Godly Farmer Doctor: Arrogant Husband, Can't Afford To Offend! Chapter 168

He was not stupid, so how can he not understand Bai Zhis intention? His heart was moved. That little girl has a good heart, she knows how to cherish other people. He didnt help the wrong the person.

Back home, Doctor Lu was waiting at the gate. Seeing them back, he busily asked: Is Meng Daren still here?

Bai Zhi replied: We went to the mountain earlier to gather herbs. But we suddenly encountered a tiger, he got hurt from saving me. He has already returned to the town. Do you need him for something?

When Doctor Lu heard that Meng Nan was injured by a tiger, he was very shocked: Was he seriously injured?

Bai Zhi shook her head: I fainted at the time, I didnt see his wound. But, Hu Feng said it was only a skin injury. There shouldnt be a big problem.

Doctor Lu sighed and said: It seems I need to wait for him to recover before the Bai Familys case is solved.

Bai Familys case? What case? Bai Zhi was confused.

Doctor Lu pulled out the IOU letter from his sleeve. Then, he said what happened when he went to the Bai Family earlier: Fortunately, when I faced her, I took out a fake letter. I really didnt guess it wrong, that old woman has no intention to pay back her debt.

Bai Zhi snorted in anger and said: That family, they can really do shameless thing one after another. Lu Dafu, you shouldnt let them go. Otherwise, they will think that debt is now invalid.

Doctor Lu nodded his head: Who said I will? That is also why I came here to find Meng Daren. But since he is not here, I will go to the government office to find him the next day.

After Bai Erzhus family dug wild vegetables, they directly went to Mrs. Zhang's second brother's house. Zhang Erniu was an honest man. He has a good heart. So, when he saw his younger sisters family came. He took the fleshly dug wild vegetables and quickly ordered his daughter-in-law to cook more porridge.

Bai Erzhus family eat at Zhang Erniu's house until they were full, then went back to the Bai Family with an empty hand.

Bai Dazhu's family was very hungry, but they only sat at the door, looking straight ahead and waiting for Bai Erzhus family to return.

Bai Dabao suddenly jumped up and pointed his finger to the distant figures: There they are, they come back.

When Old Lady Bai, who was sitting in her room, heard those words. She came out of her room and saw Bai Erzhus carrying a basket. Seeing this, her original tight face showed a smile, then she quickly tap Mrs. Lius arm: They now return, why are you still standing here? Go and boil water.

There was no rice and oil in the house. They can only boil the newly dug out wild vegetables to eat.

Although boiled wild vegetables are bitter, its still better to eat than to stay hungry.

Mrs. Liu was very hungry, she was feeling weak, she felt her body have no strength to work. It was even hard for her to stand up: Niang, I havent eaten much in these past few days. My eyes are spinning in hunger, cant you ask second sister-in-law to cook?

Old Lady Bai glared at Mrs. Liu and said: Cant you talk a bit less nonsense? She just changed her mind to separate. And now that she came back from digging wild vegetables, you want her to cook? Do you think she is Zhao Lan, who is so easy order around?

Mrs. Liu swept her eyes towards her two sons. Her two sons immediately turned away their eyes elsewhere. Her husbands two hands still havent recovered, she couldnt count on him

Mrs. Liu slowly walked towards the kitchen and poured water in a pot. The fire was not lit, she was about to lit it when suddenly, she heard screaming sound in the front yard.

Mrs. Liu hurriedly dropped the firewood in her hand and ran towards the front yard. She saw Bai Erzhus family, each one carrying a basket, but were all empty. No need to ask about wild vegetables, because she cant even see a single gra.s.s.

Mrs. Liu rushed in front and circled around the people. But seriously, there were no wild vegetables!

Mrs. Liu asked Mrs. Zhang: Where is the food? Didnt you go to dig wild vegetables?

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