God Emperor Chapter 724

“What if I’m not sensible?” Zhang Ruochen tilted his face and glanced at Dragon Three.

In the rock cave, many people were startled by his words. Everybody had witnessed Dragon Three’s strength. Dragon Three had even defeated Purple Wind Emissary with one strike, so nobody dared to challenge Dragon Three.

“Even though he wants to save a beauty, he has to see the current situation clearly. How can he screw around with Dragon Three?” A descendant from a Saint’s powerful family shook his head gently.

It was very admirable that a man among the monks from the Eastern Region would dare to challenge Dragon Three.

After the failure of Purple Wind Emissary and Xu Yunling, everybody was already afraid of the four major Palace-keeping Beast Guardians.

But at this time, a reckless fool trying to be a hero to save a beauty popped up. Everybody would certainly think that he was a fool who did not know how to correctly appraise the situation.

Everybody could see that Dragon Three had intended to kill Ao Xinyan, and the Saintly Beings had not dared to lend a hand. Under these circumstances, he rushed out to court his own death. Therefore, he had to be a fool.

A Saintly Being from the Eastern Region opened his eyes and glanced at Zhang Ruochen. With a smirk, he thought, “Young people are always too impulsive.”

Then, he closed his eyes.

Perhaps there were a few Saints from the Eastern Region Saint Academy that looked at Zhang Ruochen with new eyes. They did not expect that this “sensible” guy would suddenly become so irrational.

Chang Qiqi had often frightened him off before, but now he dared to directly face Dragon Three.

“What kind of person this guy is?”

Dragon Three carefullylooked at Zhang Ruochen with dense icing air in his eyes. Then, he immediately laughed and said, “If you want to die, I’ll make it happen.”

“Huff, huff!”

AsDragon Three shrugged his shoulders, a powerful black Dragon Qi rushed out from his body, flew into his arms, quickly gathered together, and became black Demonic Dragon Fire.

All the monks present felt a scorching current of Qi emanating from Dragon Three as if the entire rock cave would be melted.

Under the attack of the Demonic Dragon Fire, the Inscriptions of Array in the rock cave gradually emerged and turned into halos, which covered the ground, top, and stone pillar.

It was not until this moment that everybody realized how freakish Dragon Three’s strength was.


With a dragon’s roar, Dragon Three stretched his arms forward.

Suddenly, a dragon shadow was condensed by the Demonic Dragon Fire. The shadow opened its mouth, showed its claws, and rushed at Zhang Ruochen.

Zhang Ruochen put Ao Xinyan on the ground, supported her back with his left hand, and extended the fingersof his right hand toward the void space.

About 10 meters away, the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword fell to the ground, then vibrated and uttered a loud sword sound. With a swoosh, it flew over and landed in Zhang Ruochen’s hands.

When he held the hilt, he had an overwhelming momentum like an undefeatable young sword saint.

Throughout the entire rock cave, all the monks’ swords violently vibrated as if they would fly out.

“Swish, swish!”

An abundance of sword-like Sword Qi naturally condensed and rotated around Zhang Ruochen that turned into a Sword Qi domain about 33 meters across.

When the dragon shadow collided with the Sword Qi domain, an earsplitting sound immediately burst out and the two powerful forces shot out in all directions.

All the monks nearby were struck far away.

Dragon Three looked somewhat solemn and could tell that the man opposite him seemed to be someone that was not to be trifled with. “You really do have some ability. Break for me!”

Dragon Three spared no effort in his attack. His arms shaped into dragon claws and integrated with the huge dragon shadow, which rushed out from the dragon’s head and hit the Sword Qi domain with its claws.

With a bang, the Sword Qi domain was split into two pieces. The chaotic Sword Qi then spilled out from both sides.

The black claws got closer and closer to Zhang Ruochen and gradually became enlarged in his pupils.

If the dragon claws hit them, the bodies of Zhang Ruochen and Ao Xinyan would perhaps be penetrated and turned into two masses of bloody pulp.

The monks nearby held their breath, and some female monks even closed their eyes, afraid that they would see the next bloody scene.

Ao Xinyan could not keep herself from clutching her clothes as she felt very nervous. But she calmed down when she looked up and saw that he was well-composed.


Zhang Ruochen lifted the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword and injected all his Holy Qi into it. He thrust the sword at lightning speed and collided with Dragon Three’s claws.

These dragon claws had formidable power.

And the dragon scales were so tough that the Holy Sword could not pierce through.

When Zhang Ruochen quickly shook his wrist, the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword rotated, formed sword shadow circles, let out a swoosh, and collided with the dragon claws.

Suddenly, Zhang Ruochen pulled his wrist back and then stabbed forward once again, precisely hitting the center of Dragon Three’s claws.


A loud noise echoed all around.

A circle of black energy ripples surged out from between the sword and claws.

Dragon Three’s robe was shattered by the Sword Qi. With a muffled cry, he flew backward 33 meters, fell on the ground, and moved backward destructively to the gate of the rock cave before finally standing firm.

His upper body was naked and he had six bloody wounds on his chest and abdomen due to the Sword Qi.

His arms were badly mutilated as large dragon scales kept falling off. And with the Holy Sword penetrating his right hand, blood was dripping from his palm to the ground.

Lin Yue, who supported Ao Xinyan, stood still, looking calm and serene.

All the talented boys and girls from the Eastern Region in the rock cave were dumbfounded and felt suffocated.

Some people could not believe what they were seeing and they rubbed their eyelids firmly.

“Surprisingly, he easily defeated Dragon Three with one attack. Obviously, he had not given full play to his strengths.” Huang Yanchen thought it quite incredible.

She felt that Master had misjudged and thought that Lin Yue was a Silver-waxed Spearhead. Beyond her expectations, he was very powerful.

“This man is extremely low-profile. If Ao Xinyan had not encountered mortal danger, he would not have acted rashly.”

Chang Qiqi’s chin dropped to the ground. He felt cold in his back at the thought that he ever wanted to teach Lin Yue a lesson. Zhang Ruochen could probably knock him down with one finger.

Si Xingkong said, “He is a goodman. Although Ao Xinyan irritated him before, he did not hold that in mind and lent her a hand. He lives a low-key life and handles things attentively.”

Lin Yue had pursued Huang Yanchen, so Si Xingkong disliked Lin Yue. However, he admired Lin Yue’s personality and sword technique.

Besides Si Xingkong, a lot of people present thought the same way.

“Since when has the Eastern Region given birth to such a peerless talent?” asked a talented girl from a Saint’s powerful family with her beautiful eyes sparkling.

“You’re so ignorant. Don’t you know Lin Yue, our Elderbrother Lin, who is a genius in the Tao of the Sword from our Yin and Yang Sect?” replied a Saint’s disciple from the Yin and Yang Sect proudly.

Lin Yue had risen to fame in recent months. Although he was well-known in the Yin and Yang Sect, he was less well-known throughout the Eastern Region than those talents who had been famous for years or even dozens of years.

Only the Tao of the Sword monks who participated in the Sword Technique Conference knew something about him. Actually, the other monks were just hearing his name for the first time.

“He’s the one who climbed to the Third-level Mountain of Ancient Gods Mountain, right?”

“It’s said that Dark Blue Emissary from the Black Market Excellence Hall was also killed by him.”

The monks from the Eastern Region became extremely excited because of Lin Yue’s appearance.

A genius in the Tao of the Sword, handsome and unrestrained, becoming famous at an early age… All the talented girls present admired him and could hardly resist his charm.

Lin Yue became the Prince Charming of many talented girls.

Previously, the Eastern Region monks had been defeated by the Palace-keeping Beast Guardians from the Demonic Sect. But Lin Yue had just defeated Dragon Three with an amazing strike, so he was fairly extraordinary.

Ouyang Huan stared at Zhang Ruochen and squinted his eyes. He never thought that there would appear such an amazing figure.

When he saw Lin Yue’s eyes, he felt something familiar.

Ouyang Huan seemed to think of something. He gave a faint smile and said not too hastily nor too slowly, “I think we’ve met before. If I remember correctly, Bird Nine was killed by you.”

It had to be said that Ouyang Huan had really good eyesight.

Zhang Ruochen had worn a mask and hidden his aura deliberately by using Spiritual Power. But he still recognized Zhang Ruochen immediately.

“What? Your Excellency, he is the mystery man who is extremely powerful in the Tao of the Sword and Spiritual Power.” There was a fierce look in Centipede Eight’s eyes.

Not long ago, Bird Nine had fallen in battle and Centipede Eight had suffered a lot. They did not know whom the opponent was.

To some extent, one could not avoid one’s enemy. Now that they had met in the Yin and Yang Sect, Centipede Eight would naturally make Zhang Ruochen pay with his life.

Since he had been recognized, Zhang Ruochen did not deny it anymore. “Right, I indeed killed Bird Nine. So what?”

He mentioned it lightly but the monks in the rock cave were shocked once again.

Lin Yue was so brave that he killed a Palace-keeping Beast Guardian of the Demonic Sect. The people from the Demonic Sect would seek revenge for even the smallest grievance. How could they let him go?

Upon hearing this news, Mu Lingxi was nervous and worried about Zhang Ruochen.

She quietly knew how powerful Ouyang Huan and the three major Palace-keeping Beast Guardians were. None of them were weaker than Zhang Ruochen.

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