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  • Godking Ascending The Heavens

  • Genres : Fantasy
  • Status : Ongoing
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Godking Ascending The Heavens summary:

A rising god known as the Ascendant Sun is betrayed by the Ninth Heaven. Billions of years later, a young orphan boy finds a snarky, amnesiac ring. Arrogantly, it asks him: [Do you want to become undefeatable under the Heavens?] "Under the Heavens? The Heavens exist to be trodden beneath my feet!" Van shamelessly replies.[I will protect my little sister! I will find out why my parents abandoned...

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Godking Ascending The Heavens Chapters

Time uploaded
112 Too Good4 weeks ago
102 Grim Reaper4 weeks ago
94 Cerise4 weeks ago
88 Wang Hao4 weeks ago
86 Daddy4 weeks ago
79 Altemuller4 weeks ago
53 Smoke Devil4 weeks ago
51 Such Wealth4 weeks ago
31 Knock Knock4 weeks ago
28 Suspicious4 weeks ago
19 Dragon City4 weeks ago
11 Top Dog4 weeks ago
10 Treasure4 weeks ago
8 Wolves Den4 weeks ago
3 Strange Hole4 weeks ago
2 Sabotage4 weeks ago
1 Prologue4 weeks ago
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