of his arms and swung suddenly.

The golden dagger turned into a giant knife dozens of meters long, chopping toward the river. It broke the Thousand Knives and Stars Formation.

Chen Xier was very happy, “Continue to attack! Destroy the formation!”

Si Xingkong, Chang Qiqi, Duanmu Xingling, and Chen Xier were top masters among the warriors at the Heaven Realm. Every one of them was a master like Jin Chuan.

The Combined Attack formed by these four people was flat and round. It kept turning like a giant millstone. It squeezed into the Thousand Knives and Stars Formation.


Si Xingkong continued to chop with his golden dagger. He applied the power of the tenth level Genuine Martial Arms.

The Black Market warriors in the Thousand Knives and Stars Formation were not bad either. Everyone was a master. They struck out their knives of Qi continuously and fiercely fought against Si Xingkong and the others.

Zhang Ruochen and Di Yi were also quite nervous. After all, the fight between the warriors of the black market and four people including Si Xingkong would affect their final fight.

If the Thousand Knives and Stars Formation defeated the Combined Attack formed by the four people, then the warriors of the Black Market would come over to help Di Yi, suppressing Zhang Ruochen.

If the Combined Attack formed by the four people including Si Xingkong defeated the Thousand Knives and Stars Formation, then the four people including Huang Yanchen and Zi Qian would come over to help Zhang Ruochen, killing Di Yi.

Hence, two arrays were in a frontal crash. They could determine the life and death on both sides.


A loud bang came out of the area where two arrays were located.

Under the fierce attack of Si Xingkong, Chang Qiqi, Duanmu Xingling, and Chen Xier, the Thousand Knives and Stars Formation was finally broken. The warriors of the Black Market flew back.

Among the 236 warriors of the black market, at least 20 were killed by the knife energy of Si Xingkong’s golden dagger. Their bodies were sliced up and turned into stumps.

Si Xingkong, Chang Qiqi, Duanmu Xingling, and Chen Xier dashed out, striking out martial techniques. They started to kill their opponents, preventing them from gathering together to form a new array.

No one had expected Zhang Ruochen and his team to be so powerful. Every one of them was an extraordinary master. Within a short time, they had dismissed Di Yi’s carefully constructed killing formation.

It was as if they were all top conquerors of the Saint Academy.

Di Yi turned serious and secretly cursed the useless craps. A formation formed by more than 200 warriors could not hold back four people. If they were not useless craps, then what were they?

Di Yi was reduced to complete passivity.

Originally, they had already set up a far-flung network and wanted to kill these students of School of the Martial Market. Unexpectedly, Zhang Ruochen easily broke it.

Without the array, the warriors of the Black Market were defenseless in front of Si Xingkong and the others.

Only 15 minutes had passed. There were nearly 100 bodies.

The river water turned red. There were several stumps at the bottom of the river. It was like a horrible genie world. It was not for the faint of heart.

Zhang Ruochen acutely observed that Di Yi’s mood had changed. He rushed out rapidly. He was in front of Di Yi in a second. He chopped at Di Yi’s legs with his sword.

It was all done in one swift motion.

Di Yi knew that he had lost the chance to attack first. He would not confront with Zhang Ruochen directly. He stood back decisively, avoiding the sword.


Zhang Ruochen made several movements and charged forward three steps. He chopped the sword again, this time at Di Yi’s neck.

Di Yi stretched out his hands to hold it back.


The 3,000-kilogram Abyss Ancient Sword struck Di Yi’s gloves, sending him backward.

If Di Yi wanted to change his situation, he had to counterattack.

“Ghost King Seal.”

Di Yi pinched his middle finger, forming a seal. He struck out with one claw. A four-meter-long black claw print attacked Zhang Ruochen.

The claw print was not like a human hand; it was more like a dragon claw. It also looked like a ghost hand or magical palm.

This was a movement from Hell Ghost King Claw.

Zhang Ruochen’s glabella emitted light. The Heart of the Sword in his Qi Sea was spinning. Power of Sword Comprehension released and controlled the Abyss Ancient Sword.

“Shatter for me!”

Zhang Ruochen’s forefinger and middle finger were extended together, creating a sword skill.

The Abyss Ancient Sword turned into a light that flew out. It shot more than 33 meters and pierced through the black claw toward Di Yi’s chest.

“Innate Magic Qi.”

Di Yi stood where he was with both his hands stretched out. A cloud of evil spirit rushed out from his pores, forming the Field of Demons with a diameter of about 33 meters.

From a distance, it looked like a giant black ball wrapping around Di Yi’s body. On the surface of the black ball, there were weird magic lines that swirled continuously, and let out a purring sound.


The Abyss Ancient Sword made contact with the Field of Demons. It was like they were in a swamp and slowing down.

The Abyss Ancient Sword floated in the evil energy. The blade spun continuously, letting out a piercing sword sound. It broke Di Yi’s Field of Demons bit by bit.

Both powers engaged in a fight, emitting streaks of fire in the water.

Di Yi practiced one of the pictures of Omen Lithograph, Picture of Omen’s Congential Magic Qi. He had already turned the Genuine Qi into the Innate Magic Qi when he reached the Heaven Realm.

The so-called Innate Magic Qi was actually within the domain of Genuine Qi.

It was just that the Congenital Magic Qi was a lot of times better than the Genuine Qi of warriors at the same realm. Once it was released, it could easily defeat any opponent.

Only warriors who had practiced brilliant martial techniques could create the more powerful Genuine Qi.

For example, the Scripture of Emperor Ming’s Empyrean Zhang Ruochen practiced. When he reached the third level, he had obtained the Genuine Qi of Spiritual Fire.

Zhang Ruochen had now reached fourth level of the Scripture of Emperor Ming’s Empyrean, Prebiotic Blue Sky and had obtained the more powerful Genuine Qi. It was called Blue Genuine Qi.

Of course, the Genuine Qi of a warrior at the Heaven Realm had been condensed into the liquid in the Qi Sea; it was now Vital Essence. Only when it flew out from the Qi Sea, could the Vital Essence turn into Genuine Qi again.

The liquid state was the Vital Essence, and the gas state was Genuine Qi.

Zhang Ruochen’s Blue Genuine Qi was at the same level as the Innate Magic Qi Di Yi practiced.

“Shatter for me!”

Zhang Ruochen rushed up and broke into Di Yi’s Field of Demons. He hit the hilt with one palm.

The Blue Genuine Qi splashed out of his palm, like a blue waterfall. It entered the sword. The Abyss Ancient Sword went through the Innate Magic Qi with a clang. It attacked toward Di Yi’s glabella.

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