God Of Money Chapter 138

Korean Revenue Agency press conference.The place was filled with reporters and their cameras. It was proof of how popular Kang Woosung was in Korea. The representative stepped up to the stage."I am here to announce the result of the tax investigation involving KND and Coconut. The overall conclusion is that KND and Coconut have overpaid their respective taxes. It is believed it was partly a mistake on our part."The reporters raised their hands, but the representative continued."I will answer the questions after I am finished with my announcement."The reporters dropped their hands, and he continued with the report. The rest of the announcement was long and filled with flattering facts about the companies. Finally, when it was over, Park Chulmin from Jisun Newspaper asked, "My name is Park Chulmin from Jisun. Based on my research, there has never been a case where something like this happened. There are people who believe the Revenue Agency showed unfair favoritism towards President Kang during the investigation. What do you say to that?""The answer is a complete no. In fact, the agency was also shocked by the report. We believe it happened due to President Kang's overpay policy.""Can we have the details?""President Kang has instructed his accountants to err on the side of caution and make overpayment."Park Chulmin bit his lips and asked, "Is it really true that the investigation was done fairly without any outside pressure? The public is concerned."The agency rep frowned and answered firmly, "The answer is no. Next question please." After the press conference, Park Chulmin took out his smartphone.It was Blue S2.He called the Daeyang marketing team."I couldn't find anything strange.""Then you'll have to come up with a good title for your article.""I already got one. 'The very first? You mean the very worst tax investigation.'""Haha, perfect.""All the Revenue Agency's officials deny any wrongdoings. They are all the same." Park Chulmin complained angrily. The man on the other side of the phone replied in a low voice, "I think we should talk in person. I will make a dinner reservation in Gangnam tonight.""Haha, you don't have to do that.""No, I want to treat you for all your hard work."Park Chulmin smiled.***Jang Gwangchul murmured in frustration as he read the newspaper the next morning."The worst tax investigation? What the...! This reporter sounds angry. He probably got bribed to write this.""Is it Jisun newspaper again?""Yup. Daeyang must be bribing them.""What happened to the ads we placed on Jisun newspaper?"Jang Gwangchul replied, "We placed it a few times and they accepted it. They accepted our job, yet they still write such a trashy article about us! Well, at least it's not a headline.""Place more ads on that paper. They will stop, then.""Why should we pay them money?""Haha, what else can we do? Let's just do it for now.""And about the mobile carrier business"Jang Gwangchul was cut off when Hong Soobum burst into the room."Sir, there was an urgent call from China."Woosung nodded for him to continue, "They are planning to conduct a tax audit on LetChat. They are also currently investigating our data center."Woosung answered calmly, which shocked Hong Soobum, "Unless they make something up, we should be fine. I made sure to keep everything clean.""I know, but""Besides, there is no official data sent from Chinese office to our Korean headquarter, so we should be okay."Per Woosung's instruction, everything was kept completely separate between Chinese and Korean companies."I will call them myself. Just tell them to keep up the good work.""Oh, alright." Woosung called Mahwacin directly.The call wasn't answered the first time.At the second try, he picked up."Haha, it has been a while, President Kang.""Yes, sir. It has been too long, I think. I thought we had a solid relationship, but I guess I was wrong.""I actually meant to call you. I just heard about it myself. We had no time to stop it. I think it was from Hu Jintao's people."At Mahwacin's excuse, Woosung's voice got cold. Woosung was bribing Hu Jintao's side as well, so this didn't make sense."I can't imagine this came about all of a sudden without a reason or warning.""There are things money can't buy. China's nationalism is stronger than it looks."Woosung frowned.'Nationalism? What a jokeThey are all slaves of capitalism at this point.'The level of corruption in China was serious. Woosung continued, "I heard the Chinese Revenue Agency has stormed my company. Your excuse is useless at this point."At Woosung's sharp accusation, Mahwacin replied cautiously, "I can let you know of the result later, but I can't get involved in the investigation."Woosung answered coldly, "You couldn't let me know in advance, and you can't help me with the investigation either." Woosung paused then sharply continued, "I didn't realize our relationship would go sour like this."They both remained silent. After a few minutes, Woosung finally asked calmly, "I would like to know at least who did this. Can you at least let me know?""II will try to find out.""Please."Woosung hung up. Jang Gwangchul asked nervously, "How was it? It sounded bad""He said Hu Jintao's side must have done it, and that is why he couldn't warn us. He also said he can't help us with the investigation.""But they took so much money from you! How could they?"Hong Soobum frowned angrily and said, "It sounds like they might even make up a false result. There won't be anything we can do if they do that."Woosung replied slowly, "They won't do that. I already made sure things like that don't happen. The only thing I am disappointed in is that I lost Mahwacin.""Pardon?""I was warned of this investigation from the other side in advance. I didn't let you know because there was nothing we needed to do about it. Now we know Mahwacin isn't someone to be trusted."Jang Gwangchul and Hong Soobum's eyes widened."Tthen is this your doing?""No, of course not. I was just warned it would happen. I bribed everyone for situations like this."Beep.Woosung checked his phone. He received a message from Mahwacin. "Tencent." Woosung understood the situation immediately."It is as I expected. Mahwacin knew of it, but he chose not to tell me."Woosung gritted his teeth.*** Tencent headquarter.Ma Huateng smiled in satisfaction."Haha, he's over.""I just got a call from the agency. They haven't found anything, but they promised to come up with something.""Get ready to promote WhoChat as soon as LetChat collapses."He started to hum. Things were finally going well. He already bribed the Revenue agency officials. They would make up a problem if they needed to.Suddenly, the secretary's phone started to vibrate. When he hesitated, Ma Huateng said to him, "Answer it. It might be from them.""Yes, sir."As the secretary listened to his phone, he started to go pale. He was sweating by the time the call ended. Ma Huateng asked nervously, "What's going on?""Apparently, WhoChat isn't downloadable on Let Store.""We expected that. Let Store is the biggest in China, but there is nothing we can do about it. Just boost the marketing on other online stores.""Butit seems WhoChat isn't working right on Blue S2.""Wwhat?""I think it must be from Kang Woosung. Blue S2 just released an update and after the phone gets updated, WhoChat seems to be blocked due to 'security' reasons.""so he must know we are the one who pushed for the tax audit.""YesSomeone must have ratted us out.""Whatever. We just need to survive until LetChat gets banned, which shouldn't be long.""And" The secretary couldn't finish his sentence. Suddenly, an employee burst into the room. "SSir! The Revenue Agency has stormed our company for an audit!"Ma Huateng looked at his secretary with fear.
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