His Breathtaking And Shimmering Light Chapter 749

Chapter 749 Accustomed To Love 9

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But, she was willing. Even if they could only meet a couple of times a year, she was willing.

Only, it had been so many years now, and yet he had shown no signs and indications of anything. Could he still be holding onto the past?

The thought of the past had Li Mengyaos heart feeling upset momentarily.

She had tried her best to forget about all the unhappiness of the past and make it seem as though she was a carefree woman. As long as she were to maintain everything as beautiful as it was right now, Lu Yanzhi would definitely stay with her for a long time.

"How has Xiao Bai been recently?" During the meal, Li Mengyao took the initiative to start the conversation with Xiao Bai, revealing a charming and tender smile.

Xiao Bai was in the midst of eating something as he looked at her before giggling. "Good! Extremely good! Daddy promised me just now that other than my mummy, hes not going to marry anyone else!"

In the past, when he did not like any aunties, he would always show it out on his face. But, when he got home, he would always get punished by his father. Later on, he learned that he could still smile even if he did not like them. After all, he could just tell his father his opinion later on.

Instantly, Li Mengyaos smile cramped up.

However, Xiao Bai was still gleeful as he continued. "Auntie Li, this roasted meat is quite nice! Have a taste too!"

Li Mengyao laughed out awkwardly. "Sure!"

She took a piece and ate it, yet she could taste nothing.

Lu Yanzhi: ""

This brat! Should this be what he should be saying at this time? But forget it! If Li Mengyao wanted to misunderstand, so be it!

"Actually, I think youre quite nice, Auntie Li. But, my daddy said that he prefers women who are glamorous and sexy like my mummy. Auntie Li, whats the glamorous and sexy type?"

Li Mengyao: ""

Her lips quivered, not knowing how to answer.

"Does being glamorous and sexy mean they are pretty?"

That was the type he had told Shi Guang about previously.

Li Mengyaos heart was skipping. ""

She no longer wanted to chat with Xiao Bai, yet he kept the conversation going.

"Pretty The previous time around when little auntie brought me out for a meal, we met with a Superstar Auntie. Shes REAL pretty! Is that the glamorous and sexy type?"

Xiao Bai was just like an inquisitive baby right now.

Li Mengyaos chopsticks nearly fell as her hands trembled. So, Xiao Bai had already met with Qian Xun? Then, did Qian Xun know

"Auntie Li, I think that my daddy is quite a superficial man, and he wouldnt like a virtuous woman like you. He only likes those that are good looking." Xiao Bai said as he shrugged his head embarrassedly. "Actually, Im the same hehe. I like pretty aunties."

Li Mengyao was almost asphyxiating at this point and could no longer stay there.

This brat was clearly insinuating that she wasnt good looking!

What was the use of a woman being pretty? Class! Class was the most important thing to have!

Lu Yanzhis gaze narrowed. ""

He wanted to say that children must not lie. However, he held it in and decided to not say anything. After all, he had no intentions to have anything to do with Li Mengyaoit was better to have that point brought across.

As for the moral lesson of children not lying, he could teach Xiao Bai after returning home.

After bumping into Lu Yanzhi, Qian Xun was flustered entirely. Even when she stood on the stage, she was distracted. Thankfully, she only had to stay there for a short while before leaving.

Her mind was flickering with all sorts of thoughts. They had clearly only met for a short instance, yet, his tall and sturdy body replayed itself countless of times in her mind.

Suddenly, her memory lingered upon the past which she did not wish to see the most.

At that time, she was betrayed and backstabbed, all alone and struggling to survive.

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