Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 525

The next day, at Romano Corporation, the situation was bad. After losing fair amount of good projects, Romano Corporation was in the verge of bankruptcy. Mr. Romano slammed his desk. "If it wasn't for that woman called Red, nothing this sort of happened. Now not only my plan failed, but also I'm losing this company. It's all her fault." His skinny assistant was standing in the corner of his room. His head was hanged in defeat. He clenched his hands tightly. Ring! Ring!! The assistant answered the call since it was from front desk. "What is it?" A female secretary replied, "Sir, Mr. Wagner from Germany came. He wants to talk to Mr. Romano." The assistant paused and glanced at his boss who was emitting fire. "Without previous appointment, we can't allow it. Mr. Romano is busy." The secretary said, "Mr. Wagner said that it's an emergency." The assistant said, "Still Mr. Romano can't. He is in the meeting." At that time, someone snatched the phone receiver and a male voice said, "Don't pretend to be so high and mighty. I already know your company's situation. If you want to get over your crisis. Let me talk to Mr. Romano." The assistant looked at Mr. Romano and said, "Mr. Wagner wants to talk to you. He said that he will help us." Mr. Romano raised an eyes brow. "Does he? Let him in." The assistant nodded and said, "Mr. Wagner please give the receiver to the secretary." The secretary took the receiver and said, "Sir?" "Let him in. Bring some tea and snacks for the guest. That's all." The assistant ordered. "Okay, sir." The secretary. She hung up. She gave the guest a professional smile and said, "This way, sir." The secretary took the guest in the presidential office. The assistant was waiting for them. "Good morning, Mr. Wagner. We are honored to have you here." "Likewise." The guest entered the room. He saw Mr. Romano was sitting on his chair. Mr. Romano narrowed his eyes and said, "It has been years, Andreas Wagner. What are you scheming this time?" Andreas Wagner let out a laugh. "Is this how you treat you savior?" "I don't believe words. But if you show me how you can act, I will trust you. Oh, I totally forgot that Mu Corporation took your company because you kidnaped Mu Liang's bed partner. You are already their slave. Tell me is she that good in bed?" Mr. Romano sneered. Andreas Wagner didn't mind his words. He sat down and said, "Well, failure is the key to success. I did lose once. But I underestimated my opponent." His words had hidden meaning. The opponent he meant was Mu Lan, not Mu Liang. "But the thing is, I only saved her and gave her a new life. However she escaped from me before I could bed her. I must say, she is an oriental beauty." "So that's why Mu Liang let you go. You saved her life. If it was the opposite, I cannot imagine your future." Mr. Romano chuckled. "She seduced him for good. A successful businessman like him is blinded by a street woman with no identity." He tightly held his fists. "So it seems. He is blinded." Andreas chuckled remembering Mu Lan's face. "Aren't you the same?" Mr. Romano mocked. "If you met her, you would forget your own wife." Andreas commented. Mr. Romano's wife and daughter, both of them were well known Italian beauties. "How can she be better than my daughter? I don't believe it." Mr. Romano refused to admit defeat. "But that Red woman was something. If I got her, I wouldn't let her go for sure." Andreas chuckled at this time. "Red, huh? Beautiful." He commented. His eyes fell on Mr. Romano, laptop. There was the live program of that day, when Mu Lan was on the stage as the auction was going on. Mr. Romano said, "If there is a woman who can win against my daughter is that woman called Red. I don't believe that Mu Liang's woman is any better than her. She got him only seducing him. This woman Red is a genius. Too bad that Mu Corporation poached her first. It would be better if we poach her before Mu Corporation gets any high. We send some spies to know about her. But they failed. Too bad we don't know who she is." Andreas said, "I have an idea who she is." We slept together few times….. He didn't say the last sentence. Andreas Wagner recalled the time, when she spent her times in his mansion and how she fooled him. She took away his credit card and hacked the operating system by using his own laptop and fled away from his highly secured mansion. Not only that, she used his credit card and took away millions of dollars. Then she was in disguise and fooled the Police of Germany as she reached her destination. Even after losing his company, authority and his power, Andreas Wagner still couldn't take his mind off of her. Someone who was beyond his reach, he wanted it badly. A few days ago, he saw the war between Mu Corporation and Romano Corporation in the television. Though he knew that Mu Corporation would win, he was perplexed after seeing the live program that Mu Corporation held. The moment he saw the woman in red dress and heard her voice, he immediately knew who it was. He could never the girl he desired slipped from his hands by her intelligence and bravery. His blood boiled in greed after he saw her. She was looking glorious in that form and confident in the stage as she amazed everyone. He wanted to snatch her away and lock her up so that no one could see her shining. The reason he came to help the Romano Corporation was because of her. There was no doubt about it. Mr. Romano and his assistant became alerted upon hearing what Andreas said.
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