Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 167

Song Gong's face was full of shocked: You will give me this much?

Bai Zhi smiled and said: Since you entered our door, pick up this job, and you are sincere, I also have to show you my sincerity. Song Bo, I believe in you, so you also have to believe me. Lets cooperate with each other so that things will not only get enjoyable, but we can also do a good job.

He had to admit, that this time, he was very touched. Song Gong has been working as a foreman since he was a teenager. He had met a lot of rich people, but he had never met someone like Bai Zhi. Face to face, she showed that she trusts him so much. 10 silver coins were not a small amount, but she just gave it to him.

Song Gong solemnly took the money, and secretly vowed that he will give his all and build her the best house.

Bai Zhi then opened her mouth again: If its not too troublesome, Song Bo, can you find me more people? My niang and I been living to Hu Bos house for quite a long time now. Although they treat us like their own family, in the end, we are occupying their place. Its better to live in a new house as soon as possible.

Song Gong quickly nodded his head: Okay, no problem, Ill make an arrangement. His experience as a foreman was not shallow. He knew a lot of masons and carpenters. There was no problem with looking for more people.

After a pleasant negotiation, Bai Zhi sent out the father and son.

Song Gong opened his mouth and added: We will come back after three days at most. When that time comes, is it possible to build a small courtyard for the workers here? Most of the workers will be foreigners. However, if we find more people, in 10 days or half month, we can build a rough idea. Then, the rest will be done by me and Qingfeng. Others can go back to their home.

Bai Zhi looked at Hu Changlin, Hu Changlin nodded his head: Its alright, its just a small courtyard, right? But now is the autumn season, the morning dew is getting heavier and heavier. Im afraid you all, will easily catch a cold.

Bai Zhi thought for a moment, then asked Hu Changlin: Is there anyone in the village have a vacant house to live in?

Hu Changlin shook his head and said: Everyone here has no enough s.p.a.ce to live in, there were even some who have no house. Oh right, there is a house no one lives in.

Village Chief Lis eldest son has a house in our village. But in the early years, he moved to the town and rarely returned to the village. He only comes back during the New Year. But these past two years, he hasnt come back yet. His house has been emptied since then. Village Chief Li and his wife were taking care of it.

Bai Zhi said: Thats great. Im going to meet Village Chief Li to rent the house, then we will let the workers temporarily lived there so that they dont need to sleep in the gra.s.s or in the wild outside.

Song Gong was even more moved. He and his co-worker have long been working this job, but he hasnt met such an employer like Bai Zhi, who cares if they will sleep in the wild or not.

Song Gong couldn't say anything else, he only held Bai Zhis hand and said: Bai guniang, this house, we will certainly finish it before anything else!

After sending away Song Gong and Song Qingfeng. Bai Zhi and Hu Changlin went to Village Chief Lis house and said their intentions. Village Chief Li immediately agreed but refused to collect rent.

The house is all empty. Its always still better if someone lives there than no one. And whats with this renting all about? We are all village folks. You dont need to do this.

But how can Bai Zhi be willing? She has long been wanting to thank Village Chief for all the help he did. So, why would she miss this good opportunity? Bai Zhi stuffed 2 silver coins to Village Chief Lis hand and ran away in a hurry with Hu Changlin.

Village Chief Li held the 2 silver coins in his hand, as he watched Bai Zhi ran in a hurry with a smile. That silly child, she said she will rent the rundown house, but why did she give him so much?

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