His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 581

Chapter 581 Wife Doting Maniac Lu Yanchen 21

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Cheng Qi would look for Shi Guang daily, often bringing breakfast and snacks for her. It wasn’t just herthere was food for Lin Qiqi too. If Lin Qiqi took them and Shi Guang did not, that would seem somewhat awkward.

However, just in case of any misunderstandings, Shi Guang would have Lin Qiqi eat everything even though she accepted the food.

That was the status quo until one fine day when Lin Qiqi suddenly rejected his offerings. Even though Shi Guang was rather happy about it, she was curious toward why.

Looking at Shi Guang’s perplexed gaze, Lin Qiqi rolled her eyes before glaring at Shi Guang. “Have you heard the latest rumors in the team?”

“Huh?” Shi Guang shook her head, truly having heard nothing of it.

Lin Qiqi’s brows furrowed even tighter. “I knew it! Someone like you would only be focused in training and know nothing else! There are people spreading that you’re having an affair!”


Shi Guang who was in the midst of drinking water could not help but spit it all out. Her eyes widened in surprise. “What kind of an international joke is that?”

Lin Qiqi spread her arms wide with a furious look on her face. “Actually, I’m truly indignant about this. Honestly, Cheng Qi has been buying the BOTH of us breakfast and snacks, but why are you the only one that was affected by the rumors? You’re clearly already married Shouldn’t they be spreading about him trying to court me instead?”

Shi Guang’s forehead was creased. “”

Lin Qiqi continued grumbling, “F*cking hell! I’ve eaten so many snacks without a SINGLE rumor? Then what am I continuing to eat them for? It’s not as though I can’t afford to buy snacks myself. GOSH, why is it so difficult to gain followers and some hype? Can’t even get my popularity up by borrowing Cheng Qi’s fame power.”

Shi Guang did not know to laugh or to cry. “Gao Yang must be really jealous these days since you’ve been taking so many things from Cheng Qi.”

An uncomfortable look flickered by Lin Qiqi’s face as she harrumphed in a sharp tone, “What has it got to do with him!”

Shi Guang raised her head and looked at her firmly in the eye. “Alright, nothing to do with him then. But honestly, don’t go overboard with your antics. I think Gao Yang’s a rather good guy.”

“There’s nothing going on between Gao Yang and me! Okay, enough about me! What about you? Aren’t you scared?” Lin Qiqi looked at her in bewilderment. This was a married woman, someone married to the Lus in fact! They should be holding a tight reign on her.

But for her to remain so calm even despite the rumors Heck, even Lin Qiqi herself was worried for Shi Guang. “Aren’t you afraid your hubby might misunderstand you?”

Shi Guang pondered for a moment. “That shouldn’t happen, but he’ll most likely be jealous.” Furrowing her brows, she continued, “I feel like someone’s behind this entire thing.”

“No sh*t! It’s definitely that Li Xuejing and Liu Yanli! All they know to do is smear their teammates instead of training themselves,” Lin Qiqi proclaimed with disdain before checking at the time. “It’s about time, let’s go for our training!”

“You head on first! I’ll pack some stuff.”


The moment Lin Qiqi opened the door, she was greeted with a super gorgeous man. Tall and robust, his features were immaculatethis was especially the case for those charming eyes of his that gave off a cold aura of a forbidden lust.

The air seemed to have frozen over into an unusual silence.

The next second, everything exploded!


Shi Guang, who was folding her clothes, jumped up due to Lin Qiqi’s shriek. Throwing her clothes down, she ran over. “What, what?”



Lin Qiqi was almost blinded by his suaveness that she had to cover her face!

Shi Guang had never expected that Lin Qiqi would be the type to be man-crazy! However, what she expected even less was that Lu Yanchen would come to her dorm directly!

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