His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 320

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Lu Yanchen’s gaze darkened as he swept his gaze down from her head to toe before looking at her straight in the eye and smirking out sarcastically, “I had not expected that the thief would cry thief first.”

“I was drunk last night. Even if I forced you, you could have stood your ground firmly and not yielded! You weren’t drunk! Besides, I don’t even remember anything, so it’s clear that you had forced me!”

After Shi Guang’s wild explanation, she wrapped herself in the blanket and grumbled while getting off the bed. Lu Yanchen, on the other hand, was not flustered at all as he asked in a composed manner, “You don’t remember anything? You’re sure about that?”

Shi Guang felt as though she was struck by a thunderbolt as she froze up, not daring to turn around and look at Lu Yanchen. Firstly, she was afraid of seeing his fully nude body, and secondly, she was afraid that he might spot from her face that she was lying. Hence, she grabbed her clothes by the side and ran off to the bathroom.

The way she looked was like a fugitive making a break for it. Meanwhile, Lu Yanchen stared at the bathroom door with a thoughtful expression.

By the time Shi Guang came out again, Lu Yanchen was still lying on the bed. However, he was wearing boxers now. Shi Guang guessed that he must have worn them when she had gone in.

She coughed out gently before declaring firmly, “Take it that nothing happened last night!”

“How can that do? Who knows, you might be pregnant with our child after this time around,” Lu Yanchen curled his lips. The sharp gaze he was looking at her with was just like a wolf that had spotted its prey.

‘Pregnant? They had really done it!’ Shi Guang was astounded once more. However, she did not miss that evil expression that flashed by Lu Yanchen’s face momentarily.

Twiddling her toes, she turned around and left.

When her figure had disappeared completely, his lips went back into being a straight line as his face turned cold. Pushing the back of his hand against his mouth and nose, it was as though Lu Yanchen was trying to contain all of his emotions back.

After a moment, he picked up his phone by the side of the bed andcanceled the tickets to the Paracel Islands that he had booked last night.

Two years ago, he had booked the same tickets, and canceled them all the same.

After Shi Guang ran out of the apartment, she turned around and looked instinctively, as her uneasy expression revealed how worried she was.

Just what in the world had happened last night?

Did she have any sort of… intimate relationship with Lu Yanchen? Shi Guang massaged her temple once more. She had better hurry and go buy a pack of PlanB’s 1 —she did not want to have kids that early.

With her head lowered, Shi Guang nearly bumped into someone walking her way. Rattled, she stumbled back immediately. When she saw that it was Huo Zhan, she patted her chest in relief. “Why did you have to walk in front of me! What a scare!”

“I called out to you but you did not hear me,” Huo Zhan looked at her suspiciously. When he saw how she was running out of the apartment wearing the same clothes, a thought came into his mind as his face turned darker. “You did not head back to the school last night?”

They were already living together and had… That thought extinguished every single last hope in Huo Zhan’s heart.

Shi Guang felt embarrassed out of nowhere as though she had done something that must not and should not be found out. Hence, she replied in a slightly flustered manner, “I had something on last night, haha… I’ve still got lessons on. Time to go, bye!”

She ran off right away without hesitating.

Huo Zhan’s throat felt choked. “You… have already progressed to that stage with him…?”

His body stiffened as he could not help but chase after Shi Guang.

When she found herself being tugged back by Huo Zhan, Shi Guang gulped and asked weakly, “Is there anything else?”

Huo Zhan’s hands and feet were cold right now as he looked at Shi Guang, asking gently, “You and him… Are you really sure about it?”

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