Hello, Heir! Chapter 295

After work, Si Zheng Ting originally wants to go back to Zhuang Nai Nai as fast as he can.

Halfway there, Si Zheng Ting suddenly remembers something, Stop the car!

The driver hits the brake and the car comes to a complete stop, along with the ones that his bodyguards use.

The driver turns to him, confused, Yes, sir?

Return to the company.

The driver makes a U-turn before asking, Did you forget something important at the company, sir?

Something important?

Si Zheng Ting says, En.

After the cars are parked on the parking lot, Si Zheng Ting heads to the top floor with Ji Chen.  When he comes back down, he is now wearing his black shirt.

The rest: .. So, the only reason Mr. Si returns to the company is to change his shirt?


Zhuang Nai Nai is overwhelmingly happy when Si Zheng Ting gets home.  She rushes to the doorway, grinning as he walks in.

Her smile is blinding and Si Zheng Ting feels that his decision to make a U-turn just to change cannot be any more right.

Zhuang Nai Nai continues to rest for the next couple of days before finally returning to work.

After Department Head Zhang is dismissed, his job is taken over by Su Mei under Si Zheng Tings order.

Su Mei feels like Zhuang Nai Nai is her lucky star!  That, added with the fact that Zhuang Nai Nai is ill causes her to assigns her with some of the lighter works.

And so, Zhuang Nai Nais time at work becomes more and more idle. 

Since she has nothing to do, she sits in front of her desk, reminiscing about these past couple of days. 

The situation between her and Si Zheng Ting is getting better and better.

Things have been so good that she cannot stop herself from wishing for children. 

A realization suddenly strikes her:  they have not been intimate for close to a week already!

This is definitely a big problem!

She opens her QQ anxiously, asking for Lin Xi Ers opinion.

Lin Xi Er replies her with: Maybe your position is bed is too dull and he has gotten bored.  Men likes excitement sometimes.

Lin Xi Er speaks as though she is a man herself!  But still, Zhuang Nai Nai cannot help recollecting their past intimiate moments together.  She always seem to be the one at the bottom, receiving everything.

But then again, how could she possibly initiate things?  Ahhhh, how embarrassing!  Her face turns scarlet.  But still, if one thinks about it, what kind of method had she not done to pursue Si Zheng Ting back in high school?

She bites her lips!  She decides that she is going to do it!

She wants a normal married life!

When it is time to get off work, she waits for him in the parking lot.

As they sit in the car on the way home, she bites her lips as she looks at Si Zheng Ting who is engrossed in some documents.  She slowly slides closer to him.

She carefully eyes the driver.  When he does not appear to notice anything, she stealthily puts her hand on Si Zheng Tings thigh.

As for Si Zheng Ting, he has already started paying her attention the moment she sits around uneasily.  He was waiting to see what she would say, who would have thought that she would take advantage of him instead?

He looks at her in shock, only to find her poking her tongue out somewhat seducingly to him.  It is an interesting albeit a funny sight, Si Zheng Ting, I would like to give birth to your child.

He stares at her, stunned.  What does it means when a woman is willing to carry a mans child?  He starts getting hopeful.  But, when he remembers what the doctors said, he feels as though someone has poured cold water on his head.

His voice sinks a little as he says, Go and do a check-up tomorrow, first.

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