His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 213

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Shi Guang’s sudden laughter had Yang Sitong’s expression changing thoroughlythings were not really going as she had expected.

She wanted to stuff Shi Guang with money to have her leave Lu Yanchen. By right, she should be the one in the leading position. Why did this seem like a business negotiation with bargaining on both sides now?

Shi Guang’s laughter got louder and louder, and she even had to cover her own mouth uncontrollably before eventually coming to a stop.

She then looked at Yang Sitong while saying, “Sorry, I just couldn’t help it! The way you look is really like an auntie in the market that wants to buy pork. You really want to eat the pork, yet you’re unwilling to part with your money. That’s simply hilarious!”

Yang Sitong’s eyes went dark.

So, she was looking down on the offer and looking down on her for not being willing to offer even higher!

The depths of her disdain toward Shi Guang got even deeper. Straightening her body, she sat upright and raised her chin even higher. The way she looked at Shi Guang reeked of pure contempt. “20 million! Don’t see Lu Yanchen ever again and have him give up on you completely!”

Shi Guang rubbed her chin and gave it a deep thought. “20 million That’s so much money! For a poor person like me that should be enough money to spend for a lifetime. Since that’s the case deal!”

With that said, she extended her hand out.

Yang Sitong froze slightly.

Shi Guang smiled out, “20 million! Pass it over then!”

Yang Sitong smirked coldlythis woman’s greed was way too ugly.

‘If Lu Yanchen knew that he had taken a liking toward such a power-hungry woman, would he regret having bumped into a wall?’

However, she had only prepared 10 million this time around. She had not expected that this woman would be this greedy.

She took out a card from her bag. “There are 10 million yuan in this card. Once you have Lu Yanchen give up on you entirely, I’ll hand you the other 10 million.”

Shi Guang puffed her cheeks and smiled out like a kid that had accidentally received candies out of nowhere. “Thank you, Miss Yang!”

Without standing on courtesy at all, Shi Guang kept the card.

Yang Sitong had not expected that things would actually go on smoother than she had planned. Yet, she did not have the joy she should have of settling a problem.

No matter though! After all, this was a money hungry woman. Any issues that could be settled with money were non-issues.

She stood up and looked at Shi Guang coldly, curling her lips in a victorious manner, “Remember what you promised me!”

With an arrogant attitude, she looked at Shi Guang deeply before turning around and leaving with nothing more than a beautiful and suave back view.

Raising her brows, Shi Guang continued to sip on her coffee happily.

She sat for quite a while longer before leaving. She did not return home immediately, instead heading over to Lu Yanchen’s place.

The moment she opened the door, Little Goody ran to her and circled her legs with a pair of round eyes. She carried Little Goody up as it rubbed its cute little head against her body right away.

Shi Guang swept a glance around the entire place, wanting to find the master of the house. Surprisingly, she caught sight of Lu Yanchen’s sturdy body lying on the sofa on his sides and curled into a ball.

If this was normal, she would definitely not bother Lu Yanchen and leave right after feeding Little Goody. But today, she had something to discuss with him before calling out to him gently, “Hello?”

The man seemed to have fallen asleep and was ignoring her.

“Lu Yanchen!”

Still ignoring her.

“Lu Yanchen, wake up! I’ve got something to talk to you about” Shi Guang shook Lu Yanchen slightly, noticing that his body was feeling exceptionally hot.

Instinctively, she placed her palm on his forehead. “Lu Yanchen, are you running a fever?”

Even though his eyes were still shut, he pushed Shi Guang’s hand away with an impatient tone. “Stop making noise.”

“Oh, you’re not sleeping?”


He continued to ignore her.

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