Growing Fond Of You Mr Nian Chapter 825

Chapter 825 Do You Want Me To Find A Scientist For You Somewhere

Chapter 825: Do You Want Me to Find a Scientist for You Somewhere

Yu Wen assessed Mo Liuxi. "Lad, you dont have a girlfriend yet, do you? Granny can introduce one to you."

Luosang: ""

Mo Liuxi: "Granny, Im only twenty."

"Its alright, you can date first." Yu Wen hadnt seen such a good-looking lad in a long time, and even rarer was his limitless potential at such a young age. Many of her old friends granddaughters were still single.

Xiao Si involuntarily blurted out, "Granny, why have you not suggested introducing someone to me?"

"This world is one that judges the face," Yu Wen retorted.


Even if people judged by the face, so what? He was pretty good-looking too.

Back in the day, he was even praised by Ji Nuanyi on how his dimples looked good when he smiled.

"Lad, what type of girls do you like?" Yu Wen continued asking Mo Liuxi.

"Ive never thought about it." Mo Liuxis gaze was disinterested. "Dating wastes too much time. I might as well watch a movie at home."

Luosang made a profound realization that her brother was a hermit.

Right after, the Nian family also arrived. They had more people including the grandfather, grandmother, Nian Qingshan and his family, Nian Qingyun and also Nian Xi.

The first thing Nian Qingyun saw when he walked in was Jiang Yi beside Murong Cheng; he instantly started spitting flames of jealousy.

"Murong Cheng, how could you bring a random guy to your sons birthday party? Utterly ridiculous."

Murong Cheng gave him a cool glance. "He isnt a random guy; he is my boyfriend."

"You arent embarrassed saying boyfriend at your age?" Nian Qingyun was so angry that his body became unbalanced.

He was originally looking forward to finally seeing her. Who knew that the moment he came, he would be provoked till he felt as if a hole had been pierced through his chest?

Yu Wen got angry. "Youve hindered my daughters prospects and she hasnt had a significant other for so many years. Now that she is finally divorced, remarrying is only a matter of time. You cant expect her to spend the rest of her life alone."

"Who said that she is alone? I arent I a person too?" Nian Qingyun mustered his courage and recommended himself.

Nian Junting was right to scold him before. He was too stupid in the past. He should have tried to fight for her a long time ago, instead of just thinking that she would eventually return to him.

"You?" Yu Wen laughed coldly. "Ill never let my daughter reconcile with you."

"Aunty dont be mad. The doctor said that your blood pressure was a little high. You cant get too agitated." Zeng Tie demurely filled her teacup.

"Ah, Jiang, you really are very considerate." Yu Wen hurriedly drank a sip of tea with a joyous expression.

When he saw the way her expression changed, Nian Qingyun felt as if he received a heavy blow. He then noticed that Murong Cheng was no longer looking at him, but talking to a woman beside her, and he was instantly overcome by jealousy. His whole person became uneasy.

"Dad, this is Luosangs mother," Nian Junting said.

Nian Qingyun nodded distractedly and said, "Hello Mrs. Xu."

Mo Jins face turned black. "Excuse me, Mr. Nian. Ive divorced Xu Zhengxuan a long time ago."

Nian Qingyun was momentarily stunned.

He could vaguely recall such an incident, but he was too agitated to deal with other issues, so he only nonchalantly nodded his head before he sat down and watched Jiang Yi closely with a cold expression.

Nian Xi rolled her eyes, then moved forward with a big smile to warmly grab Mo Jins hands. "You must be my sister-in-laws mother. You are really pretty, and you look a lot like her; no wonder she is so pretty. Aunty, thank you for giving me such a brilliant sister-in-law."

Mo Jin had heard from Luosang that Nian Junting had a sister. This must be her. The girl was dressed in a police uniform and also possessed an undisguisable handsomeness that she quite liked.

"I heard that youve taken care of our Luosang on many occasions. I want to thank you for that." Mo Jin returned a smile.

"Sangsang is not only my sister-in-law, but also my friend. Thats a given."

Once again, Nian Xi smiled and patted Mo Liuxis shoulder. "Hi handsome, do you still remember me?"

"Hello." Mo Liuxi nodded slightly.

"Call her big sister," said Mo Jin.

"Big sister," said Mo Liuxi.

Luosang was amused as she discovered that her younger brother really disliked saying, big sister.

"Youre so cute. That was incredibly charming." Nian Xi moved forward to squish his cheeks. "Its been a long time since Ive met such a pretty lad."

Mo Liuxi: ""

Feng Ji Chuan walked in to witness what was happening. His eyebrows unconsciously knitted together.

The old grandpa glared at Nian Xi. "Watch your behavior. You cannot touch a boys face so casually."

"Whats wrong with that? I treat him like my younger brother," Nian Xi said, pouting.

Luosang smiled. "Liuxi is pretty, but the lad they brought home the last time is not bad either."

"Which young lad?" Grandma Nians interest was perked.

"Incredibly graceful" Luosang said.

"Ji Chuan," Xiao Si called suddenly.

The words died on Luosangs tongue. She turned around and realized that at some time, Feng Ji Chuan came to stand behind her; his expression was serene.

Feng Ji Chuan extended the gift in his hands towards Nian Junting. "Birthday present. I wasnt sure of what would be a good gift, but I just bought something anyhow."

"Thank you. Have a seat." Nian Junting pointed to the empty chair next to Xiao Si.

Feng Ji Chuan greeted everyone before taking his seat. Nian Qingyun glanced at him before abashedly taking up the topic Luosang was on previously. "The lad you mentioned, Ive met him, and Ive also made some inquiries. Nianxi and him are just friends, isnt that right Nianxi?"

Nianxi was bending her head down to pick up a piece of pickled radish from the table. Hearing that someone was talking to her, she raised her head as if waking up from a dream, and casually replied, "I cant be sure of that since the future is full of possibilities, isnt it?"

Nian Qingyun had originally intended to smooth things over.

After all, she was his daughter. He knew that she wasnt over Feng Ji Chuan and he wanted to give her a way out, but in the end, he backed her into a further corner.

When all chances of reconciliation were killed, she would have a lot to cry over.

Feng Ji Chuan also sat silently and didnt comment.

However, Murong Cheng felt uncomfortable watching and added, "Didnt I introduce many potential partners to you recently? Each one of them is an elite; they are also handsome and charming. They are quite taken by you. Who do you prefer?"

"None of them are good enough for me," Nian Xi said after swallowing a pickled radish.

Murong Cheng was speechless. She wanted to say that her daughter lacked a brain sometimes. Nian Xi should have played along to provoke Feng Ji Chuan and make him regret.

"Not good enough for you? What more do you want then? Do you want me to find a scientist for you somewhere?" Murong Cheng thoughtlessly retorted out of anger.

"Ahem." Nian Qingyun choked on his tea.




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