His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 258

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Caught it!

Shi Guang was ecstatic, but before she knew it, it dropped.

She frowned. “How could it drop!”

Standing beside her, Lu Yanchen looked over with a lazy amusement on his face, as though this was something he had expected from the start.

Shi Guang coughed out gently to hide her awkwardness before stammering, “W-Well the angle wasn’t right! And this thing isn’t all that easy to catch anyway, and things will just drop with the slightest miscalculation! A few more times and I’ll definitely get my hands on them!”

With that said, she started on a new round.

After three rounds, she still had nothing caught. She either failed to even catch them, or that they fell halfway even after she caught them.

A little defeated, she bemoaned out in a moody voice, “It’s not my skills that are lacking! This claw machine’s claws are way too flimsy!”

Lu Yanchen turned around. With the sun shining down against him, she could not make out what his eyes were saying at all. However, she could see his lips curl in amusement. “Oh.”

Shi Guang: “”

This guy was clearly looking down on her!

She puffed her cheeks. “If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try!”

Lu Yanchen looked at her and replied with a totally casual tone, “Too easy.”


Shi Guang grit her teeth and harrumphed coldly, “Easy? If you manage to catch one up, I’ll go home with you right away.”

Lu Yanchen’s gaze bypassed her and landed on the claw machine before he reached out for it. Shi Guang immediately handed all her remaining tokens to him.

His tall, sturdy body bent over as he entered the tokens. As the music played, he started moving the joystick. Making his aim, he pressed on the button.

When the claw made its catch, Shi Guang’s heart started racing. Her complex emotions had her both wanting Lu Yanchen to catch it and not.

The plushie swayed left and right, looking as though it could fall at any moment. Shi Guang tugged at Lu Yanchen’s sleeves and exclaimed excitedly, “It’s falling! It’s falling!!”

And in the end, it did fall downat the exit.

Shi Guang watched with her eyes widened in disbelief. She then looked at Lu Yanchen excitedly. “You’ve caught it!”

He nodded his head indifferently. “Yes.”

After her moment of excitement, Shi Guang coughed out with a serious look on her face.

“I was catching this plushie earlier on and had already adjusted its position to the optimum place, allowing you to make good on my hard work,” She was definitely not going to acknowledge that it was Lu Yanchen’s skills that were good.

When he heard that, Lu Yanchen furrowed his brows, then entered another token into the other claw machine.

Slowly, he adjusted the claw’s direction without any single fuss, exuding elegance even just by doing that. After a split second, he caught sight of his prey and pressed on the button.

Shi Guang felt her little heart tightening once more. She was waiting for the catch to miss or drop down mid-air.

However, everything went by really smoothly, and yet another plushie was caught out by Lu Yanchen.

He picked it up and stuffed them into Shi Guang’s hands. “What else do you want?”

Immediately, Shi Guang pointed to a tiny teddy bear within the claw machine. “That one!”

Yet another token went in, and before long, Lu Yanchen had caught yet another plushie.

“That one too!”

Another token, another plushie

One after another, Shi Guang’s remaining tokens were all used up. However, none of them were wasted at all. For something that was clearly so difficult, everything seemed as though it was just like magic when Lu Yanchen got onto it.

“Any more?”

Shi Guang was hugging onto six plushies right now as she eyed the boss of the little store that was standing at the entrance with a black face. She shook her head and walked away all pleased with those six plushies. Skipping her steps, she seemed just like a little grasshopper.

As Lu Yanchen walked beside her, she turned around asking, “Your skills at the claw machine are so good. How long have you been training for?”

“Never ever trained.”


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