His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 318

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Shi Guang sighed out, “Yeah, yeah. Deny that you’re drunk just like every other drunk person would.”

Lu Yanchen, “…”

Shi Guang leaned down and looked at him with a composed and serious manner, when in reality, her eyes could barely make him out anymore. “If you’re not drunk, why do you have to keep asking me who you are? You’re not even tipsy… you’re dead drunk!”

“Alright, hurry and go sleep,” This woman was so drunk that she was getting all confused now, changing her attitude by the second. And now, she was even spewing nonsense. She tugged at his arm and blinked her eyes—those black, dark eyes of hers were truly alluring. “You’ll accompany me to sleep?”

“How old are you to need someone to accompany you to sleep? Sleep by yourself!” He could not see himself having enough self-control to sleep together with her.

“Nopes, nopes!” Shi Guang wrapped her arms around his neck and rubbed his cheeks with her forehead.

How troubling indeed! The man wrapped his arm around her waist and had her lie down on the bed. She coiled up just like a cat and scrambled into his embrace, causing him to feel fluffy all over.

His entire heart felt as though it was dipped into honey at this moment, bobbing up and down restlessly. With that, the arm that was wrapped around her waist got tighter and tighter.

The drunk Shi Guang felt a little uncomfortable being hugged so tightly, and her hands started to push him away. However, the amount of strength she exerted was so little that it was pitiful, as she ended up pawing up and down on his chest just like a little kitten playing around.

With that petite frame of hers squirming all around, coupled with the scent of alcohol and her body’s natural fragrance, the air was filled with a musky seduction.

Lu Yanchen took a deep breath and controlled her firmly before scolding out in a deep voice, “Be obedient!”

Shi Guang’s head was spinning as she muttered out, “Tight, feeling terrible…”

Lu Yanchen loosened his grip. “…”

This drunk woman was slow and stoned, as she suddenly started shaking her head after a while, muttering something under her breath, “Lu Yanchen… I don’t want to like you ever again.”

Lu Yanchen, who was right next to her, felt his body stiffen for a moment. He looked at her coldly as his fingers traced on her cheeks before sliding down and stopping at her heart area. His husky voice was a little hoarse. “Littly Shi, I don’t want to like you either.”

“Terrible, this feels terrible…”

“I feel terrible too. I remember how terrible I felt when you said ‘Lu Yanchen, I like you’… I remember how terrible I felt when you hugged me tightly… I remember how terrible I felt when you smiled at me innocently… I remember how terrible I felt when you kissed me…”

His thin lips whisked around her hair as his head lowered before kissing those slightly spread lips of hers.

That kiss was one that was really careful, so soft and gentle that steam could come forth from it. The scent of alcohol emanated in the air, yet that was a kiss that contained even more emotions than one that was passionate and hot.

In her daze, Shi Guang could feel something penetrating into her mouth. It was soft, yet forceful, carrying with it a familiar taste.

It was both comfortable yet uncomfortable… an extreme contradiction.


She could not help but moan out.

It was probably comfortable, right?

Yet, Shi Guang found that it was getting harder to breathe by the moment. She felt as though she was floating in space and was lacking oxygen as her head spun.

Suddenly, her surroundings became really quiet, and there was nothing else but the sound of her heartbeats.



It could almost pop out at that moment.

Within the misty clouds above, Shi Guang no longer knew where she was. She wanted to see properly, but her eyes gave her nothing but a hazy vision. In the blurry mist, she heard a familiar voice. It was muffled, and she could not make out what it was.

After a while, she entered her pitch dark dreamscape…

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