Growing Fond Of You Mr Nian Chapter 1245

Chapter 1245 Jiang Yuning Felt Sweet

Nian Xi smilingly raised her head and said, "What do you mean? Do you and Uncle Han both think I need to whiten my skin?"

Realizing that he might have said something wrong, Jiang Yuning hurriedly shook his head and said, "No I said Uncle Han might think so. I like you, whether you are white or not."

Nian Xi snorted, then gave him a kick on the leg.

Jiang Yuning dodged the kick, then crawled slightly closer to her and said fawningly, "Xi, I was wrong. Dont be mad."

"Be quiet. Im watching the movie." Nian Xi glared at him.

Jiang Yuning immediately shut his mouth. He didnt dare say another word, but quietly put food into her mouth.

After her stomach was full, Jiang Yuning laid down by her side and held her hand.

She had calluses on her palms. Jiang Yuning picked up her hand and spent a short while looking at it. Seeing that she was focused on the movie, he sneakily kissed the back of her hand.

After kissing her, he looked at her face. She didnt seem to have felt the kiss at all, so he kissed her again.

The back of Nian Xis hand was itchy. She was looking at the screen, but through the corner of her eye, she was also paying attention to Jiang Yuning. Her eyes grasped every small movement of his.

Seeing the boy kiss her stealthily, she didnt have the heart to tell him that she knew what he was doing.

Because of her connivance, Jiang Yunings small feeling of courage grew larger and larger. He also moved closer and closer to her.

As he moved his chest toward her, Nian Xi put her head on his chest.

Jiang Yuning felt flattered. Before, they had just hugged. But now, she was leaning into his arms.

He lowered his head and carefully looked at the girl who was leaning on his chest. It was the first time he found her so much like a little bird, resting upon a man. He really wished the movie could be longer than it was. He wanted so much to hold her tight.

As that thought popped into his head, he tried to put a hand on her waist. He had accidentally touched her waist earlier when they were playing a game, but back then, the two of them werent alone.

With an arm around her, he felt so sweet.

But still, it wasnt enough.

He landed his eyes on her full lips. Earlier, she didnt stop him from kissing her, so he figured that he could do it again.

He clenched his fists and struggled for about five minutes. He then took a very deep breath and whispered to her, "Xi, I"

"What?" He had leaned his head toward her a few times and then moved back. Nian Xi had noticed and found it amusing. He only wanted to kiss her. Why was he so timid?

"You are you are amazing. The movie you picked is fabulous." Jiang Yuning recalled Nian Xi kissing him after he won her a toy from the crane machine. He thought for a moment, then quickly complimented her and then kissed her on the lips.

Nian Xi was stunned by his silly excuse. Before she could react, he tempted to put his tongue into her mouth.

She trembled slightly and opened her eyes. Her eyelashes were like long feathers. She saw the boy close his eyes tight. His eyelashes were shaking, probably because he was nervous.

Her heart was softened, occupied by sweetness. She reached out and put her arms around his waist.

Jiang Yuning held his breath. Her aroma filled up his nostrils, and her soft body was lying underneath him. He seemed to have finally figured out why most men wanted to get married.

The scenes from the film that he watched earlier flashed through his mind. Once again, he tried to open her mouth with his tongue.

When their tongues tangled together, he felt sweetness, as if he was tasting a fresh fruit, which was sweet and juicy.

He seemed to have understood that was a real kiss. What happened before was nothing in comparison with a real kiss.

It was like the two of them had grown closer to each other.

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