His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 259

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Upon returning home, Shi Guang sat down on the sofa and turned on her phone. Messages of concern started flooding in, asking her why she did not make the competition. Some of them had even consoled her outright, telling her not to be sad and that she just had to work hard for the preliminary heats.

One after another, Shi Guang replied to their texts, telling them not to worry and assuring them that she was fine.

After replying everyone, Shi Guang was about to put her phone down when she received another text.

It was a WeChat message from Wang Caichun.

Shi Guang’s face was filled with astonishment. For now, the only people who knew about it were her, Lu Yanchen, and everyone else involved. But, how could Wang Caichun possibly catch wind of it?

With that, Wang Caichun made a call over.

The moment Shi Guang picked it up, she started spilling everything out, “Yang Sitong is at hmoc, bragging to Su Ya about her evildoings. I’m just beside them”

Yang Sitong!

To think that it was her!

Shi Guang’s emotions that had just barely eased suddenly erupted like a volcano once more. She knew that Yang Sitong would definitely cause trouble. However, she had not expected her to strike at her competition.

The not0in-use sign for the 1st floor’s washroom, the door that was blocked on the 2nd floor, the signal jammer Just how many people did she get to keep an eye on Shi Guang constantly to be able to pull it off even with such a small window of opportunity?

She had known that Yang Chifeng did not invest in the club with any good intentions in his heart. Only, she had not expected them to be this devious, planning on ruining her step by step.

Shi Guang had already ended the call with Wang Caichun for 10 minutes now. However, the indignance and frustration in her heart continued to stuff her uncomfortably. She clenched down on her teeth tightly, really unable to take this lying down.

Even drinking water did nothing to soothe her unhappiness.

Eventually, she threw the cup in her hands onto the ground, smashing it while snarling out with rage, “YANG SITONG!!”

She took her bag and ran out of the house.

Lu Yanchen was coming down from the 2nd floor when he caught sight of what happened. He did not miss out those two words she hissed out either. With that, the cold, handsome face of his seemed as though it was shrouded by another layer of ice.

He looked at the broken glass shards of the cup on the floor and picked up his phone to call Chu Mubei. “Help me check where Yang Sitong is right now.”

Yang Sitong was at hmoca beauty salon that was located on the west side of the city. It was a place with a really comfortable environment. Its only drawback was that the location was a little remote.

Yang Sitong was humming a happy tune as she headed to the carpark. Just as she was about to drive off, someone appeared before her car, giving her a huge shock.

When she caught sight of the person in front of her, she glared at Shi Guang angrily before barking out, “ARE YOU TRYING TO DIE?”

Shi Guang really had to use her greatest efforts to hold back her emotions so that her body would stop shivering with rage, and for her to even look somewhat composed on her face.

Yang Sitong came out of her car as her heels tapped gently against the concrete floor.

She mocked out coldly, “I heard that you were late for your competition today, eh? Congratulations! This really proves that the Heavens punish the wicked! Stealing someone else’s fianc? I guess that’s really just retribution for you isn’t it?”

Shi Guang really, really could not hold back the wrath in her heart. “That’s why you got someone to lock me up?”

Yang Sitong sniggered out while covering her mouth, “Who knows? For someone as wicked as you, who knows if you might have offended anyone else?”

Shi Guang smirked out coldly, “Those words of yours are the truly terrifying ones. Wicked? No one can beat you at that. Therefore, no matter how much you act, everyone can see through you with a single glance. It’s no wonder why Lu Yanchen is so disgusted with you.”

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