His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 1336

Chapter 1336 What A Close Relationship Love Sleeping With Shi Guang 26

Lu Yanchen repeatedly urged her over and over again that she could not try a third time.

But she had a strange feeling that this password would definitely be right.

After a long hesitation in her heart, Su Qianxun pressed a number and then proceeded to calmly press all the remaining numbers in.KachaThe safe box opened.

Su Qianxun instinctively raised her hands to cover her mouth.

It was really her birthday! Su Wencheng actually used her birthday as a password In that instant, Su Qianxun had a myriad of emotions running through her.

She opened the door and checked the safe box. There were stacks of money in it. In such a large safe box, there should be at least a few tens of millions.

After scanning through the safe box, she saw a U-Disk atop a stack of documents and took it. Was it the very U-disk she was trying to find?

She carefully looked around, but other than the money, there was only this U-Disk.

I shouldnt care too much. I will take it and leave. It must be an important object if not, he wouldnt have placed it inside the safebox. Even if its not a video, I can use it to make a deal, too.

After she closed the safe box, Su Qianxun held the U-Disk and stood up to leave.

At that moment, the study room door was suddenly pushed open. Su Wencheng panted as he ran in and saw Su Qianxun closing the safe box.

He panted in large breaths and his gaze darted towards the U-Disk in Su Qianxuns hands. Then, he smiled in self-mockery. He actually thought that her tender attitude towards him today was because of their 20 years worth of feelings.

Earlier on, when he received the call, he found out that his goods encountered a big problem and he was required to proceed there. He did not overthink things and when he left, she said she wanted to stay behind and wait for her manager. Ever so trusting, he agreed since it was a normal occurrence in the past.

But the moment he started his car engine, he suddenly felt something was wrong.

He was worried about it, but he could not make it in time and thus, wont be able to change the outcome.

Though in a way, he would be able to confirm a few things; hence, he returned to his apartment only to witness that very scene he dreaded in his heart. He was very disappointed in her!

When Su Wencheng appeared, Su Qianxuns heartbeat quickened.

Her body unknowingly stiffened and her fingertips turned cold that even moving it was difficult.

Su Wencheng furrowed his brows and his dark eyes stared coldly at Su Qianxun. With a raspy voice, he asked, "Why?"

"What do you mean by why?" Su Qianxun smiled. Could she pretend nothing that actually happened and that she was only here to explore the area?

Obviously not!

Su Wencheng saw her closing the safe box and even noticed the U-Disk in her hands.

"Okay, I wont force you to say it if you do not wish to. I have told you before that I wouldnt hurt you, and I stand by what I said as long as you pass me the object you have in your hands. Ill let you leave immediately and pretend that nothing happened today." Su Wencheng kept a calm expression but his deep voice showed a hint of unease.

"The object in my hands" Su Qianxuns voice quivered as she tried to give a lie. "There is nothing in my hands."

Her throat was dry and every lie that she uttered had to be forced out of her mouth. "You must have seen it wrongly. I was only here to explore your study room. Its very well renovated."

With that, she raised her hands and showed him that it was empty.

She already placed the U-disk in her pocket.

Su Wencheng did not say anything yet endless coldness seeped through in the silence.

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