God Emperor Chapter 726

Black Dragon Qi gushed out from the wounds on Dragon Three’s back and abdomen. Urged by the Dragon Qi, his wounds quickly healed. A furious dragon roar came out from his mouth and turned into sound waves, oscillating in circles.

His left arm containing the Divine Dragon Bone gradually grew thick and solid. The bones and scales on his arms rapidly expanded and emanated a heart-shaking Divine Dragon aura.


Dragon Three’s eyes were bloodshot. He lifted up his left arm and struck backward, trying to send Zhang Ruochen flying.

“A death struggle?”

Zhang Ruochen’s eyes turned cold. He injected more Holy Qi into the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword.

The blade glowed with dazzling light. Then, he withdrew his sword rapidly and cut obliquely upward, breaking through Dragon Three’s Divine Body Shield.


Suddenly, Dragon Three’s left arm broke off from his shoulder and was sent flying.

After being separated from Dragon Three’s body, the arm of this half-human half-dragon changed into a huge black dragon claw weighing over 50 tons.

A common warrior would probably be crushed to death by that heavy dragon claw.

Zhang Ruochen reached out a hand and caught the tens-of-meters-long dragon claw. Then, he broke open the scales and flesh of the dragon claw with the Bluewater Dragon Patterned Sword and took out a washbasin-sized dragon bone.

The Divine Dragon Bone!

Dragon Three had refined the Divine Dragon Bone into his left arm, but it did not integrate with his bones because of his physical quality.

That was why Zhang Ruochen could take out the Divine Dragon Bone so easily.

If the Divine Dragon Bone had integrated with his bones, Zhang Ruochen might not be able to defeat him based on his Seventh Change in the Fish-dragon Realm cultivation.

The Divine Dragon Bone looked crystal clear like divine jade. It emitted cold light, which irritated many monks’ eyes.

It was said that the Divine Dragon Bones were bones of Divine Dragons and supreme treasures of the Dragon Tribe. They were sealed in the Holy Land of the Dragon Tribe. Only major Dragon tribesmen, Divine Dragons, and Half-human clansmen could enter that place. Even so, they were not necessarily able to take out a Divine Dragon Bone from the Holy Land every hundred years.

These bones contained a mysterious power and a lot of Divine Dragon Qi, so even the Saints also coveted it.

Seeing the Divine Dragon Bone in Zhang Ruochen’s hands, countless monks present had faces full of greed. If they were not in the territory of the Yin and Yang Sect, some people would probably try to snatch it.

“Return my… Divine Dragon Bone…”

With a loud roar, Dragon Three rolled over to pick himself up and his body crackled. As he shook his head, it immediately turned into a ferocious black dragon head.

Then, his body rapidly transformed. He was going to show his true body and retrieve the Divine Dragon Bone.


As he swerved his body, Zhang Ruochen suddenly appeared in front of Dragon Three and struck out his palm.

The handprint hit Dragon Three’s chest and shattered his dragon bones into pieces. He let out a plaintive wail again and flew backward. With a bang, he fell to the ground, unable to stand up again.

Zhang Ruochen had not killed Dragon Three,but he had bashed him up.

Standing in the Coliseum, Zhang Ruochen held the Divine Dragon Bone as he said lightly, “Where are the Law Enforcement Palace disciples? Hurry to bind him down and put him into the prison.”

As one of the 72 Palaces, the Law Enforcement Palace was responsible for maintaining the order of the Sword Technique Conference. And Shentai City was currently full of Law Enforcement Palace disciples.

Upon hearing Zhang Ruochen’s words, two groups of Law Enforcement Palace disciples immediately rushed at Dragon Three.

Lin Yue was now on par with the common Half-Saint forefathers in the Yin and Yang Sect. Therefore, they would naturally obey his order.

Dragon Three had been too arrogant and dared to claim that nobody in the Eastern Region could fight him. Therefore, the Law Enforcement Palace disciples could not stand him anymore.

Since Elder Brother Lin Yue had knocked him down, they only needed to put him into the prison. “How could he be so arrogant?”

“Who dares to deal with him without my permission?”

Captain Rat’s eyes lit up as he bellowed.

His voice contained a strong soundwave power that was like water waves, which surged up to the two groups of Law Enforcement Palace disciples.

Conceivably, if they were hit by the sound wave, their bodies would definitely explode and turn into bloody mist.


Zhang Ruochen swung his sword and hurled out a 33-meter-long Sword Qi, which cut off the powerful sound wave.

Subsequently, he looked at Captain Rat as he said, “Since Dragon Three has signed the Life and Death Contract with me and lost to me, he should naturally be at my disposal. What? Do you want to disturb the order?”

Captain Rat pinched his hands into claws and looked very angry. However, he said with a chuckle, “Little boy, even so, do you think you can catch me?”

Captain Rat’s cultivation was unfathomable.

By only using some of his strength, he had beaten up a Saintly Being from the Eastern Region until he could not move.

Most of the monks from the Eastern Region present had incurred psychological trauma and were afraid of Captain Rat.

Lin Yue’s cultivation was profound, but everybody was still worried about him because if he fought Captain Rat, they thought he could not win.

Blackie’s voice came out from the Yin Yang Wooden Graph and rang in Zhang Ruochen’s ears. He looked pretty excited as he said, “I really didn’t expect that I could meet a Devil Rat after 100,000 years. Zhang Ruochen, I will come out of the Scroll World and catch it by myself.”

Blackie was a cat, but he was not reliable. Zhang Ruochen did not think he was able to catch Captain Rat.

Furthermore, many people knew that Blackie was Zhang Ruochen’s cat. If he ran out at this time, more people would be suspicious of “Lin Yue”.

Zhang Ruochen suppressed the Yin Yang Wooden Graph and stared at Captain Rat. He calmly said, “If you dare to strike out at me, I’ll surely put you down.”

All the monks from the Eastern Region started to get really excited.

Lin Yue was so confident. Perhaps he was sure that he could defeat Captain Rat, the head of the 36 Palace-keeping Beast Guardians.

If he could really do that, he would immediately be well-known in the world. He would be as famous as Demon Son “Ouyang Huan”, Young City Governor of Fragrance City “Xue Wuye”, and so on.

Captain Rat grinned and ground his teeth as he said, “Since you want to die, I’ll fulfill your wish.”

Snake Two chuckled and went past Ouyang Huan. She reached out a snow-white and delicate hand to press on Captain Rat’s wrist. She said in a sweet and girlish voice, “Eldest Brother, you don’t need to deal with him personally. Since he is a master in the Tao of the Sword, it’s more appropriate for me to battle him.”

Snake Two was “White Snake with Saint Heart” and also an Archean survivor.

Archean survivors had Archean Mythical Beast Blood, so they were comparable to the monks who could create the Chord of the Gods.

Some weaker Archean survivors could only contend with the monks who had created the Chord of the Gods one time.

However, some freakish Archean survivors could battle with the human monks who had created the Chord of the Gods three or four times.

The physical quality of Archean survivors was really strong.

Even the weakest Archean survivors were comparable to Saintly Beings.

In the Archean Times, the Archean race was the dominator of Kunlun’s Field.

However, the Archean race’s fertility was very poor, so they became rarer and rarer. Meanwhile, their development was quite difficult. Therefore, they gradually stepped off of the stage of history. Humans who had strong fertility became the dominators of Kunlun’s Field.

Now, it was very difficult to find an Archean survivor.

Snake Two transformed into a human. She looked 18 or 19 years old, with a pointed chin and snow-white skin. She was very graceful and had great posture, especially her waist beneath the white clothes, which was slender and smooth. A man could feel its amazing toughness just by looking at it.

She could rank second among the 36 Palace-keeping Beast Guardians. This indicated that she was stronger than Dragon Three. She was absolutely ferocious.

Captain Rat looked at Snake Two and laughed lewdly. He blinked his eyes and said with a smile, “Since Second Sister wants to fight, I won’t object. However, this little boy is not weak, so you must be careful.”

As he was speaking, Captain Rat became restless. He reached out his hand to touch Snake Two’s wrist.


With a grin, Snake Two displayed some unknown technique that made her arms appear to be boneless. As a series of phantoms appeared, she withdrew her arms.

Captain Rat had not touched her wrist using his cultivation.


She moved at light speed.

Before many monks could even react, Snake Two appeared in the Coliseum.

Her palm sent out a bright light. As the light became stronger, a white Snake-shaped Sword appeared.


The Snake-shaped Sword was obviously an amazing Hundred Inscriptions Weapon. From the surface of its blade, 884 inscriptions rushed out. Being merely held in her hand, they emanated powerful Sword Qi.

Centered on the Snake-shaped Sword, a Sword Qi domain covering more than half of the Coliseum gradually emerged. Hundreds of Sword Qi streaks were suspended in the domain and flew around Snake Two.

Captain Rat stood beside Ouyang Huan and stared at the two people in the Coliseum. He ceased his evil laughter and because solemn. “Lin Yue has profound cultivation. Even if I fight him, I’m not sure I can win. I doubt that Snake Two is able to defeat him.”

Ouyang Huan gently touched the pterosaur in his arms and said faintly, “Snake Two’s Tao of the Sword and Spiritual Power have hit a plateau. Confronting an evenly matched master like Lin Yue, she will gain a lot of benefits. Perhaps she will have a breakthrough before the Sword Technique Conference.”

Obviously, Zhang Ruochen had proved his strength after defeating Dragon Three. So, Ouyang Huan and Captain Rat started to attach importance to him.

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