Great Tyrannical Deity Chapter 103

Chapter 103: Predecessors

The gate closed up behind Shi Li, making him curse out of anger. But not long after, he sighed. 'Well I can't do anything about the gate closing behind. I think I can make a gate back too right?'

With that idea in mind, Shi Li walked through the path as he looked at the drawings on the walls. Each drawing looked simple but held a lifelike charm to it. Shi Li felt like he was within the drawing, experiencing it for himself.

'Azure Void Deity Calendar, year 1264. The Heavenly Fist Sect gained access to the Extreme Spatiotemporal Archaic Qi Field. Will they plant their position as the strongest Grand level sect?'

'Azure Void Deity Calendar, year 372. Zu Liting, a direct disciple of one of the Great Elders, killed around 10,000 people of the sect, reducing the sect's overall strength. He shall be punished to execution of flesh and soul.'

'Azure Void Deity Calendar, year 3. The Azure Void Deity acknowledges the help of the Heavenly Fist Sect, thus giving the Heavenly Fist Sect a Divinity Vessel.'

As Shi Li continued on writing, his imagination grew bigger and bigger. There were tragic times as the same with glorious times. He could feel the previous aura of a Grand level sect through the drawings.

'Venerate Sky Empress Calendar, year 29987. The third sect leader Qi Zhuhun steps down the position of sect leader as he aims to strive for the Immortal realm. Qi Zhuhun's last order was to have his son Qi Zuiqian as the honorary sect leader until a successor comes.'

'What?' Shi Li was shocked. 'The Heavenly Fist Sect, who got a Divinity Vessel from the Azure Void Deity, was actually led by an honorary sect leader rather than the real sect leader?'

He frowned. 'This third sect leader must be a scumbag, not doing his duties well. He only focuses on himself.'

As the thought went through his head, a voice resounded.

"Hey! I'm not a scumbag at all! What could I do if the plane didn't want me to exist there?!"

Shi Li looked around. "Who?!" His eyes landed on a stone statue of a man that was intricately carved presumably by a fine craftsman. The statue's face was extremely detailed, bringing out the handsomeness of the man.

He looked down towards the toes of the statue. In there laid a plaque written:

"Third Sect Leader of the Heavenly Fist Sect, Qi Zhuhun. Also known as Immortal Worldwind."

Who knew that when he looks up at the statue's face again, the statue would move and instantly add in color.

Slowly, the statue gained lifelike attributes and in turn, the aura that the person was based on, was recreated as well. It was not terrifying and destructive like Shi Li's, but rather it was an aura that encompasses everything through the winds.

The statue shook a bit before extending its hand and smiling. "Hello Shi Li. I'm Qi Zhuhun, that scumbag you talked about."

Shi Li couldn't believe that the statue moved on its own, but he calmed himself down and returned the handshake as he wryly smiled. "Sorry for badmouthing you earlier."

"Haha. It's fine, it's fine. It brings a bit of excitement in my life anyways," Qi Zhuhun replied.

Shi Li examined Qi Zhuhun's body for a while before asking, "How is the statue moving? And if I remember correctly, shouldn't the statues mean that the people based on it are dead?"

Qi Zhuhun rubbed his chin as if he was really there. Pondering for a bit, he explained, "The statue's moving thanks to the Immortal qi I have within it. The material of the statue also has its importance as its made of Crimson Jadestone, a material that can handle flexibility and rigidity like nothing."

He continued, "About the statues and the dead thing...that only applies to those normal sects who can't even reach the Immortal realm. Once you reach the Immortal realm, you die only by getting severely injured. So the next two statues you'll see on this path are also alive as well."

Shi Li closed his eyes for a bit and nodded. "I see."

Qi Zhuhun nodded back before asking, "How's my son? Is he well? Has he reached the Immortal realm?"

Shi Li looked at the state of the sect and slowly shook his head. "I'm sorry. He was a great sect leader, allowing the sect to get a Divinity Vessel."

Qi Zhuhun sighed before saying, "At least he did his best before his death. If only I wasn't restricted by the plane on going down back here, then the sect would still be at least Grand level."

Shi Li was surprised. "You can see that the sect is just normal level now?"

Qi Zhuhun nodded. "I was also the owner of that interface you're using. Of course I can see the current state of the sect!"

Shi Li couldn't help but ask, "If so, why don't you just use that statue and lead the sect to Grand level again?"

Qi Zhuhun replied, "The statue can only hold a small amount of Immortal qi. It won't even last through one whole fight."

'Guess there's no shortcuts to Grand level,' Shi Li sighed.

"I just remembered. Why is this place called the Heavenly Fist Paradise?" Shi Li looked at Qi Zhuhun curiously.

Qi Zhuhun shrugged his shoulders as he went back to his pedestal. "To be honest, I don't know either. How about you ask the second sect leader on that one? He knows more about this place than I do."

Shi Li smiled before walking onwards. "Thank you."

Qi Zhuhun laughed as his body became rigid again. "You're welcome, good luck on the revival of the Heavenly Fist Sect."

Minutes later, he reached the second statue as he continued to look at the drawings on the walls. Shi Li knew that as he continued to walk through the path, the years went backward. The last drawing he looked at talked about the situation of the sect at the year 15874 of the Primordial Life Monarch calendar, which was positive to say the least.

He looked at the statue with an analytical eye. The statue was made out of the same material as before, but he could sense that the qi within the statue was more abundant and pure. It seemed that if the statue was used on a fight, it would last for a while.

He looked down and checked the plaque in front of the statue's feet.

"Second Sect Leader of the Heavenly Fist Sect, Li Youfeng. Also known as Heaven Immortal Bloodjade."

"Hello? Is Senior Youfeng here?" Shi Li looked at the statue's face, looking for the slightest reaction. All of a sudden, the statue's eyes opened, bringing out a dense bloodlust a few meters around the statue. It was so dense that the air turned slightly red.

"Who called me?" Gradually, the statue was gaining color, just like Qi Zhuhun's statue. But instead of a warm and encompassing aura, the aura surrounding this statue was leaning more towards chaos and destruction. But the chaos and destruction within the aura was hidden within a stifling air, only showing itself at the right moment.

Shi Li respectfully bowed in front of the statue, hoping to not get into Lu Youfeng's bad side. "Shi Li greets Senior Youfeng."

"Oh?" Lu Youfeng looked at Shi Li for a while with an examining gaze. Seconds later, he grinned. "Finally! 10,000 years after the third sect leader stepped down, there is finally another successor to the position!"

"Eh?" Shi Li was somewhat confused. With that kind of aura, he knew for sure that this man in front of him would be pissed off with the smallest movement.

"Hm? You think I'd kill you over this small thing?" Lu Youfeng raised one of his eyebrows. "To be honest, I would. But since you're the fourth sect leader of the Heavenly Fist Sect, I can only treat you as a younger brother." Lu Youfeng lightly smiled.

"I see. Thanks to Senior Youfeng for going easy on me. May I ask what cultivation realm you're at?" Shi Li bowed yet again as he asked that question.

"Heaven Immortal realm. Three realms higher than Qi Zhuhun over there." Lu Youfeng pointed towards Qi Zhuhun's statue.

Shi Li understood as to why he felt that the qi within Lu Youfeng's statue was more abundant and pure. It was because of his cultivation realm.

"Senior Youfeng, may I ask one question?" Even though Lu Youfeng said it was fine, Shi Li couldn't help but still be respectful in front of him.

"What is it? As long as I know the answer, then ask away," Lu Youfeng replied.

"Why is this place called the Heavenly Fist Paradise?" Shi Li asked with a solemn face.

As Lu Youfeng heard the question, he couldn't help but laugh out loud. The answer was too obvious to him...but it doesn't mean the same for Shi Li.

After a while, Lu Youfeng calmed down and looked at Shi Li. "Well there's only one reason as to why it's called the Heavenly Fist Paradise."

Taking a deep breath, he continued, "The reason why it's called the Heavenly Fist Paradise is because it was made by the Heavenly Fist Deity!"

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