Hard To Reincarnate Into World Of Naruto As Iwa Shinobi Book 2 Chapter 31

Volume 2: Second Great Ninja War Chapter 31 Suicide Divison's Power

* In Ebizo's Suna force *

Ebizo received a report from spies that Iwa reinforcement, led by Iwa explosion corps head Ishika, has reached near them.

Ebizo quickly ordered a meeting.

After a few minutes later, 3 tough-looking Suna shinobi came to Ebizo's camp.

"Alright, I have news that Iwa's reinforcements are right in front of us. Any ideas, what should we do?" Ebizo first spoke.

"I recommend we defend." One of them suggested.

"Yea, we don't have to rush things, they should be the one. Let's wait for them, first."

One by one Jounins agreed to the first guy's idea.

Ebizo was silent for a while.

"In my opinion, we should attack. Iwa reinforcement came a long way without a rest. They are probably tired by now.

We should use this opportunity to do a surprise attack. They will never think we would strike them first." Ebizo told to other Jounins.

Jounins didn't even need a second to agree with Ebizo.

"What a great idea, sir. That's like the best idea I ever heard in my entire life."

"As expected of great Ebizo-sama. Nobody can come close to Ebizo-sama in tactics. Those Iwa reinforcements are finished now."

"No wonder, people are calling Ebizo-sama, the great genius."

(A/N: What a great bootlickers)

"When should we strike them? Ebizo-sama?"

"We should attack them while they are still tired. Tonight will be perfect.

Is there anyone who disagrees with me or has a better idea?" Ebizo replied.

"No, no! How can we disagree with Ebizo-sama's thinking! Absolutely not."

"Ebizo-sama, you are the brain of Suna.

No one here can bring better ideas than you."

"I am sure no one can match Ebizo-sama's strategy. It's the best strategy I received in my life."

"blah blah blah. .."

After 10 minutes of continuously bootlicking, Ebizo got sick of them and shouted them.

"enough , you idiots. There is a limit of how you praise someone, you d.i.c.kshits.

Don't make it too obvious if you are going to praise me!!

Alright, now who is going to lead night raid?"

"Me, sir!"

"Please let me be the one, Ebizo-sama. I will promise that I will eliminate them by sunrise."

"These two are jackass and noobs, Ebizo-sama. While I am perfect for the job."

Three jounins started to fight themselves to get the role of night raid leader.

They eventually started to curse at each other.

"ENOUGH, YOU PIECE OF F.U.C.KTARDS!!! How dare you swear in front of me, the superior. How disgraceful!!

Instead of you fighting each other like a dog, why don't three of you co-charge the night raid together?"

"As expected of Ebizo-sama, giving out a solution so quickly!!!

We really respect you Ebizo-sama.

Don't worry, Ebizo-sama. 3 fo us together, we will destroy Iwa reinforcement in 3 hours, sir!!"

(*Next Morning*)

Suna raid force got ambushed instead, by Ishika's reinforcements and none of 3 Suna raid leaders returned from ambush. They all died.

The end of bootlickers' story


Ishika and others are in the room to discuss Suna's failed night raid.

"Hahaha, those Suna idiots acted exactly what Ishika-san predicted. We even killed that 3 Suna idiots who were in charge of Suna raid force."

Everyone was awed by Ishika's prediction for Suna's night raid.

If it wasn't Ishika's order, they would have been huge losses during Suna night raid.

"Enough with cheering, there are still enemies. So tell me what information our spies got?" Ishika asked.

"According to our spies, there were approximately 3000 shinobi in Ebizo's force.

But due to yesterday's failed night raid, we are expecting them to have 2500 shinobi left.

They have one month's worth of rations to feed them.

Also, Ebizo has absolute authority in the force and nobody can argue with him." Vice commander reported the information.

"They still have 2500 shinobi. While we have only 1000 shinobi with us. It would nevertheless be a tough fight." he added.

After hearing vice-commander, everyone's face turned from excitement to gloomy.

Ishika suddenly stood up.

"As everyone thinks, it could be impossible to defeat them with only 1000 shinobi.

Although it is sooner than I expected, I decided to deploy the explosion corps 4th division aka, Suicide division.

Now it is our turn to do night raid. We will open our way for suicide division to charge at their main camp and supply buildings tonight.

Everybody be prepared!!!" Ishika ordered.

""Yes sir!!""


Ebizo was shocked that his plan was seen through by Iwa. He also lost 3 Suna Jounins vice-commanders.

Even though they were annoying and bootlickers, their strength still was valuable to his force.

He truly didn't expect there is someone among Iwa who actually uses the brain.

"It seems that I have underestimated Iwa. Time to reorganize the strategy."

Ebizo decided to use an attrition tactic, drag this battle as much as he can until the Iwa invasion force would be wiped out either due to Yudai's force or starvation.

He wasn't going to fight Ishika' force directly now as his force's morale has already dropped significantly due to failing night raid.

He ordered a complete defense formation.

Ebizo was expecting Iwa reinforcements to rush attack them madly in the afternoon, but Iwa force never appeared.

'What? They didn't attack us?

Although we suffered the loss, it doesn't change the fact that Iwa reinforcements are desperate to charge in and save their Invasion force.

But why didn't they attack us? They must be plotting something big.'

No matter how long Ebizo and his force waited for Iwa's offense, they never came.

Ebizo-couldn't wait any longer and ordered a retreat to the camp.

But he still worried that Iwa would come, so he increased defense of camp to the highest level.

5 hours later, the sun rose down and it became dark.

Ebizo was resting in his camp suddenly he heard the loud noise.


Then several Suna guards came to him shaking and say, "Ebizo-sama, we are under surprise attack by Iwa's force!"

But Ebizo was calm despite hearing the news.

"Calm down, we already anticipated that they might attack us at night. That's why I increased the defense of camp to the max.

Wake everyone up and drive them away, simply as that."


Ishika ordered to attack Suna base camp in the middle of late night.

700 Iwa shinobi charged at Suna base with full speed.

Ishika left 300 as reserves if something unexpected happens.

Suna force seemed to well prepared for Iwa's sudden raid and was doing a good job defending their base camp.

Ishika already predicted this and he didn't care about it.

His main force would be suicide division.

He just had to draw out Suna's main fighting force during the battle and it would be his victory.

As expected, after 10 minutes, all of Suna's force appeared to drive away Iwa's force from their base.

Ishika stood up and immediately signaled.

"It's time now. Tell our forces to retreat while dispatching 100 Suicide division members to enemies.

We will show them the mighty power of Suicide division."

On the signals of Ishika, Iwa forces started to retreat while the Suicide division QUIETLY and LEISURELY approached to Suna forces.

Suna forces haven't noticed that a small unit of 100 was closing at them as most of them were focused on Iwa force's retreat. Also, it was dark and hard to see.

(A/N: As for sensors, they can't even separate allies and foes in dark. Don't even rely on them during all-out battle. Joking haha.)

Ebizo was worried that they might get ambushed if they chase too far, so he ordered forces to stop chasing.

Suicide division members just transformed into random Suna shinobi and proudly and comfortably joined Suna forces.

Some of them even whistled on the way.

After reaching main Suna force, Suicide division members all grinned. They ate, slept, read, trained, pooped, peed, literally lived a life just for this moment.


They all boomed themselves up in the middle of Suna force.


(A/N: Let's say the explosion was as big and powerful as Deidara's mighty self suicide bomb in his fight with Sasuke.

I mean, 100 people just bombed themselves up, they have been waiting for just this moment.)

The explosion took shape of Iwagakure's symbol and went off.

Ebizo and Suna forces are panicked by great explosions, but it was too late to even act.

Luckily Ebizo stood at the edge of Suna force and took the least damage from the explosion. But Explosion still took away hundreds of Suna shinobi.

Seeing an explosion, Ishika shouted.

"To all Iwa shinobi, the time has come. It's time to annihilate Suna force and save our invasion force.


With Ishika's shouting, 1000 Iwa shinobi charged at already disarrayed Suna force.

Of course, Ebizo wasn't stupid to order, already traumatized Suna shinobi to stop the Iwa force who are charging like mentally-challenged demented dogs.

He ordered to abandon to camp and fully retreat by 10 km.

Iwa force chased Suna force until the sunrise.

"Let's see. I am sure suicide division members cut down half of Suna's force.

Our force chases them, probably took out 200~300 Suna shinobi.

By calculating, I am sure the current Ebizo's force would be left with around 1000 shinobi." Ishika spoke to himself.

The Vice commander came to Ishika to report the aftermath of the battle.

"Sir, We have successfully claimed the Suna border checkpoint and Ebizo's Suna forces retreated all the way.

By estimation, their force is around 1000 shinobi, just like our force number.

Our losses are only 20 dead Iwa shinobi."

"Just as I expected.

Alright, It's time for us to completely annihilate Ebizo's force and unite with our Invasion force.

Send a messenger bird to our Invasion force to retreat and surround Ebizo's retreat line.

Now it's our turn to encircle them and strangle it to death." Ishika announced his plan.

"But sir, we don't have a messenger bird which goes to our Invasion force currently. Only in Iwagakure have them." Vice-commander told to Ishika.

"Don't worry. I have an emergency bird that goes exclusively to any explosion corps members. We can use that.

Let's end Ebizo's whole career! hahaha!!!" Ishika told to Vice-commander.

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