His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 319

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Shi Guang woke up from her bed in a half daze.

She massaged her temple as her head gave off a throbbing pain while her throat was burning a little as well. Every single blink felt as though it weighed a ton.

After a few seconds, she looked around at her unfamiliar surroundings. Her hand that was massaging her temple stiffened… She was lying in a foreign room! The curtains were not pulled as the sunlight seeped in from outside. It was a huge room with white colored furniture all over the place… Where was this?

This was a little familiar though… Lu Yanchen’s house!

Why was she here?

Shi Guang widened her eyes in shock as she spun around… to come face to face with an exceptionally handsome face entering her sight.

“Lu Yanchen…”

She took in a deep breath of cold air in fear.

Holy sh*t! Why was she sharing the same bed as Lu Yanchen!

As though instinctively, she grabbed at the blankets and sat up right away. That sudden set of movements aroused Lu Yanchen from his slumber as well.

The man who was not wearing anything on his upper body came off with a sexiness in the morning with his hair slightly ruffled. He looked as though he was stirring awake as his lashes fluttered before opening up and looking at her. “What time is it?”

Perhaps it was because he had just woken up, Lu Yanchen’s voice sounded both lazy and coarse.

Shi Guang did not respond to him, merely remaining there frozen while her scattered memories started to piece together in her mind.

Huo Zhan seemed to have returned yesterday, and she had gone to make a meal back at the apartment. They bumped into Lu Yanchen, and midway through preparing the meal, Huo Zhan said that he was tired and chased her and Lu Yanchen away. She then went with him to go have a meal with Chu Mubei and Mo Yanzhi. She drank a little there, and he brought her back after…

From there on, her memories went blank, and she remembered nothing more.

“Why am I here… on the same bed as you?”

“You were drunk last night and hugging me, refusing to let go…” Lu Yanchen explained to this tourist what had happened calmly.

“…” Hugged… Hugged him and refused to let go?

Was that for real?


Shi Guang’s mind jolted as she peeled the bedsheets and peeked beneath—her body was bare.

Her body stiffened as she could not move at all while her eyes widened even larger in shock.

Just what in the world had happened last night?

Could she and Lu Yanchen have…!

She tried her best to remember, but she could only vaguely remember hugging Lu Yanchen. As for everything else, she remembered nothing at all.

Damn it! Why did she have to have a blackout after just drinking that bit of alcohol…!

Just what had they done in those couple of hours last night…? Her body felt a little uncomfortable, yet it didn’t seem like anything much.

So… did she do it with Lu Yanchen or not?

Shi Guang was so embarrassed that her face flushed all the way to her earlobes as her mind flashed through with images of her hugging Lu Yanchen again.

She couldn’t have taken the first move last night, right? She shouldn’t be that thirsty…!

She looked at Lu Yanchen and found him squinting his eyes slightly with his brows furrowed, as though he was thinking about something as well.

What was he confused about?

Could he be the same as her and not be able to remember about anything that had happened last night?

Afraid that he might recall that she had made the first move and would accuse her of seducing him again, she tried to control the situation first. “Y-You! To think that you would have taken advantage of me being drunk! Shameless! Despicable!”

She professed that she felt somewhat guilty for being a thief that cried thief. However, she still added on firmly, “That day when I agreed to get married, didn’t I say that you are not allowed to touch me unless I agree to it?”

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