Handsome Ceo's Darling Wife Chapter 527

Mu Chen looked at the shaking knife with wide open eyes. His heart shook at the same time. Mu Lan's cold voice swept through. "I don't think I allowed you to leave, coward." She continued, "When your whole family cared for you so much, what did you do? Let's not talk about how you shoved away their love, your second brother loved you so much. He never ate without you. You knew he loved acting and he was a born actor. When Mu Family had a crisis time and your father was poisoned and your grandfather was kidnapped, Mu Liang asked you to join him in the underworld, did he not? But you, what did you do?" "You did exactly what a low life would do. You turned away when you brother, your family needed you the most. You snatched away your second brother's dream and you forced him to sacrifice his dream and let him take your position in the underworld. After you got the best actor award, you gave it to your second brother. Ahahaaha…. What an irony!" She laughed till her stomach hurt. "So how does it feel to be an actor? How does it feel to snatch away someone else's dream and happiness? How does it feel, brother Chen?" Mu Lan never felt such disgust towards anyone before. "But wait, I didn't even come to the main part yet." Mu Lan had no desire to let him go after he came to the wolf's den. She stood up and one step at a time as she got close to him. "Mu Feng is such a charming man, isn't he? You can't even let him get close to the women around him. You always complain to him and tell him that you he doesn't give you time. You never bothered Mu Liang like that the way you bothered Mu Feng knowing that Mu Liang wasn't the womanizer like Mu Feng, isn't that right?" "But now that you found out that Mu Liang got himself a fiancée, you started bothering him. You are trying to gain his affection. On the other hand, you hate both Xiao Ying and me. Heh, do you think I can't tell." Mu Lan pressed Mu Chen in the door. She tip toed and pushed her mouth to his left ear. She felt that Mu Chen's whole body shivered in disgust. She chuckled. "Did you think that your brothers were stupid enough not to notice your sexual desire? You are into men, aren't you brother Chen?" Her right hand touched his chest. "You hate women not because they are close to your brothers and snatching them away from you. You hate women because you are gay. You hate women because you exactly know that you are different from your brothers and your brothers will always choose women as their partners but not you. You not only have desire for your brothers but also for the butlers who are handsome. I saw that in your eyes." Her lips touched Mu Chen's jaw and he tightened his jaw. His face became pale in disgust. And how she liked torturing him like that. "Tell me brother Chen, am I wrong?" Mu Chen shoved her away, with a force he opened the door and hurriedly left. She could hear that he was making 'Wak! Wak!' sound as he was about to vomit. "Tsk, it's so easy to bully him." Mu Lan didn't think that Mu Chen would give up so easily. And here she was preparing to say lots of things. She stuck out her tongue in the way Mu Chen left and then she walked away. In the corridor she met Mu Liang. Mu Liang asked her, "What happened? I heard that Chen suddenly got angry and went in your study room and suddenly came out and began vomiting." "Serves him right." Mu Lan frowned. She looked at Mu Liang asked, "Are you ready to go to the office?" "I am. Do you want to go with me? I will wait for you." Mu Liang stroke her hair. The maids who were working, they bent their heads so that they didn't have to eat dog foods. They had plenty of them in these past few days. "No. You go first. I don't want them to know that I'm Madam Mu. After all, my identity is Red." Mu Lan said proudly. "I will go there after fifteen minutes. Let them wait for their savior." Mu Liang said, "Go after an hour." Mu Lan was speechless. 'Liang Liang, you sure are ruthless to your employees. Without them, we could never get so much money.' "So did he do anything to you?" Mu Liang asked again. He was curious to know what made Mu Chen like that. "Ahh…" Mu Lan sighed. "I just gave him a medicine for his illness. As long as he doesn't bother anyone, it will be fine. I don't like people who don't help in crisis and come back in the good time to snatch away the remaining happiness." She scoffed. "You did say to give him time." He said. "I said that out of consideration. But then he had to call for a war against me. He needs to know for whom he is still in this family. I will give him a week to take care of his attitude, or I will kick him out of this family." She said. Mu Liang knew that she was saying only because she was mad. He chuckled and said, "If you need help, tell me." Mu Lan shook her head negatively. "Are you for real? At this time, you have to coax me not to kick him out of the family, not the other way around." "But I will only support you." Mu Liang said. Mu Lan raised a white flag. "You win." After he left, Mu Lan went to the bedroom to change into an official outfit and ate her snacks. Noel spoke politely, "Madam Mu, second young master recommended a personal driver for you. He was professionally trained in here. He saved first young master after he was shot."
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