Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 526

[A/N: A VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY to Webnovel. Thank you so much to those who created this platform for the bookworms and for those who can earn money. You have no idea how much I'm in debt to you. You will always be in my heart. ^_^] Andreas said, "I have an idea who she is." We slept together few times….. He didn't say the last sentence. Mr. Romano and his assistant became alerted after hearing what Andreas said. "You know that woman called Red?" Mr. Romano sat straight. "I know her and that's why I'm here." Andreas Wagner said. "So what are you planning? Do you want to poach her?" Mr. Romano asked. He could barely hold back his excitement. Andreas Wagner let out a laugh. "If it was that easy…" ----- While Andreas Wagner and Mr. Romano were planning against Mu Lan, she was busy with household work. She was sitting on her chair in the study room and reading the documents. "How is Xue Lin doing?" She asked busily. Noel was standing in front of her while arranging the completed documents. He replied, "Ms. Lin is learning how to swim. Since she has some health issue, the instructor asked her to keep her practice to the minimum. Ms. Lin is very obedient." Mu Lan said, "Of course, she knows that she cannot afford to get sick." "But isn't first young master paying her enough?" Noel was confused. He saw that Xue Lin wore cheap clothes even though she earned a lot in the Mu Corporation. "I can't answer you that since she never enclosed her problems to us. I wish we could help her, but she won't take sympathy from us." Mu Lan sighed. She got herself a friend who didn't want her friends to be troubled. So she never asked anything from her friends. Mu Lan finished signing last paper and gave it to Noel. "What's in next? I'm hungry already." Noel replied, "Madam Mu has to visit the company to attend the Island Project. But first I'll ask the maid to prepare some snacks for you. Is there anything you particularly want?" Mu Lan thought for a while and replied, "I feel like eating something spicy." "Then I will tell the cook to prepare something spicy for you." Noel took out his cell phone and send a text to the head cook. The cook replied in return, 'Give me fifteen minutes.' "Madam Mu, the cook said that he would take fifteen minutes to prepare something for you." Noel confirmed. "Oh, okay. I will be in the bedroom. Please tell the maids to prepare an official attire for me." Mu Lan stretched her hands in both sides. "I will, Madam Mu." Noel bowed and left to give the maid further instruction. Mu Lan drank a mouthful water and was about to stand up. At that time, someone barged into the room with bloodshot eyes. "Ah, if it isn't brother Chen." Mu Lan said innocently, but there was a hint of sarcasm. "You! What is wrong with you? Do you think you are some sort of big shot just because first brother pampers you? Who gave you the right to come between me and my brother? You worthless piece of meat!" Mu Chen was enduring for a while, but he couldn't take it anymore. He just let out his hatred towards her right after he saw her. "Oh, is it the reason why you are upset brother Chen?" Mu Lan's eyes fixed at him. "Upset? I hate you. Are you that stupid not to understand that?" Mu Chen wished to cut her into pieces. "Aha, you hate me for what? To steal your brother from you? Or being in the charge of your family? Or because I'm a woman? Which is the reason you hate me, brother Chen?" Mu Lan's tone was excessive calm just like the nature became calm before the storm. Mu Chen put her hands on the table and looked into her eyes before saying, "Since you are so stupid, let me tell you why. Yes, because you took my brother from me. That's why I hate you." "Lie." Mu Lan's tone became slightly cold. Mu Chen blinked. "Lie?" Mu Lan's eyes were challenging. "You hate me because I am a woman. Not because of I am in the charge of your family or taking your brother from you, because you don't even love your family." "What are you spouting? Are you brain dead?" Mu Chen mocked her. His eyes were alerted. "Then let me refresh your memory. After you were born, your mother stayed in her bedroom and hardly came out. Your grandmother took care of your brothers. What about you? Don't tell me that everyone neglected you." Mu Lan let out a cold laugh. She continued, "Just like your brothers, you had nanny to take care of you, your mother would stay beside you when you are sick, your grandmother would take you to her family and cook for you, your grandfather would worry be worried about you when you get hurt while playing. Your second brother would play with you when you are lonely. Your first brother would help you study before your exam. Are you going to tell me that they did all these just because of their obligations?" The room suddenly became silent. Mu Chen became sweating. He never saw this side of Mu Lan, he didn't even know she knew so much about him before he met her. Of course she knew. Right after she became Madam Mu, Mu Lan's first lesson was to know the history of the Mu Family and the past stories of the living people. She not only knew Mu Liang and Mu Feng's stories but also Mu Chen's. Mu Chen got his voice back and turned around. "I'm not sure what you are talking about." Just as he was about to touch the door knob, a knife cut through the air, broke the knob and pierced the door. Mu Chen looked at the shaking knife with wide open eyes. "I don't think I allowed you to leave, coward." ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Hello everyone! I'm raising money to study abroad and to achieve my dream, since my rich father won't give me a single penny. Haha... Please help me to raise money. You don't have to directly give me money. 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