Growing Fond Of You Mr Nian Chapter 826

Chapter 826 Her Families Defended Her

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"I only mentioned scientists. Why did you get so emotional?" Nian Junting glanced at his father.

"No, nothing." Nian Qingyun waved his hand with a weird look. "I respect scientists, but I dont like those men who always stay in labs doing scientific research. I can never keep sitting for that long."

Nian Xi curved her lips downward and said, "Isnt today my brothers birthday? Why do you keep talking about me? Just let my brother get married first."

"Hmm," Murong Cheng nodded then said to Mo Jin, "Ms. Mo, I like Sangsang. Their relationship has been stable. I think they should get married this year."

Mo Jin smiled silently. She hadnt sat here for long but she could already tell that Morong Cheng had no issue with Luosang. However, the Nian Family people might not be the same.

At that moment, staying silent was her best choice. If she agreed with Murong Cheng, the others might think that she was eager to marry her daughter to Nian Justing and that would make her daughter seem cheap. The people from the Nian Family were definitely proud.

"Whats the rush?" As she expected, Nian Juntings grandpas voice was immediately heard. "She hasnt even finished school yet. Besides, theyve only been together for a couple of months."

Nian Qingshan agreed. "My father is right. Besides, Miss. Xu, you are still working on your fathers case, arent you? Your father is still in prison so I dont think now is the right time for you to get married."

His wife added, "Thats right. Last time, that crazy woman named Zhong Yi attacked us. I think Yi Jingxi is a crazy person too. Hes been targeting Miss. Xu all the time. We are not afraid of him, its just that we dont know what that psycho is thinking."

The smile on Mo Jins face faded.

Nian Junting had expected that. He stayed composed and replied with, "No matter what you say, I will get married for sure. Im planning to get married at the beginning of October. Sangsang will have a vacation at that time. Besides, her belly is getting bigger and bigger. At the end of this year she wouldnt fit in a wedding dress."

"You are" His grandpa paused briefly, then continued, "What did you say? Her belly is getting bigger?"

Murong Cheng was surprised as well. She hurriedly dragged her son aside and asked, "Is Sangsang pregnant?"

Nian Junting proudly raised his eyebrows then showed four fingers and said, "About four months."


Murong Cheng was so surprised and happy. "Why didnt you tell us earlier?"

"I was waiting for you to all get together so I dont need to inform you one by one." Nian Junting faced the Nian Family people coldly, "Grandpa, since I was a kid, youve been telling me that a man should be responsible for society and his family. I will be responsible for my child and my woman. You will support me, wont you?"

His grandpa didnt even know what to say.

He had never liked Luosang, especially after she almost got his wife killed. But now she was pregnant. A child of the Nian Family could not become a homeless child. That child had to be a part of the family.

"Marry her." Nian Juntings grandma abruptly joined the conversation.

"Dear" Nian Juntings grandpa gave her a glare and said, "Have you forgotten what happened last time?"

Mo Jin dropped her chopsticks and said coldly, "Your family is respected in Xia City, but dont make it sound like my daughter has to marry into your family. To be honest, my daughter is young but now she owns a film company. My property will belong to her in the future. Plenty of outstanding men would want to marry her. As for the child, we can afford to raise the child by ourselves. But in that case, you people wouldnt be able to see the child."

Nian Juntings grandpas expression changed slightly. "What do you mean? Can she have the child all by herself? The child doesnt belong to her alone."

Mo Liuxi snorted coldly then said, "Your family only gave a sperm and now you dont want Nian Justing to marry her. Do you want to have the child without paying any price? What do you think Xu Luosang is? A breeding machine to carry on your family line? Do you think you can bully her because she had no family to speak for her?"

Luosang felt heartened.

Before, she was always alone when facing Nian Family people. Nian Junting was standing by her side but she was still afraid. She worried that he might choose his family over her. After all, it was his family.

1But now her own family was guarding her. That felt so good.

Nian Juntings grandpa was so angry.

Normally everyone he met would be extra polite to him. But today, Luosangs families argued with him over and over again and made him lose face.

"I will surely marry your sister." Nian Justing glanced at Mo Liuxi then said, "If they dont want to come to the wedding, they wont be invited."

"Thats right," Yu Wen hurriedly agreed. Knowing that Luosang was pregnant, she was so happy. "I have spare time to help you with babysitting. You can all move into Feng Garden. We have plenty of rooms."

Nian Juntings grandma smiled and said, "Youre very healthy and energetic, even though youre already over seventy. We will also take care of the child. Like I just said, Junting will marry Luosang. Every child is a treasure of the parents. Junting will marry her and we will give her a perfect wedding."

Nian Junting looked at Murong Cheng and nodded. "My father was unhappy about what happened to my mother last time. Its not because he doesnt like Luosang. Since our son is getting married, you should be in charge of the wedding. Youre his mother after all. Ill help too. Ill be your assistant. Hes our only son, right? We must give him a perfect wedding. The wedding has to be good enough to match the Nian Familys reputation. The Murong Family will have many guests as well, so itll be important to you too."

The other people were all surprised. Jiang Yi frowned slightly and moved his lips.

"You dont want to help with my sons wedding too, do you?" Nian Qingyun said to him, "Thatll be inappropriate. Hes not your son after all."

Jiang Yis face twitched slightly.

Nian Juntings grandpa gave Nian Qingyun a glare. He knew exactly what his son was planning.

To win back his wife, he was even making use of his own sons wedding.

Nian Junting knew that clearly too, but he was too lazy to mention it.

It didnt matter to him whether his parents would help to manage his wedding or not. However, they had to pay the bill for his wedding. He was able to afford the wedding by himself, but that wouldnt be the same thing for Luosang.

Murong Cheng also understood what Nian Qingyun was trying to do. She said bluntly, "You only need to show up at our sons wedding and prepare the money. As for the other tasks, you dont need to worry about them."

Nian Qingyun responded, "That cannot happen. Junting is my only precious son. I need to ensure every detail of his wedding is right. We can gain experience from planning his wedding and next time, when Nian Xi gets married, well be able to plan her wedding better."

Hearing that, Nian Xi wanted to throw up. Precious son? How could he even say that? Sometimes, he treated his son like dog poop. In order to create an excuse to get close to Murong Cheng, he was completely shameless.

Murong Cheng opened her mouth to show her discontent.

Before she said anything, Nian Qingyun continued, "You are going to do something for your sons wedding, arent you? Luosangs mother is sitting right here. We need to be responsible for the wedding."

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