His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 220

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The charity ball was about to begin as everyone applauded with passionate fervor to welcome Shen Chunlin and his wife for their opening speech.

Thereafter, the auction began as items were displayed one after another.

Shi Guangs interest was totally lacking in all the proceedings.

For a charity ball as such, most of the items were mainly just for show. For the fundraising, people would usually send their donated items in a couple of days before and on the day of the charity ball, then purchase it through the auction once more at roughly the same price.

She did not know what she should bid for or what was suitable for her to do so.

In any case, the card that Yang Sitong passed her was with Lu Yanchen, so she might as well hand everything to him.

Right at that moment, she caught sight of an item being moved up the stage for bidding.

It was a gigantic oil painting. In the painting, dusk was breaking as a young girl stood by the beach. She held a strain of wind in her hands while admiring the oceans and looking at the clouds in the skies, displaying the most magnificent and beautiful sight.

The name of the painting was Time1, Artist: Southern Orange.

Suddenly, Shi Guangs eyes brimmed with a misty fog of tears.

Southern Orange This genius girl of the yesteryears was her sister. Back then, her sister had gotten famous over a single painting. But, even before she was recognized by the entire world, she had gotten into an accident, causing her brilliance to fade away like a shooting star.

After vanishing without a trace for so many years, there were hardly anyone who remembered her.

This paintingTimewas her sisters final piece of work that she had donated out for charity purposes. Her sister had painted this painting just for her. And precisely because it was her sisters final work, Shi Guang had really wanted to search for it for the past seven years.

But back then, someone had bought it in an auction and she could not locate it for the longest time ever.

The only person who knew that she wanted to look for this painting was Lu Yanchen. But even then, she had only told him that she liked Southern Oranges Time, because it was called Shi Guang.

Was the reason why Lu Yanchen brought her here today because he knew that Time would appear on tonights charity ball?

But, no matter what, now that she had seen it here today, she must get her hands on it no matter what.

Someone had already started with the price bid. 50,000.

Shi Guang took up the number on her table and called out. 60,000.

Yang Sitong had been eyeing Shi Guang with hate the entire time, and would not let up on any single movement of her and Lu Yanchen. When she noticed Shi Guang calling out for a bid, she smirked out with a nasty attitude of going against her and raised her own number. 500,000.

Shi Guang frownedYang Sitong was doing it on purpose.

However, she did not want her sisters painting to fall into the hands of Yang Sitong. Even though she knew of Yang Sitongs intentions, she still raised her number nevertheless. 510,000.

Yang Sitong did not hesitate. 1,000,000.




As the price got higher and higher, the masses watched with open jaws. After all, this wasnt a really famous painting, and yet, the price was already sky high right now!

They then caught sight of Lu Yanchen, who was beside Shi Guang, and suddenly thought of the latest rumors floating aroundthe 4th Young Master Lu has gotten himself a girlfriend, and had brought her straight to his mothers birthday dinner!

Coming to a sudden realization, everyone instantly understood what was going on.

With that, their faces took on an amused and toying look to watch the entire spectacle.

Shi Guang took in a deep breath and bit down on her teeth before calling out once more. 3,000,000.

Yang Sitong peered at everyone around her. If she did not get her hands on the painting today, she would definitely be the butt of all jokes from everyone tomorrow! She raised her number. 10,000,000.

She had just given Shi Guang 10,000,000! She just had to see how this penniless swimming coach was going to be able to raise her bid above 10,000,000!

The auctioneer yelled out excitedly, 10,000,000! 10,000,000 Any other offers?

Shi Guangs face was stone cold as she gripped her fist tightly.

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