Goodnight Kiss From My Rumored Husband Chapter 429

Chapter 429 I'm Your Sister In Law Not An Outsider

Then, Gu Nianjia pouted even more obviously.

Despite Gu Nianjia’s fake attitude, Lin Yiqian was not put off at all.

“Will you stop at nothing to get what you want from other people?” Lin Yiqian raised her brow.

In order to get a luxury car for her own gloating purposes, Gu Nianjia was willing to coerce her sister-in-law into seducing her own brother. Was this what a normal sister-in-law would do?

“I’m not an outsider. I’m your sister-in-law.” Gu Nianjia chuckled.

As she spoke, Gu Nianjia helped Lin Yiqian smoothen a wrinkled spot near the shoulder on her shirt.

Lin Yiqian finally lost it as she laughed out loud.

This fellow only addressed Lin Yiqian as her sister-in-law when she needed a favor. Why did she not think of their relationship with each other when she addressed Lin Yiqian by her name?

“I’ll do my best.” Lin Yiqian pretended to sound serious.

All Gu Nianjia wanted were a luxury car and a purse. Her sister-in-law would give them to her if her brother refused.

That meant Lin Yiqian had made a promise.

Gu Nianjia was stunned for a moment. However, she quickly recollected herself and jumped on the spot. “I love you, Sister-in-law.”

Gu Nianjia hugged Lin Yiqian’s arm tightly before letting go.

“How much do you love me?”

“Erm As much as I love my youngest uncle,” Gu Nianjia answered after giving it a thought.

Although Lin Yiqian knew Gu Nianjia was very protective of her uncle, she was still surprised that Gu Nianjia had used him as the basis of comparison.

How important was Song Changlin to this girl?


Lin Yiqian was already very busy, but yet she was still coerced by Gu Nianshen and Li Nanmu to participate in their pointless celebration for winning an alumni basketball competition.

When Lin Yiqian skimmed through the contract sent over by Bai Se, she discovered that the contract included a detailed itinerary for the day’s activities, they had even requested that she be present from the beginning to the end of the event.

Lin Yiqian felt an urge to barge into the study and beat Gu Nianshen up.

However, she knew it could only happen in her imagination. “I understand. Sign it away.”

After replying to Bai Se, Lin Yiqian logged out of her virtual mailing account before turning the computer off.

When she picked her phone up, she saw that it was exactly half-past ten. She picked up her glass of water and began walking to Gu Nianshen’s room.

As Gu Nianshen’s room was lit up, it meant he was no longer working in the study and had returned.

Recalling their mutual silent treatment from the night before, Lin Yiqian felt that it was somewhat awkward. Also feeling a little nervous, she began to slow down her pace.

There was nobody in the living area. Lin Yiqian continued to walk in further.

As the balcony door was open, Lin Yiqian was met with a gust of sea breeze as soon as she arrived at the door. Not only was her hair messed up by the breeze, but the curtains were also floating around wildly because of it.

Meanwhile, Lin Yiqian caught sight of Gu Nianshen sitting on a bamboo chair on the balcony as he looked out at the ocean. There was also a bottle of wine and a glass that contained a tiny amount of wine next to it on the glass table.

He sure knew how to enjoy himself.

He was actually drinking on his own.

Gu Nianshen did not seem to have noticed her arrival. Perhaps, he did not even acknowledge her existence.

In that case, she did not need to care either.

As Lin Yiqian thought of this, she walked silently to the bed and lied down before putting her phone aside and turning off the lights.

The room became instantly dim.

Just as she was about to close her eyes, her phone lit up. Lin Yiqian glanced at it. It looked like she had received a WeChat message.

Lin Yiqian reached for her phone to find that there was a friend request on WeChat.

“Sister-in-law, it’s me.”

When Lin Yiqian saw the user’s name which read ‘Uncle’s Little Cutie’, it did not immediately register in her mind who it was. Only after reading the text did she realize it was Gu Nianjia.

If this fellow took the initiative to add Lin Yiqian on WeChat, it must have been because of her request earlier in the day.

Lin Yiqian accepted the friend request.

Soon after, Gu Nianjia sent her another text. “Sister-in-law, please don’t forget about the favor I have asked from you today. If you succeed, you will be my sister-in-law. I will definitely help you out in the future if you need it.”

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